Friday Live Blog – Alabama @ Auburn; Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas, AND SO MUCH MORE

Friday, February 12

6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Southern Connecticut @ Bridgeport
6:30 ET/3:30 PT – Air Force @ Cortland State – Stream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Arkansas @ Florida – SCORESSECN
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Missouri @ Kentucky – SCORESSECN
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – NC State, William & Mary @ North Carolina – SCORES
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Pittsburgh, Ursinus, Penn @ Towson- SCORESStream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – UW-Eau Claire @ UW-Stout – SCORESStream
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Gustavus Adolphus @ UW-La Crosse – Stream
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Perfect 10 Challenge (Oklahoma, Denver, George Washington, Utah State) – SCORES – TV: Fox Sports Whatever
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Winona State @ Illinois State
8:00 ET/5:30 PT – IGI Chicago Style (Central Michigan, Northern Illinois, Temple, Alaska) – FLOG
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Alabama @ Auburn – SCORESSECN
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – BYU, Sacramento State @ Southern Utah – SCORESStream
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Minnesota @ Nebraska – SCORES
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Boise State @ San Jose State – SCORESStream
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – UC Davis @ Seattle Pacific – SCORESStream
Florida returns home. Place your bets for the number of 10s now.

Here’s something fun: Oklahoma’s RQS is already 197.420, which means the Sooners could check out for the rest of the season until regionals and still be fine. For reference, last season it took a 197.270 to get a #1 seed at a regional and a 196.680 to get a #2 seed at a regional.

The majority of other teams won’t have an RQS until after this weekend (I’ll probably give a preliminary RQS outlook along with the rankings on Monday), and we’re still another two weekends away from it actually going into effect, but it’s funny to see which teams are already safe. For comparison, Michigan is currently at 196.880 and Alabama is at 196.705, both already fine but certainly expected to improve greatly over the next month to get that top seed at a regional.

To honor you, the survivors of breast cancer, we’re going to make you trudge in a circle around the floor like inmates getting their daily exercise.
“Their record is not great.” Wow, a moment of honesty. Someone needs to learn some more about college gymnastics. Teams don’t have bad records, they “compete so hard and have a lot of spirit.”

We’re discussing why all teams have their best road scores at Florida. It’s because Florida brings out the best gymnastics in other teams. Yeah. Mmhmm. Sure. That is the reason.

Kentucky and Missouri ahead of Florida, so we’ll start there.

Beucler – VT – sticks her full and just won the lottery about it – some knee bend and not a ton of distance, but great start for them. Couldn’t have asked for better.

Huber – UB – MU – nice toe point there – step back on whipped DLO dismount, but the girl toe pointed the hell out of that jaeger.

The guy also pronounced Stefani Canizaro as in Gwen Stefani.

No Bridget Sloan on vault, with Hiller in instead. Just resting? Or aftermath of the cramp last week?

Caquatto – VT – the usual larger bounce back from her, not a huge distance and a bit of piking. 9.700.

Glover- UB – she has improved a ton on this routine in the form and finishing positions – solid enough jaeger – hits her bail – a bit late on the full but sticks double back – this used to be the clear drop score in the lineup but no longer.

Fassbender – VT – smaller hop than Bridgey on full – a bit off line –

We already had a judging delay on Bridgey’s vault, which is not a great sign.

Canizaro – UB – good shap into the bail – still shrot on the bail but hit it – otherwise precise in handstands – good counter on tkatchev – sticks DLO – two gymnasts up, and both did about as well as they can do.

Boren – VT – Sticks her 1.5 – there you go. Also looked like better legs together than in her last couple, still lands apart but better – perhaps a bit off line. 9.950/.

Freier – UB – shap is hit – a bit short on a handstand here and there – bail is very clean in the legs – final handstand is perfectly vertical – sticks DLO with a bit of piking down at the end –

Baker – VT – doesn’t stick her 1.5 – short with a hop back this time – otherwise strong as usual – better distance than Boren and the whole world.

Wellick – UB – very clean in first couple handstands – the tkatchev isn’t huge but solid enough, working the counter – hop forward on double front but a much more comfortable and prompt finish of that skill than earlier – makes it much less scary in the landing.

McMurtry – VT -hops back on her full – “perfect stuck landing” – no. Great as always, but that could be constructed as a .100 landing deduction. One judge agrees. 9.875.

Speed – UB – a little wonky ont eh half turn into jaeger but catches with good height and toes – loses her legs just a tad on the bail but otherwise nice – sticks double back. Arkansas is landing.

This guy is OBSESSED with season averages.

Hiller – VT – backup vault – also hurts her to go after McMurtry comparatively – pretty short, bent legs and flexed feet, larger hop back. They’ll have to count Bridgey’s 9.700. This also gets a 9.700, which is crazy, but whatever. It doesn’t matter.

Zaziski – UB – arches early in hs – high tkatchev – loses her legs somewhat on full turn – bail looks fine – rushing a bit in the handstands toward the end, but sticks the DLO – phenomenal landings in that rotation from Arkansas. Postseason level.

Florida 49.225 – Arkansas 49.075
Florida hurt by lack of Sloan there in the score, but they’ll take a 49.225 for a Sloan-free vault score. It does warrant some degree of concern that this looks like another event without a usable backup, but the main six have been strong so far. Boren the class of that field with her stuck 1.5, but otherwise they’ll have to work on landing control as we go.

Pretty pedestrian scores for Arkansas. Could have gone higher, but the deductions were certainly there with a couple issues of leg breaks and handstands – most people had an uncharacteristic .05 on the bars, even though the dismounts were ideal.

Back to Missouri – Kern – VT – Yhalf, not arabian – good distance, but large hop.

Coca – UK – UB – loses her legs a bit swinging though her jaeger and arches the next handstand, which will be the majority of the deductions after a solid jaeger and stuck tuck full.

Kentucky’s details have improved on bars this season. Toe point and handstands look stronger.

Harris – VT – great distance on her full – medium hop back – kept her body position.

MacMoyle – VT – hop back on full – pretty similar to early Florida vaults – not a ton of distance –

Baker – UB – Excellent ray – hitting early handstands – solid body position on bail and amplitude on shoot – medium hop back on double front this time, it is always her largest deduction.

Zaziski – VT – good body position and direction on her full, possibly best of the year – tries to pretend it was a stick, but not so controlled.

Boren – UB -“We’ll see if she has some extra birthday power today” – Birthday power – arches a bit in her bail but holds on to the skill – short final handstand and larger hop back on DLO – not so much birthday power, but it started well.

Speed – VT – similar to MacMoyle but with better distance – medium hop back, better direction than usual? She’s been off to the side this year but looked straight on at least from this angle.

DBG – UB – hits shap to bail combo well, good vertical in the bail – handstands look solid – just holds onto the DLO dismount with a squat – I like that we cut away during her usual leg separation. Because it was perfect!

McGlone – VT – strong dynamics and amplitude – but the large hop back will bring the score well done from her capability. One judge went 9.850 for that, meaning it would have been a 9.950 for a stick?

Caquatto – UB – Her ray is her best skill on any event, excellent – hits body position on bail and all her handstands – sticks DLO and does very well to hold onto it instead of stepping forward, which it looked like her momentum was taking her.

Wellick – VT – Sticks her full again – as always. Great body position and power. Not the hugest distance, but pretty excellent in all other ways.

Sloan – UB – usual Sloan Ray – handstands excellent – Sloan legs on bail but not that extreme from this angle – small small arch in final handstand – sticks DLO.

Arkansas continuing to bury Nelson at the end of the lineup, and it worked with a 9.800. Vault has improved since the first meet.

McMurtry – UB – good first hs – catches Ray well – but also piked – nice bail, clean legs – McMurtry giants – sticks the tuck full – pretty equivalent to her last 10, so let’s see what they do – same form issues, but bail, handstand positions, and dismount were all precise. 9.950. One judge went 10, the other 9.900. Hahahahahahaha.

Florida goes big, big, big on bars for a 49.425. Mostly warranted. Sloan and Caquatto had few errors, and the same for McMurtry really. Boren didn’t have her best and Baker gives away too much on the dismount, but otherwise quite nice and rewarded for it.

Arkansas will take a 49.125 on vault. On pace for a solid, if not huge, road score so far.

After 2: Florida 98.700 – Arkansas 98.200
Back in the land of Kentuck – Roemmele on beam , lots of balance errors in here – bend wobble on her series and dances all around on her side aerial to stay on the beam. nearly sticks her 1.5, lunge-salute.

“Friday night in Missouri, the girls are getting ready to jam.” Alicia, please commentate all of life.

Baker – BB – solid on the walkover onto bhs series – split is fine but straddle half is tight and short of 180 – side aerial to full dismount is stuck –

Dillard – FX – good body position on teh rudi with the straight shape maintained throughout instead of going raggedy-ass toward the end like a lot of them. The nice part of this camera angle on floor is that it’s from a blimp apparently. We really appreciate that. Front full to layto stag is well controlled – 1.5 to lay with a controlled step forward – clean as ever. Watch that score compared to McLaughlin’s floor leadoff for Florida and consider cutting a ho as necessary.

Ernst – BB -right on with kickover front – balance check on full turn – small wobble on walkover, tries hard to connect it into back tuck and wobbles on that as well – another check on sheep jump – not her cleaner showing – sticks gainer pike. Too many checks. 9.750. One judge still went 9.800.

Canizaro – FX – high double pike, controls the step out of it though large – less control on the double back as her front foot comes up and slides – tough to tell about any leaps from this angle but her split looks fine – 1.5 to layout, whips around the layout.

Fassbender – BB – clean aerial to start – good amplitude on bhs loso series, small adjustment on loso landing, also on full turn, but very small – the lack of correct position on the sissone and sheep jump are the biggest deductions in the routine – side aerial to full dismount with a small slide. Just a few very tiny checks and steps, but the only things not built in

MacMoyle – FX – good life on double pike and nailed the landing – also whips around her front layout out of the 1.5, much like Canizaro – tj 1/2 looked to be short of 18- YEOUCH – she just did a double back right to her face. Damn. Couldn’t tell what happened on her set but she went about an inch off the ground for that skill. Medical attending to her.

Boren – BB – solid kickover front to start – wobble on loso series with legs – switch is a bit short but straddle jump is excellent – gainer loso with another check – dismounting gainer full instead of double back now after the fall last week – sticks gainer full – Sigh. Downgrades. A couple tught moments but OK.

Nelson – FX – Yikes – stumbles out of bounds on her double pike, a million steps – hits her straddles – better on 1.5 to layout – good form and height punching into layout – strong landing on double back, but the first pass will destroy the score and it will have to be counted.

McMurtry – BB – also solid on kickover front, they’re nailing those today – the loso series is always tight but she nails it pretty much every time without wobble, which helps overlook everything else. switch to shush to hip circle is fine, even though I hate beam hip circles. Sticks 2/1. Strong showing. 9.950. That is a “Sloan 10” kind of score.

McGlone – FX – “the first DLO – HERE IT IS” and then she does a double pike – goes OOB – camera closeup of someone’s back, thank you – short on 2.5 with a step back – they’re all really struggling post-MacMoyle – front full to layout is better, but this will be another counting low score.

Sloan – BB -did she just wobble on a beat jump? Bridget… walkover is great and loso is right on – switch and split are both hit very well to 180 – fluid full turn – secure side aerial – lands short on 2/1 with a bound up. Kind of awkward landing. Are we sure everything’s OK with the feet?

Wellick – FX – Trying to save it – excellent double pike, high and controlled – front full to front tuck – lost her legs on the full and tucks connected salto, did an acceptable pass in the end but will get hit for form – double tuck is as strong as the pike, though.

After 3: Florida 148.100, Arkansas 146.875

Big beam score for Florida. Some of the form and splits were a little tight for my taste to really warrant a score that big, but they gave away no major mistakes at all, just small checks and form. The major story was the injury to MacMoyle on floor and Arkansas falling apart and falling out of the meet after that. Beam will be a major mental challenge now to finish things out.

I’ll keep an eye on how this one goes, but my major attention will switch to Oklahoma/Denver/GWU/USU.

Missouri counting a floor fall. Kentucky still on track for around a 196, which would be huge.

This graphic about 10s has “Brenna McDowell.”

OU on vault, Denver on bars, USU on beam GWU on floor. We’ll have a SPLIT SCREEN. THE TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION.

Oklahoma starts on vault because “they were the first to sign up for this meet.” Uh…yeah.

Jones – VT – almost thought she would have another stick, but comes in just a bit short and steps forward.

Kern – UB – DU – hits jaeger – a bit short on bail – mostly fine handstands – hop in place on DLO

Winstanley – FX – Crossed legs on opening twist but controlled – low chest on double tuck with a small step – good straddle positions – front tuck to a shorter rudi landing to finish.

Marks – VT – A couple steps back and struggles to control the landing – not her strongest

Menhinick – UB – looked like it was going to be an amazing shap, high, but just too high, couldn’t catch.

McLaughlin went clean on floor for Florida. 9.825, which is higher than Dillard.

Mermel – FX – She’s a gem – low chest on double pike with a small slide – 1.5, overcooks it and does very well to pull the following layout around to her feet – crossed legs on final rudi –

Kmieciak – VT – hop back on her full – good height and body position

Addison – UB – flat on tkatchev but well caught – one short handstand in here – a bit short on DLO with a hop.

Raineri – FX – bounces back out of double pike, but had a better chest position than the first couple – also bounces back on double tuck – will get hit for these landings – 1.5 to layout is better –

Capps just stuck a vault, which you can tell because Kelly is currently only able to be heard by dogs. Bit off line and legs apart on stick, but stuck. 9.925. One judge gave her no deductions. Capps power.

Boren – FX – high tuck full, easy power, does well to keep her step controlled enough to stay in bounds – good amplitude on leaps but second split is a bit short – 1.5 to layout – also has to whip it around a little – strong double tuck, high chest and controlled.

DeMoura – FX – front double full, with crossed legs but keeps it controlled – 1.5 and love the layout to two feet out of it when you usually see a loso –

Scaman – VT – best control on the 1.5 so far this season, nearly sticks – small step back. 9.950. OK…

Freier has a large wobble for Arkansas on beam. And another. And she comes off. Shame. She had looked so much more confident and smooth this year.

McGee – UB – great first hs – nice finish on full – great legs together on her high gienger – vertical handstands – one small arch – sticks DLO – that’ll do.

Sloan – FX – the girl can do front twisting skills, you know. small hop to the side on doubel pike -so…9.950!

Drouin – Allaire – FX – best control on her double pike, small hop but chest up – excellent front full to layout, position maintained and stuck – sticks double tuck as well – should be a great score.

Jackson – VT – small hop forward on her 1.5 as well – scores are going high, so it could still be a 9.950 like Scaman’s.

Ross – UB – loses her legs and goes Sophina on a gienger – pretty pak though – nice final hs – small hop back on DLO “nice stuck landing.” some form and a step but solid.

Anyone have scores for the Oklahoma meet? Which I just called the GW meet. LOL.

McGlone looking a little tight on beam in split elements, but a great stick on 2/1.

Small stumble from Seibold on her final 2.5 for GW on floor.

Birdgey – FX – please don’t use the words “juicy wiggle” – front double full with a large lunge forward – no tuck – rudi to bhs loso is her new middle pass, it’s weird and she loses leg form on it – excellent straddle positions – low chest on double pike with a large slide back and another step “great landing.”

Nelson – BB – crooked on switch side but secure – step back on loso series – hop forward on 1.5.

These Oklahoma local commercials are RIDIC. I can’t…

Winston keeping her form well on bars, all the way through the DLO with legs together and stuck. Should be a big score.

Hiller – FX – resting Baker today – good control on double pike this time, but low chest – 1.5 to layout with a slide, this is stronger than last week’s showing, but does not have the amplitude or position of the 9.9s on this team – hitting her straddles – legs on front full, hits front pike.

Arkansas finishes 195.975, which is as much as they could have hoped after floor, but it’s a missed opportunity for a Florida road score.

Kentucky did get 196, 196.050 to Missouri’s 194.675. Shame of a regression score for Missouri.

Florida finishes 197.450, which is an excellent score but not quite what they would have expected from a home meet coming off the 198 last week. A lot of it was not having Sloan on vault or Baker on floor, accounting for multiple tenths of difference by themselves, but it does show us a lack of depth of scoring on vault and floor.

We’re also about to get underway with Alabama and Auburn, so trying to do eyes on both again. Oklahoma about to start on bars.

Zois – GW – VT – not great ampltideand pikes a bit but controlled on full.

Krippner – Aub – VT – similar thing but better distance – some piking and a hop.

Jackson – UB – clean jaeger and bail – feet on jaeger and not the highest but solid – handstands are precise – hop back on tuck full – fine.

McNeer – UB – Excellent counter and toes on ray – pikes and loses feet a little on bail – just squeaks out that last handstand, small hop back on DLO.

Kopec – VT – good distance, late twisting and medium hop back, slightly off direction

DeMoura – VT – good distance – hop back – also not as high as the better ones we see –

Giancroce – UB – hits tkatchev – not so high – big leg break on the pak, also loses legs a little on the DLO with a small step.

Hammen – BB – flexed feet on loso series with a check – another check on kickover front – short on 2.5 dismount with step back.

Demers – VT – love the way she opens – good height and distance – medium hop back –

Great height and form from Drouin-Allaire on vault, hops back, but best technically of the rotation so far –

Capps – UB -good finish position on full turn – small leg break on bail and a bit low/close on that tkatchev – tries to sell the stick on the tuck full but steps forward. 9.900. Scores are fanciful today, just so you know.

Jetter – UB -good first hs – high tkatchev but little counter – bail looked solid – one tight hs in there – hop forward on double front but OK compared to her usual.

Kluz struggles on 1.5

Winstanley almost had a great 1.5 going, but squats a lot in the landing just to get it around, hop –

Bailey – UB – high and huge jaeger – excellent legs on bail – sticks amazing full out – very clean routine should be a big score.

Scaman – UB -good position on half turn and piked jaeger – great broomstick body on bail – giants are a bit sloppy – small step on tuck full.

Atkinson – VT – small step to the side on 1.5 – but otherwise excellent.

Brannan – UB – also solid on her jaeger and very precise on following handstand – good legs on bail – whips DLO a bit, hop in place.

Mermelstein – VT – shorter on her full – lands a touch low with a hop forward.

49.225 for Alabama on bars. Bailey the clear class of the field there with her amazing routine. Needs more landing. 49.275 for Auburn on vault, leading at the moment. Atkinson class of the field.

Kmieciak – UB – nice height on that ray – clean legs on the bail as well – amplitude excellent throughout – sticks tuck full – strong.

McGee – BB -tuck jump to loso, leg form but secure – hugely high switch side, that’s how you do beam amplitude – check on loso series, the form on back tumbling is the struggle in this routine – just split jump, though – hits straddle 3/4 and tuck jump 3/4 – sticks gainer full – will still be a good score.

Raineri – VT – NEARLY stuck her 1.5 – really excellent height and body position, just a step forward. Really good vault.

Wofford – UB – handstands and jaeger are brilliant – nails her bail – no trouble in hs – small step on tuck full.

Barrett has a large wobble for Denver on beam on her side aerial – bend at the waist – small hop together on 1.5.

McIntire for USU has some low chest issues on her tumbling, but damn full in.

Stefani Catour exists for Oklahoma – exhibition on bars – nice bail – hitting handstands precisely – and sticks DLO – that’ll do and could contend for the lineup if she keeps doing that.

McNeer – VT – small hop back on full – otherwise her usual, dynamic and maintaining form throughout –

Cerio – UB – hits piked jaeger – clean bail with strong ampltiude – good finish position on full and a step back on double back – nice to have in that lineup now – it will get there.

Guerrero – VT -sticks that 1.5 – yes, she has leg form issues throughout, but there’s no arguing that landing.

Krippner – UB – excellent first s – small leg seps on both shap and bail but hit well – high tkatchev but not much counter – sticks tuck full dismount, basically – steps to salute but showed control – she has improved a TON on bars.

Bresette – VT -a couple hops back on her full, loses legs in the air.

Kopec – UB – short on opening hs – hits jaeger to overshoot better – struggling on those handstands throughout – nails DLO though – the hs will hurt the score, but otherwise excellent –

It’s so refreshing to hear Kathy give accurate criticisms.

Brannan – VT – hop forward on 1.5 this time – some bent knees but otherwise great.

Oklahoma on pace for 198 after a 49.600 on bars. Mm. Mmhmm. Mm.

Kluz – UB – high tkatchev with better counter – straddle back is precise, legs together – wobbles stepping back up to high bar (ACK) – also sticks an excellent DLO – shame because that random wobble is the biggest issue – and one handstand.

Bailey – VT – much better on her full – good height and distance – less pike this time – definite hop back and probably another step, but otherwise improvement.

Milliet – UB -good first hs – best tkatchev of the bunch – pretty and high on the pak – also short on final hs and a bit late on full turn – sticks double tuck. NAILING these landings.

Beers – VT – pretty significant step forward on her 1.5 – will be a tenth – best leg position of the 1.5s on this team – straight shape maintained trhoughout.

Atkinson – UB – clean opening bail – handstands more precise – huge taktchev but would get more out of it with more counter – GIANT tuck full and stuck. Excellent –

Alabama 98.600 – Auburn 98.575 – 
Auburn is ON IT tonight. Amazing bars rotation.

“We are here in a very … hostile … environment.” Dana side-eyeing the hell out of the Auburn crowd.

Getting started with the third rotation at Oklahoma –

Lehrmann – BB – easy full turn – short on her walkover but hangs onto it with a wobble – another check on loso series – tight so far – also a pause in between her switch side and shush – sticks 1.5 but a nervous routine. Still gets 9.800

Catour – BB – She’s getting her showcase tonight – did well in her bars exhibition – good full turn – small check on loso series – check on walkover as well – sticks gainer pike with legs apart.

Drouin-Allaire just fell on a piked jaeger, so sighhhhhhhh

Yikes. Nebraska getting some nasssssty vault scores so far.

Hammen just did a very high double pike on floor.

Jackson – BB – Oooh, it is exploring depth day for Oklahoma. solid full turn but looks more nervous than your usual Oklahoma beamer – hits loso series – tight on switch side but once again secure – she’s hitting the elements but not as crisp – wobble here and there – hop forward on 1.5.

Winstanley hits piked jaeger and is excellent on the bail – low on the tuck full landing with a hop back.

Aja Sims – FX – solid double pike and controlled – good form and height – straddle kills everyone in a six mile radius – great on double back –

Jones – BB – check on loso series – more secure on kickover front – tight on switches series with a check – this is not normal Oklahoma beam in a meet where the scoring was going high – sticks 1.5

Cerio – BB -nice switch side – clean legs on loso series as well and secure – excellent style, like she’ll need to be the new Demers eventually – check on switch 1/2 – punch front full with hop forward – good start.

Capps – BB – Yes. Just yes. good bhs loso series – stylish full turn as well – just a little tighter than usual though – coming in slightly short on her walkover but working out of it well so as not to give away a wobble – dance elements are no question – sticks gainer full.

Giancroce has a stumble back on her opening double pike –

Addison for Denver had a great DLO – low chest on double pike dismount with some bounce –

Krripner – BB – flowing full turn – leg up wobble on loso series – excellent split and split 3/4 – another huge wobble on walkover and falls. You can see the JO champion potential there, but working against a fall now. She developed a lot on this event after moving to Simoneland.

Lovan – BB – She’s doing exo now – lovely walkover and straddle 1/4, wobble on series though – and then a fall. Damn.

McGee – FX – massive DLO with excellent legs together throughout and hit body position – huge switch side and wolf full – great amplitude allowing her to complete it without trouble – front full to layout with a bit of a slide that will probably keep her from a 10 – but the double pike finish was massive and excellent. Really the slide on the middle pass was the only thing to take.

Demers – BB – smooth on bhs loso series – way rushed her sheep jump in combination – not her usual completion of the skill and a large bend afterward – sticks side aerial to full dismount though.

Beers – FX – strong DLO this time around, controlled step back – same on front lay to front full – she’s back on floor – also complete her switch ring and splits to clear 180, which was not always the case – chest up double back – good routine – that looked like last year.

Milliet – BB – very well completed sheep jump with a small bend adjustment – secure loso series – does not wobble on her walkover in spite of coming in a little short – cat to gainer full – stuck. “very, very good job, young lady.” Kathy sums it up.

Bailey – FX – a little squatty on her double arabian landing but just a small hop – good switch ring, a little tight on switch half – loses knees just a bit in front lay but front full connected is landed in control – bounces back on rudi but keeps the form in it –

Denver and GW are both on about 196 pace. Oklahoma falls off 198 pace after beam, but should still be a big 197.

Atkinson – BB -excellent loso series and precise and light into her walkover – switch to pike jump is fine, short on switch but not extreme – side aerial to tuck full dismount -stuck – very very little to deduct there. Auburn avoids counting the fall.

Winston – FX – DLO – squats in the landing but under control – lay to front full is high, precise, and pretty perfect – small small bounce on double back, but this will be another good score.

Close close close close close here. Alabama 197.950 – Auburn 197.825. Auburn at home going to floor.

“Wow, another landing.”

Zois – GW – BB – huge break on her struggle full but stays on the beam.

Capps – FX – low chest on double pike this time, but controlled – front full to layout is well done – straddles are no problem – rudi is staggered but once again comfortable – should be a high score, especially considering this meet.

Pfeiler – GW – BB – clean loso series – a bit tight in switch and a check on loso – really tight on switch side and probably shouldn’t have that in her routine – not really hitting the skill – bends to hold onto the stick on gainer full –

McNeer – BB – just a tad short on her walkover but continues working into bhs to get the combination – excellent loso series – switch and split are quite nice – legs on 1.5 but stuck.

Winstanely – BB – front aerial to one front to kickover front! a wobble but who cares – nice straddles – hop back on 2/1.

Jackson – FX – just some casual pass sticking – less sticking on half to full with a small slide. Small slide on doubel pike as well – but both minor on these passes.

McGee – VT – Sticks her TSUK FULL – squats to hold and usual Tsuk distance, but great.

Brannan – BB – nails loso series – tight and short on switch split – control the kickover front into beat jump – hop forward 1.5.

DeMoura – BB – large wobble on walkover with bend at waist – better on loso series –

Scaman – FX – nails the huge DLO – almost pops up in place but I’m OK with it – controlled through the rest of her tumbling and hitting her straddles – just a small bounce back on double tuck, but otherwise it’s her usual routine to finish the meet –

Just waiting on the scores. Which will happen never I’m sure. 197.675 for OU.

Hlawek flirts with OOb on floor but stays in.

Winston – BB -strong walkover to bhs with great form – swims a tough on that straddle but fine – larger bound back on double tuck, but that’s really all.

Rott -banging DLO with just a small hop -bounces around without control on her dance combo, also on lay to half to stag – finishes with a controlled double pike – there you go.

Sims – BB -great height and form on loso series as always – splits and straddles obvi – step back on double tuck, but that was really the only thing.

The Dana Duckworth beam mic is really a phenomenal development.

Kluz – FX – great body position through her layout and front full middle pass – a little short in first wolf full, the second one was actually better – low chest on double back but stuck.

This thing is going to be closely closely close.

Bailey – BB -leg is low on L turn this season, which is new for her – it used to be amazing – very precise loso series – side aerial to side position is solid as well even if it wasn’t intended to be in side position – tuck jump 3/4 with a large wobble – bend at the waist – could be decisive – small hop on 2/1

Demers – FX – secure pike full in – lands folded in half but she’s was not going to move on that – very strong on wolf and straddle jumps – clean front lay to front full as well – L leap is fine (Sophina, watch) – comfortable landing on double pike as well – could close the gap compared to Bailey – will come down to the last routine.

Guerrero – BB – excellent two loso series – hits switch and straddle, small adjustment after straddle – easy full turn – hop forward on 1.5, but pretty much the routine Alabama needed. We’ll see what Atkinson needs going to floor. And we won’t trust the SEC Network to tell us what it is.

Atkinson – FX – Needs 9.900 to tie, 9.925 to win – solid on tuck full opening pass – again a little folded but solid and secure – excellent position on the front full and pull around front layout – Kathy critical but it was really fine – compared to what gets good scores around here – solid enough double pike landing – controlled step. Let’s see…

Did Auburn beat Alabama for the first time?

9.925! Exactly the score she needed! Auburn wins! 197.275-197.250.

Oh what I saw, this was a PRIME Auburn meet. Excellent performances.

I guess this is the season people beat Alabama.

My my my my my. Exciting end to the day. Big score and accomplishment for Auburn is the major headline. Oklahoma gets the top score of the day with that 197.675. Gave it away a little on beam without the best six in there, and the scores held the Sooners up quite a bit, but still another near-postseason level performance that will bump that RQS up even more.

In other news, Nebraska is having a time of it today. Minnesota maintains the lead toward the end of the third rotation.

24 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – Alabama @ Auburn; Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas, AND SO MUCH MORE”

  1. Do you know if the Oklahoma meet is streaming on Fox Sports Go? I can't seem to find it and wanted to make sure I'm not missing it.

  2. “To honor you, the survivors of breast cancer, we're going to make you trudge in a circle around the floor like inmates getting their daily exercise.”

    And play “Survivor” by Destiny's Child in a stunning display of tone deafness.

  3. This broadcast for the Florida/Arkansas meet is making it sooooo boring. Can't they show some life? But Arkansas is really hitting those landings

  4. These camera angles are garbage. Haven't seen a single good landing because every cameraman posts up behind some coach. For 2 seconds we had a perfect side view on bars, then of course they switched away.

  5. Holy shit, one judge gave mcmurtrey a 10. So apparently it isn't just the camera operators who are drunk.

  6. 9.625 for Samantha Nelson is ridiculous. She took about 5 steps and went out of bounds with both feet. She should have scored about a 9.4 max. Judges suck ass tonight. Disappointing.

  7. Sounds like OU is getting ridiculous scoring as well. Don't have that channel so keep the commentary coming!

  8. Auburn is 6/6 for stuck landings on bars! If they have a prayer of beating Bama, that's how they have to do it.

    Also, is anyone else concerned about the fact that Caitlin Atkinson is balding?

  9. Ahhhh!!!! It was a close meet and it didn't come down to ridiculous/questionable home scoring. Great for auburn

  10. Wow Congrats Auburn!!! I actually did think they got some home cooking on floor compared to what Alabama received, but nothing outrageous.

  11. Don't really want to nit-pick scores, but (and here I am) I don't really understand Bailey's beam score. She had a couple very small deductions, but isn't that bend more than .1 itself? 9.825? I'll take it, cuz she's on my fantasy team, haha. Very psyched for Auburn. Their aggressiveness and landings all meet were fantastic.

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