Double-Twisting Double Tuck (Biles)

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Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Double double
Double-twisting double tuck

Oh, the controversy this caused. When Simone Biles originally performed the double double off beam at US Nationals in 2019, it was given a provisional rating of I.

This seemed logical. The full-twisting double tuck is already a G, and on other events, the progression of elements from full-twisting double tuck to double-twisting double tuck is rewarded with a two-tenth (or three tenth) increase. On bars, the full-twist dismount is a D, while the double twist is an F. On floor, the full-twist is an E, while the double twist is a H. So, the only option would seem to be to reward the double double on beam by valuing it at minimum two tenths higher than the full-twist (an I), or even three tenths (a J).

And then the women’s technical committee gave it an H, just one tenth more than the full-twisting double tuck. Biles responded by performing it exactly once to get it named after herself in qualification, and then not again.

This affair exposed much of the hypocrisy and inconsistency inherent in the entire code of points and the valuation of elements, which makes no sense, almost ever.


4 thoughts on “Double-Twisting Double Tuck (Biles)”

  1. should definitely be a J skill in my opinion, basically performing a Silivas off the beam! And not many gymnasts can do that on the floor!!!

    1. Exactly. It is completely ridiculous that it’s valued the same as the same skill on floor. How is that possible? Silivas H and Biles on beam also H? Excuse me??

      Of course, one can argue that the Silivas is overvalued, but for this quad, its H is not changing so this should at least be an I.

  2. So unbelievably fucked up that SMELLIE SCRIM has been screwing over gymnasts for decades and is still at it. That little slap-on-the-wrist suspension she once got isn’t even remembered anymore. SMELLIE is the PUTA of gymnastics. I remember well when some stupid commentator said to Biles in 2015 or thereabouts, ‘so, Simone, when you doing a double-double off beam?’ and Biles responded ‘uh, NEVER? I don’t want to DIE!’ Four years later, she did it. She did the damn thing and then SMELLIE and her band of supporting bitches (oh, pardon me, the WTC) stepped in to make sure we’d never get to see *that* again.
    What. A. CUNT.

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