Handspring Layout Double Full (Yeo)



Known as
Handspring double full
Handspring front layout 2/1

Named after
Yeo Seojeong (KOR)

The very newest member of the sisterhood of vaults is the Yeo—it’s also the first women’s skill to take advantage of newly expanded rules for getting skills named at semi-random competitions. Yeo was able to land this vault to her feet at the Korea Cup in 2019, and because a WTC delegate was present to verify the skill, it became the Yeo at that point. Good news for her, because she did not successfully land the skill at the 2019 world championships, so under the old rules, it would not yet be the Yeo.

While the skill had been trained in the past by the likes of Alicia Sacramone and Giulia Steingruber, Yeo is the first to have ever attempted it in competition.

5.80 (2022-)
6.20 (2019-2021)

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