2023 US Event Rankings – July

Today, a look at the top scorers on each event for the US so far in 2023.

Vault – 1st Vault

1. Amelia Disidore14.250
1. Tiana Sumanasekera14.250
3. Joscelyn Roberson14.233
4. Addison Fatta14.200
5. Katelyn Jong14.150
6. Brynn Torry14.100
7. Dulcy Caylor14.050
8. Elle Mueller13.666
9. Zoe Miller13.650
10. Ashlee Sullivan, Katelyn Rosen, Madray Johnson13.600

On vault, Amelia Disidore’s DTY from Saturday’s American Classic moved her into a tie with Tiana Sumanasekera’s DTY for first in the country, just ahead of Josc Roberson’s round-off 1/2 on lay full, which leads the way in difficulty with its 5.2 compared to the 5.0 for the DTY.

The top vault scores in the world so far this year—presumably for exactly 25 more days—have been handspring rudis (5.4 D) scoring in the 14.3s and 14.4s.


1. Zoe Miller14.850
2. Myli Lew14.250
3. Nola Matthews14.067
4. Elle Mueller14.033
5. Charlotte Booth13.750
6. Addison Fatta13.700
7. Lexi Zeiss13.500
8. Dulcy Caylor13.350
9. Madray Johnson13.300
10. Katelyn Jong13.200

Myli Lew’s bars performance from American Classic, where she tied for first with Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos on 14.250, has launched her into second in the US hierarchy—behind only Zoe Miller, who owns the top three bars scores in the country this year. At US Nationals last year, a bars score of 14.250 was bested only once, by Shilese Jones on the first day, and an average of 14.225 was enough to clinch a share of the event title for Jones and Leanne Wong. 


1. Tiana Sumanasekera13.967
2. Ashlee Sullivan13.800
3. Joscelyn Roberson13.733
4. Katelyn Rosen13.650
4. Madray Johnson13.650
6. Nola Matthews13.500
7. Elle Mueller13.450
8. Skye Blakely13.400
9. Malea Milton13.300
10. Lexi Zeiss13.100

Sumanasekera’s beam performances from Pan Ams stand as the best American beaming of the year, but followed closely by Ashlee Sullivan’s 13.8 from Stuttgart and Roberson’s 13.733, also from Pan Ams. Sumanasekera, however, has three beam scores over 13.4 this year, while no one else has more than one.

Last year, Ciena Alipio placed 2nd at nationals behind Konnor McClain on beam with an average of 13.775, while McClain’s average of 14.450 won the title.


1. Joscelyn Roberson14.150
2. Tiana Sumanasekera13.700
3. Kaliya Lincoln13.600
4. Ashlee Sullivan13.550
5. Nola Matthews13.350
6. Addison Fatta13.300
6. Katelyn Rosen13.300
8. Elle Mueller13.266
9. Madray Johnson13.250
10. Amelia Disidore13.200

Roberson owns the top 4 floor scores in the US this year, peaking at 14.150, and her 2023 average of 13.848 also ranks higher than anyone else’s peak on the year. Shilese Jones won floor at nationals last year with a 14.175 average, ahead of Jade Carey in 2nd with a 13.950 average. Jade Carey’s 14.166 from the all-around final was the highest floor score for the US at worlds last year.

Vault – 2 Vaults

1. Joscelyn Roberson14.083
2. Addison Fatta13.325

Just two American vaulters have gone for a second vault this year, Roberson and Fatta, with Roberson’s combination of 5.2/5.0 D scores comfortably leading the way.

6 thoughts on “2023 US Event Rankings – July”

  1. Won’t happen in a million years but Tiana, Jocelyn, Zoe, Nola, Addison alt: Sullivan and Lew isn’t a bad team at all. Would likely win worlds, if only just. Looks like the US is slowly getting its depth back.

    1. Love the old guard but I would enjoy watching a new team and having a closer finish.

    2. This very team could very well be the Pan Am Games team, they already won Pan Am Championships so why not one more team gold!

  2. What’s up with Konnor McClain? Haven’t heard anything of her lately?

    1. Konnor moved to yet another gym, Gymcats and being coached by Cassie Rice. She has decided to forgo elite gymnastics this year, and is instead going to LSU in the fall.
      She originally planned to defer until fall of 2024 to focus on Paris preparation. Konnor stated that she will do NCAA and then return to elite in May 2024 once NCAA season is done. At this point it is very hard to imagine Konnor returning to elite as it never seemed like something she enjoyed doing. My guess is she won’t be back and won’t even try for Paris.

      With Simone returning to competition, Gabby Douglas coming out of retirement, Trinity Thomas making a run at Paris, and Chiles, DiCello, Wong, Carey attempting to make Paris, plus Shilese Jones and Skye Blakely, and the new crop of Tiana Sumanasekera and Joscelyn Roberson performing well, the Paris Olympic Trials are going to be extremely deep. Konnor might have felt like it would have been an impossible task to make it and decided to have fun at NCAA instead.

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