Tsukahara Tuck 1/2


Known as
Tsuk(ahara) tuck 1/2


Like the classic Tsukahara back tuck, this vault is not valued highly enough to be performed in modern elite gymnastics, though it also doesn’t have quite the same notable backstory. At the time that Tourischeva was garnering success for her Tsuk back tuck, Nellie Kim was already pioneering the Tsuk tuck full, and it seems everyone just sort of moved past the 1/2 without another thought. You should write a sadness movie about it.

Like Natalia Yurchenko and the Yurchenko vaults, Mitsuo Tsukahara has given his name to an entire family of vaults, any vault with a handspring 1/2 turn onto the horse (table), followed by a salto, is a Tsukahara, a universal reference point in both men’s and women’s gymnastics.

3.40 (2022-)
3.80 (2017-2021)
4.30 (2006–2016)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama