Split Ring Jump (Balance Beam)

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Split ring jump
Split ring
“I wish it were a Yang Bo”

The split ring jump is often confused with its cousin, the Yang Bo, but while the two skills are rated identically and occupy the same box in the code of points, there are a couple key differences. The split ring jump requires the front leg to be at 180 (not oversplit) and the back leg to form something resembling the vicinity of a ring position rather than in oversplit. Most gymnasts, therefore, will elect to perform the split ring jump rather than attempting the Yang Bo.

The current value of mixed D+D connections, coupled with the general need to squeeze in as many combinations of mixed D and B elements as possible, has produced a surge of split ring jumps (in addition to the previously more common leap version) in the 2017-2020 quad.


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