Split Ring Leap (Balance Beam)



Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Split ring

Less popular (and also less valuable) than its switch cousin, the split ring is nonetheless still a useful D-value skill and does have its adherents because of that—despite the difficulty of truly hitting and showing a crisp ring position, which is massive. It’s almost never good. In fact, despite being rated one tenth less than the switch ring, many gymnasts find it more difficult to achieve the proper position in a split ring leap without the momentum generated by the change-leg to allow them to get into the proper position.

These adherents to the split ring leap tend to be the dance-element addicts of our world, attempting to get as much difficulty as possible out of any and all D+ dance elements they can possibly imagine. Many who do it elect to perform the split ring leap out of a switch leap in a non-rebounding series in the hope of connection bonus, though the harshness with which both ring elements and non-rebounding series are evaluated on beam (not a bad thing) is progressively discouraging gymnasts from trying this skill.


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