Piked Stalder Tkatchev (Galante)

Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Inbar Tkatchev
Piked Stalder Tkatchev

Named for
Paola Galante (ITA)

Not to be confused with the Stalder Tkatchev in piked position, the piked-Stalder Tkatchev (or more clearly, the inbar Tkatchev), is one of the newer Tkatchev variations. It was debuted by Paola Galante in just 2009 and has appeared in routines only sparingly since then, making it among the rarest of the Tkatchev variations.

As an E release, the Galante is quite valuable for creating connections that can earn 0.2 CV, but most gymnasts to date have tended to favor the Stalder Tkatchev or the Tkatchev piked as an E release rather than going for the Galante.

For reference, refer to: Shaposhatchev Dictionary


Currently performed by
Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (FRA)

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