The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Round-off Full On, Back Tuck 1/2


Known as
Yurchenko full on, tuck 1/2
Round-off 1/1 on, tuck half

In terms of naming, you will mostly still hear this style of vault referred to as a Yurchenko full-on, though the requirement of a full twist onto the vault is a leftover from the vaulting horse day. Now a “full-on” vault simply requires 3/4 or more of twisting onto the vault to count—much like the Tsukahara requires at least a 1/4 twist. You can see this push and pull in the code image itself, where the verbal description says 3/4 turn, but the image depicts a full turn.

The full-on vaults are very rare—because of being, you know, hard and complicated—and because it’s just quite difficult to get anything on that vault following a full twist. You’re not going to have much of a post-flight, so most who do perform this style of vault opt for the back tuck or back pike, rather than all this twistification.

4.40 (2017-)
4.90 (2006-2016)

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