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Double Arabian Layout (Dos Santos)

Double Arabian layout (Dos Santos)

Dos Santos II

Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Double Arabian layout
Arabian double layout
Dos Santos
Dos Santos II

Named after
Daiane Dos Santos (BRA)

It’s time for a night of honesty. The Dos Santos II is a theoretical skill that should never have been entered into the code of points. The attempted performance of this skill by Daiane Dos Santos was still quite piked and not sufficiently distinguishable from her previously named Arabian double pike. It shouldn’t have been evaluated as laid out.

No one has attempted it since. Though some have shown more of a layout position. On their double pikes.

This skill should be known as the Dos Santos II because it entered the code of points in 2008, five years after the Dos Santos I entered the code.


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