Tsukahara Tuck 1.5



Known as
Tsuk(ahara) tucked 1.5

This vault has an odd recent valuation history. It was devalued only 0.2 in the 2022 update when a downgrade of 0.4 was the norm and some vaults lost more even more than that. Outwardly, that seems strange, but it was the rectification of a previous inconsistency where this vault had been valued too low for no reason and did not adhere to the principle of increasing values by 0.4 for every 1/2 twist upgrade (it was 0.3 more than the full twist and 0.5 less than the double twist, which didn’t make much sense). Now, the 0.4 increase is in place.

4.20 (2022-)
4.40 (2017-2021)
4.90 (2013–2016)
5.10 (2006-2012)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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