Front 1/2, Back Out (Uneven Bars)


Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Front 1/2, back out
Uh…kind of that thing that Huang Huidan did?

For quite a while, this dismount would have been seen as a remnant or curiosity in the code of points that you didn’t know existed. Then, this dismount was upgraded from a D to an E in the 2017 code, around the same time that Huang Huidan brought the general idea of this dismount back to prominence.

The WTC, however, determined that most of the people performing this type of dismount—like Fan Yilin and Riley McCusker—aren’t actually performing this dismount, the one with a front tuck 1/2 into back tuck. They are instead said to be performing a 1/2 turn into a double back, which had to be submitted as its own skill, valued at a D.

E (2017—)
D (2006–2016)

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