Clear-Hip Hecht 1/2 to High Bar


clear hip hecht 1:2

Uneven Bars

Skill type
Transition (low to high)

Known as
Clear-hip hecht 1/2
Clear-hip hecht 1/2 to high

Did the code of points do something…right? There must be some kind of a misprint. One significant problem in bars composition in the 2013-2021 era was the lack of a valuable way to get from the low bar to the high bar while facing the high bar. This meant that anyone who was trying to get any kind of a high D score needed to go the Pak and Shaposhnikova route, leading to the relative death of the bail handstand and…basically any transition that isn’t a variation on a Pak or a Shaposhnikova. A repetitiveness and stagnation of composition ensued.

In 2022, the code upgraded this element, the clear hip hecht 1/2 to high bar, from a C to a D, making it now valuable for connection bonus and useful as a potential connection element out of a bail handstand. Now it’s up to someone to…actually take advantage.

D (2022-)
C (2006-2021)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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