Piked-Stalder Tkatchev (Galante)

Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Inbar Tkatchev
Piked-Stalder Tkatchev
Clear pike Tkatchev

Named for
Paola Galante (ITA)

Not to be confused with the Stalder Tkatchev in piked position, the piked-Stalder Tkatchev—piked-Stalder describing the entry—is among the least common of the Tkatchev variations despite having been around longer than a fair few of them. It was debuted by Paola Galante in 2009 and has appeared in routines only sparingly since then, making it among the rarest of the Tkatchev variations. Most gymnasts find it too difficult to generate the amplitude needed for the release out of a piked-Stalder and will opt instead for one of panoply of other E releases that exist, like the Stalder Tkatchev or the Tkatchev piked.

For Tkatchev variation clarification, refer to the Shaposhatchev Dictionary


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