Two Flares

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Two flares
Two flairs

First, a note on spelling. The officially spelling of this skill is flair, but over my dead body. Flare is what you mean. Flaring the legs is what is happening here. The argument for the flair spelling is that the skill is so-called because it is a circle element done with “flair,” and I’ll be over in the corner vomiting. You just misspelled the word you meant.

While the three-flare mount had already existed for a number of years, Peng Peng Lee submitted the two-flare mount at the world championship in 2011 as a new skill to be added to the code of points. It was, but skills must now be valued at least at C to be named after a gymnast, so her name never made it into the named-skill section of the code. But if you want to call this the Lee, that would be cool by me.

That rule mostly exists because of beam mounts. There are infinite ways a person could invent to get onto the beam. “I’m going to jump up with my foot in my ear!” “I’m going to do it pretending there’s a cake in my hand!” If everyone did that to try to get a skill named after themselves, we would have an OED-length beam mounts section of the code of points—and basically already do.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama