Weiler 1/2



Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Weiler 1/2
Weiler kip 1/2
Clear-hip forward 1/2
That thing we do now…?

Named after
Wilhelm Weiler (CAN) (Man)

A relatively uncommon skill in women’s gymnastics until Jordyn Wieber brought it back in one of her “oh…that?” composition choices in 2011, the Weiler kip 1/2 has caught on quite rapidly in the last five or so years among the “strong like ox, maybe not so much with the swinging” crowd because, like the piked stalder, it is worth a D even without a full pirouette, making it a boon for connection value. In other news, it is nearly impossible to make look not-clunky.


Currently performed by
Simone Biles (USA)
Christina Desiderio (USA)
Rachel Gowey (USA)
Amelia Hundley (USA)
Rianna Mizzen (AUS)
Laura Waem (BEL)
Wang Yan (CHN)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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