Round-off 1/2 to Handstand (Gurova)

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
1/2 to handstand mount

Named after
Elena Gurova (SOV)

There’s nothing in the code of points that signposts an older element quite like the expression “near handstand.” Can you imagine if someone submitted a skill today and their description was like, “I intend for this skill to go to near-handstand.” The women’s technical committee would burn the submission immediately and disappear in a smoke bomb.

But the Gurova mount does allow for traveling near handstand after the round-off half turn, but not officially hitting a handstand position before flopping down onto the beam like a fish.

This skill occupies the same box in the code of points as the now-omnipresent candle mount, also rated a very valuable D, and I wonder if this would ever catch on in the same way. Probably asking a little too much with the having to do a round-off and whatnot.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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