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Tsukahara Tuck 1.5




Known as
Tsuk(ahara) tucked 1.5

You won’t see a lot of Tsuk tucked 1.5s these days for the same reason you don’t see a lot of complicated tucked vaults at all. If you’re able to do a Tsuk vault that is this difficult, you will have progressed to the higher-valued layout versions of the vault and won’t be messing with these tucks with D scores in the lower 4s. Vera Van Pol (above) was a lone holdout in the 2013-2016 quad.

Weird thing in the value history of this vault: it was lowered two tenths in 2013 while none of the other values for tucked Tsukahara vaults were changed, and it is now still valued just three tenths more than the tuck full version and five tenths less than the tuck double tuck, even though the current principle has been to separate all 1/2 twists by four tenths. I’m saying this vault is accidentally valued a tenth too low and no one has done anything about it.

4.40 (2017—)
4.90 (2013–2016)
5.10 (2006-2012)

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