2023 Level 10 Nationals

The full scores—including the juniors—may be found here, but I’ll run through the major senior results as they’re happening on the 13th and 14th, along with what you need to know for future NCAA purposes, with gymnasts’ intended team and first NCAA season noted.

SENIOR F – Top 10 AA & Notables

1Soph EspositoOregon St 20249.9009.7009.7759.62539.000
Oregon State’s class for next year was the big winner of senior F with Esposito taking the title and Olivia Bucker placing 5th all-around. Lots of routines in here that should be able to slot into lineups.
2Anya PilgrimFlorida 20249.8759.8259.6009.47538.775
With the crucial routines Florida has lost from 2023, Pilgrim is going to be asked to fill a major role for Florida next season. We’ll also see her in a few weeks representing Barbados at the Pan American Championships.
3Cilla ParkArkansas 20249.7009.8759.7509.40038.725
With Park and transfer Sirena Linton coming in, Arkansas has the basis for a good beam refresh in 2024.
4Ava JorgensenBYU 20249.7259.9009.4509.47538.550
A couple solid finishes for BYU’s 2024 class at nationals coming off a down season in 2023
5Olivia BucknerOregon St 20249.8009.5509.5259.65038.525
5Ava MolinaBall St 20249.6509.6759.5009.70038.525
Another potential all-arounder to add to the list for a surging Ball State team.
7Abby MartinArizona 20249.6509.8509.4759.42538.400
Should be a nice upgrade for Arizona’s bars lineup here.
8Caroline BownsTWU 20249.6759.6259.6009.35038.250
9Katie HarperNC State 20249.5759.7759.5259.25038.125
10Makayla TuckerMSU 20249.9509.7758.6759.70038.100
Tucker would have been top 2 AA in this session with a beam hit, another top L10 gymnast heading to Michigan State.
10Ayumi OshiroDavis 20249.5259.2759.7009.60038.100
12Jackie TunneyPenn 20249.7009.6509.0509.65038.050
23Hay ZabrowskiMichigan 20249.6759.7758.7509.52537.725
27Halle GregoireASU 20249.8259.4008.7509.65037.625
29Retoshia HalsellTowson 20249.9259.7508.3509.52537.550
32Jersey ShannonCMU 20249.6509.7509.6258.45037.475
33Paige ZancanAuburn 20249.4508.7759.7009.45037.375
45Samara BuchananOhio St 20249.6258.9509.6258.55036.750

SENIOR E – Top 10 AA & Notables

1Jamison SearsAlabama 20249.9009.9509.6509.77539.275
2Chloe LaCoursiereAlabama 20249.7259.9509.4509.75038.875
The promise of Alabama’s “L10s to get us back to nationals” plan showed up well in the Senior E session here with Sears winning the all-around and LaCoursiere taking 2nd place. Alabama didn’t get the expected production out of last season’s elite-heavier freshman class and will need these L10s to carry a load.
3Creslyn BroseKentucky 20249.7509.7009.5509.72538.725
Kentucky will be quite pleased with two top-3 AA finishes here (as well as Cadence Gormley’s bars score) especially since Worley’s 5th year means they’re not losing all that much from the 2023 roster.
4Holly SnyderGeorgia 20249.6509.8259.4759.67538.625
Add Snyder (and Ady Wahl, 2nd on VT, and Zora Morgan, 1st on beam) to Battle and Smith from Senior D as part of a very exciting nationals for Georgia’s future depth and ability to be much choosier about who is actually having to up a competitive routine.
5Kristin LinWashington 20249.7759.6759.4759.57538.500
Washington will like that vault score for a lineup that’s losing Amara Cunningham next season.
6Julia KrzywanskiBoise St 20249.5509.7009.6259.57538.450
7Eva VolpeIowa 20249.7509.7509.5259.40038.425
8Kaylee BluffstoneFlorida
Between Alyssa Arana in the specialist section and Kaylee Bluffstone in Senior E, Florida’s walk-ons are having a moment at nationals.
9Nat MartinMaryland 20249.7759.3759.5759.57538.300
10Cadence GormleyKentucky 20249.6259.9009.4009.27538.200
14Gabi OrtizPitt 20249.7759.5759.3759.32538.050
16Ady WahlGeorgia 20249.8509.7009.0009.40037.900
17Jenna OlshefskiMinnesota 20249.8008.7509.6259.67537.850
Olshefski would have been one of the top AAers in this session with a bars hit. And another big beam score for Minnesota here.
38Love AkpanBowling Green 20248.8508.7759.6759.52536.825
41Alexis RoutsisSUU 20249.5009.8508.0009.20036.550
42Zora MorganGeorgia 20249.2509.1009.7258.45036.525

SENIOR D – Top 10 AA & Notables

1Ella ZirbesUtah 20249.8509.8759.6259.70039.050
Amid Utah’s roster exodus of transfers this spring, Tom Farden was quick to tell everyone that he’s not worried because Ella Zirbes. Top-4 on every event here backs that up, joined by high vault and bars scores from Camie Winger who took 4th AA.
2Delaynee RodriguezKentucky 20249.7259.7259.7759.75038.975
Big 9.7s across the board here for an AA contender on Kentucky’s roster next season.
3Madison UlrichDenver 20249.7509.9259.5259.67538.875
This top-3 floor result is the most welcome to pump up Denver’s lowest-ranked event last season, but we should see a lot of Ulrich all over the place in 2024.
4Camie WingerUtah 20249.8009.7759.5259.57538.675
5Jaydah BattleGeorgia 20249.9009.4759.6759.60038.650
Georgia has needed to start getting more of those top, sturdy L10s with reasonable AAs who can join last year’s freshman Naya Howard to build the lineups back up. Battle here in 5th and Lily Smith in 7th should be able to contribute a number of lineup routines with some highlight scores.
6Keira WellsOklahoma 20249.8259.6259.6009.55038.600
Oklahoma was like, “I don’t think we have enough people with big vaults who also beam. We need 50 more.”
7Lily SmithGeorgia 20249.6009.8759.4009.67538.550
8Jordyn LydenMinnesota 20249.5009.7759.6509.55038.475
Minnesota gets a third-place beam routine from L10 nationals for next season, which was needed.
9Maggie Mae SlifeAir Force 20249.6009.8259.5759.40038.400
Air Force is quietly having quite a nice nationals.
9Rayna LightMissouri 20249.7259.5009.5009.67538.400
11Mya KirkhamBYU 20249.8509.4259.5509.55038.375
13Julianne HuffAuburn 20249.7009.6759.2759.67538.325
14Alyse Karen-bauerIowa 20249.8509.3759.4759.55038.250
16Brinlee Christ-ensenSUU 20249.6009.7759.3509.45038.175
31Dakota EssenpriesArkansas 20249.8509.4258.6509.47537.400
38Chandler BuntinArkansas 20249.6758.0009.6009.42536.725

SENIOR C – Top 10 AA & Notables

1Hannah ScheibleOklahoma 20249.9509.7259.9509.65039.275
Scheible has gained more attention in L10 for her vault and floor performances, but going 9.950 on beam at Dev nationals is…let’s say uncommon. She projects to be a major contributor for Oklahoma.
2JJ ColemanOhio St 20259.7009.7259.7009.62538.750
Ohio State’s current surge was evident a couple years beforehand based on how many times the words Ohio State were appearing on these scoresheets, which continues here in the Senior C session with Coleman’s 2nd-place finish along with Rylee Guevara’s solid three-event score in 15th AA, both for the 2025 season.
3Sienna RobinsonStanford 20249.6509.8509.7009.52538.725
Another whose floor performance reputation precedes her, Robinson is looking like a critical four-eventer for a Stanford team that just seemed a few routines shy last season.
4Zoe JohnsonUtah 20259.7509.6259.4759.60038.500
Johnson will enter in the same class as Avery Neff as Utah makes a big L10 push in the next couple seasons.
5Madison GustitusSJSU 20259.6509.5259.7509.52538.450
A very encouraging session for San Jose’s future prospects, with two strong results here in senior C from Gustitus and the giant UB/BB score from Sammy Macasu in 23rd. Big things on the horizon.
6Kalea McElligottPenn St 20249.6759.5759.5509.62538.425
Penn State remains an emerging theme with another solid AA result here to add to the Senior B finishers for 2025.
7Annalise Newman-AcheeCal 20249.7009.7509.3259.60038.375
Newman-Achee competes internationally for Trinidad & Tobago and came to prominence this year because of that bars height debacle, which should not be an issue in college. We’ll see her again in a few weeks competing elite at the Pan American Championships.
8Molly PetersonNebraska 20259.5009.7509.5759.47538.300
8Mareli MullerIllinois 20249.7009.7259.4009.47538.300
10Cady DuplissisMichigan St 20259.8009.4759.5009.50038.275
10Jaime DuganStanford 20259.7259.7259.3259.50038.275
11Kyen MayhewCal 20249.8759.6509.0259.67538.225
A miss on beam dropped Mayhew lower in the AA standings, but she primarily profiles as a big vault and floor contributor for next season, which is Cal’s main area of need.
13Lucie KirchnerMichigan 20259.7759.6509.6509.12538.200
15Skylar DraserFlorida 20249.6259.8009.4759.27538.175
We’re seeing some nice results for Florida on bars so far from next season’s gymnasts, which will be welcome given the 10s from Thomas and DiCello that won’t be there.
15Hannah HortonMissouri 20249.8509.7008.9509.67538.175
Like Mayhew, Horton was a beam hit away from a big AA result here and should make noise for Missouri next season.
15Rylee GuevaraOhio St 20259.6509.2509.6009.67538.175
22Jojo ValahovicUNC 20259.6509.1759.6009.65038.075
23Sammy MacasuSJSU 20259.6509.8509.6508.90038.050
29Juliette RiderLIU 20249.8509.4259.1759.40037.850
30Aubrey Krohn-feldtArizona 20259.3259.7509.3259.37537.775
47Haylee HardinIowa St 20259.8258.6008.1759.70036.300
Huge vault and floor scores to work with here in Iowa State’s new era.

SENIOR B – Top 10 AA & Notables

1Mika Webster-LonginUCLA 20259.7509.7759.4509.72538.700
UCLA should still have a large chunk of its name-brand elites in 2025 but is planning to fill in with a greater number of L10s in the 2025 group, with Webster-Longin here as well as Macy McGowan who went 5th AA in Senior A.
2Ryan FullerAlabama 20259.6509.7509.7009.57538.675
Both Alabama’s 2024 and 2025 classes are pretty stacked with L10 stars (with the elite stars gravitating toward LSU), and we should expect a bunch of high finishes this weekend.
3Elizabeth LearyPenn St 20259.6509.6509.6509.67538.625
This was a banger session for Penn State’s 2025 season, with Leary 3rd AA, Ellie Monahan finishing 5th AA, and Allison Kaempfer going top 5 on two events. Penn State the big winner of Senior B this year.
4McCauley Harrington???9.7009.7009.5509.55038.500
5Ellie MonahanPenn St 20259.6759.7259.4509.57538.425
6Sophie ParentiMichigan 20259.6759.7009.6259.32538.350
It has been a pretty encouraging nationals so far for Michigan and its prospects in the post-Brooks/Wilson void, with Parenti putting up nice numbers here and Jahzara Swaby-Ranger going 4th AA in Senior A.
7Avery ByunCornell 20249.6759.5759.5259.55038.325
Big result for an Ivy to have a top-10 AA finisher for next season here.
8Allie MisenheimerAir Force 20259.5009.7009.6009.50038.300
Likewise for Air Force, which will welcome all of these scores, though not until the following season.
9Lily BruceFlorida 20259.7009.7509.4009.37538.225
10Quinn KuhlClemson 20259.5259.5759.6009.45038.150
Clemson making its first appearance in a L10 Nationals top 10 (and a top-11 with Hannah Clark just below her). It begins.
11Kennady BrownIllinois 20259.7759.5509.3759.42538.125
11Hannah ClarkClemson 20259.4009.5509.6759.50038.125
14Olivia OrengoUtah St 20259.6509.4759.2509.60037.975
17Allison KaempferPenn St 20259.8009.7258.9009.27537.700
18Eden KingIllinois 20259.9009.1509.0509.50037.600
9.900 on vault alert.
18Emerson Smith???9.6009.2009.1759.62537.600
22Taeva Greenberg???9.5759.6258.7509.60037.550
33Nyla AquinoTemple 20259.8258.6259.0509.52537.025
54Rayna EngelmayerMaryland 20259.5759.6259.225

SENIOR A – Top 10 AA & Notables

1Avery NeffUtah 20259.8259.7009.8509.80039.175
A big win for Neff here, who is going to be the cornerstone of Utah’s 10 plans after the O’Keefe era ends.
2Lily PedersonOklahoma 20259.7759.8259.6759.70038.975
Pederson was the only one to place top 3 on all four events in this session, joining elite Elle Mueller in Oklahoma’s post-Olympics class.
3Kailin ChioLSU 20259.9509.8259.5759.55038.900
LSU’s class for the 2025 season is shaping up to be ridiculous big-time, with Chio and the still-elite Lexi Zeiss and Kailya Lincoln slated to start that season, plus the potential Olympic deferals of Zoe Miller and Konnor McClain. LSU also kind of couldn’t wait for that so backed a truck up to the transfer portal this spring and said “hop in,” but the 2025 group is going to be something.
4Jahzara Swaby-RangerMichigan 20259.7259.7009.6759.77538.875
5Macy McGowanUCLA 20259.7509.7009.4759.55038.475
6Meika LeePitt 20259.6009.7259.4009.65038.375
7Delaney AdrianRutgers 20259.5259.7009.5509.50038.275
7Kaylie Medrano???9.6509.6259.6009.40038.275
9Delaney Mead???9.6259.7759.0259.62538.050
10Lundyn Vander-
Utah St 20259.6259.7509.2259.42538.025
11Harlyn TomlinGeorgia 20259.7259.6259.0259.60037.975
11Zoe Hale???9.7259.4509.3259.47537.975
19CJ KeunekeCal 20259.6258.9509.4009.67537.650
29Tiara PlatkinArizona St 20259.1759.7259.4258.62536.950
50Patricia Mills???9.6006.9509.6009.30035.450

Specialist Session – 2024 Notables

Alyssa AranaFlorida 20249.7759.500
Paige KaminskiTowson
Elizabeth GantnerUtah 20249.725
Aaliyah GilmoreTWU 20249.725
Noelle AdamsIowa St 20249.7259.575
Jordan BarrowPenn 20249.700
Elliot BringhurstS Utah 20249.7009.475
Olivia DiNoviRutgers 20249.575
Zoie PelfreyCMU 20249.5259.500
Melanie FaulknerW & M
Ava JordanMichigan 20249.375
Chelsea HallinanWashignton 20249.3508.300

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