Giant 1/2


Giant 1/2
Blind change
Higgins roll

Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Giant 1/2
Giant swing with 1/2 turn
Blind change
Higgins roll

There are three different types of giant swings with a half turn that you will see, all encompassed by this same entry in the code of points. The most common is the blind change. It is the simplest method of changing grips from regular to reverse in order to be in the right grip for the Jaeger.

From top bars workers, you will also see the far more difficult Higgins roll. In the Higgins, rather than changing from regular to reverse grip, you’re changing from regular to L grip in order to prepare for a complicated L-grip pirouette or some such.

The worst kind is the non-grip-change giant 1/2, which is simply used as a way of getting oneself facing the opposite direction because the routine has had to be composed clunkily. It’s also a wild deduction trap because of the likelihood of completing the skill short of handstand and incurring a significant deduction on an element that doesn’t even count.


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