Shaposhatchev Dictionary

If you’re everyone, you know that it’s a real pain to have to try to keep track of all the names of the various Shaposhnikova and Tkatchev variations (especially when the Komova II is the regular one and the Komova I has the added 1/2 twist, which is so annoying of her).

People really need to stop getting these things named after themselves. You expect me to take the time to learn your garbage name? So rude. Anyway, here’s the quick and easy Shaposhatchev dictionary containing all the named Shaposhnikova and Tkatchev skills in the known spectrum.


Shaposhnikova – Facing outward, clear-hip circle on low bar with flight to hang on high bar
Khorkina – Shaposhnikova with 1/2 twist
Unnamed – Stalder Shaposhnikova
Unnamed – Stalder Shaposhnikova with 1/2 twist
Maloney – Toe-on Shaposhnikova
Van Leeuwen – Toe-on Shaposhnikova with 1/2 twist
Seitz – Toe-on Shaposhnikova with 1/1 twist
Komova II – Clear-pike Shaposhnikova
Komova I – Clear-pike Shaposhnikova with 1/2 twist


Tkatchev – Counter-straddle hecht over high bar to hang on high bar
Kononenko – Tkatchev with 1/2 twist
Hindorff – Clear-hip Tkatchev
Shang – Clear-hip Tkatchev piked
Martins – Clear-hip Tkatchev with 1/2 twist
Ricna – Stalder Tkatchev
Downie – Stalder Tkatchev piked
Derwael-Fenton – Stalder Tkatchev with 1/2 twist
Ray – Toe-on Tkatchev
Church – Toe-on Tkatchev piked
Nabieva – Toe-on Tkatchev layout
Tweddle – Toe-on Tkatchev with 1/2 twist
Derwael – Toe-on Tkatchev layout with 1/2 twist
Galante – Clear-pike Tkatchev
Unnamed (Scheder-Simm*) – Clear-pike Tkatchev piked


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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