L turn (Floor Exercise)



Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
L turn
Leg-up full turn
Full turn with leg at horizontal

Named after
The letter L

The single L turn is quite uncommon on floor for the same reason as the double turn, it’s just not worth enough to bother doing or to risk the deductions. Most gymnasts who aren’t attempting D turns will simply fulfill the requirement with a regular full turn and go home. The single L turn is the domain of those who desperately need a B element to count, those who use it as a placeholder for the eventual  double L turn, or those who just seriously miscalculated and under-rotated their intended double L turns.


Currently performed by
Leah Clapper (USA)
Gabrielle Douglas (USA)
Rachel Gowey (USA)
Viktoria Komova (RUS)
Tatiana Nabieva (RUS)
Lauren Navarro (USA)
Ariana Orrego (PER)
Phan Thi Ha Thanh (VIE)
Ailen Valente (ARG)
Marcia Vidiaux (CUB)



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