The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Yurchenko Layout




Known as
Yurchenko layout
Yurchenko lay
Yurchenko straight

When Natalia Yurchenko brought Yurchenko vaulting to the 1982 world cup, the layout was her first vault. So technically, this vault is Yurchenko patient zero.

While not the simplest possible Yurchenko vault, this is the simplest Yurchenko we still regularly see in elite competition. And boy do we see it. For those weaker vaulters internationally, those who have not yet graduated to the full or are just trying to put out a vault for their team to count and then move on to the good events, this is the vault of choice, and we’ll typically see a couple dozen of them at a given world championship. For everyone else, this is a warmup timer, not a competition vault.

4.00 (2017-)
4.40 (2006-2016)

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