Things Are Happening – November 11, 2016

A. NCAA training

LSU invited FLOG to this week’s intrasquad, which featured McKenna Kelley’s new vault—a handspring piked 1/2—and a whole mess of other routines. Almost like an intrasquad or something. In addition to Kelley’s new vault, we’ll see 1.5s from Edney, Hambrick, and Harrold, along with Gnat’s DTY of course. (No routines from Ewing here.) Lexie Priessman continues to show a full that’s way too easy for her but probably a good idea considering, you know, her everything. Highlights:




Here’s Wofford showing off a legit 10 of a bars routine.


How do you solve a problem like too many E beam skills?


Toni-Ann upgrades to your garden-variety preposterous Hindorff.


The age of the Yurchenko tucked 1.5 is upon us.

Sylvie Seilnacht was in the lineup last year with one of those Yurchenko Fauxrabians. When the code hands you lemons, tuck your vault and add a full twist.

This is how you Gienger:


It takes a good gymnast to post her hits on instagram. It takes a great gymnast to post her catastrophes. Well played, Sam Ogden.


B. Massilia

Competition in the open division of Elite Gym Massilia has already concluded, with mysterious nationality’s own Irina Alexeeva topping the rest of the field by a trillion points. The full competition takes place this weekend featuring B teams from Great Britain, Australia, and France and a solidly A- team from Russia composed of Spiridonova, Tutkhalyan, Eremina, and Iliankova. Eremina and Iliankova are Russia’s top two new seniors for 2017, and this competition will be a prime opportunity to mark their progress against the current seniors to see how they match up for possible 2017 teams.

C. Swiss Cup

In action from last weekend, the annual mixed-pairs Swiss Cup finished up with relatively predictable results. Oleg Verniaiev and Angelina Kysla won the title. Well, really, Oleg Verniaiev won the title while Angelina Kysla was also from Ukraine.

Russia’s team of Melnikova and Ignatyev was expected to put up more of a fight against Team Oleg—and perhaps win—but it appears that in the course of the past week, Melnikova forgot how to bars. A pity. It has been going around. Since competing the Arthur Gander, Eythora also forgot how to gymnastics, turning to dust on both her routines at the Swiss Cup and seeing Team Netherlands knocked out in the first round.

No me gusta:

Maybe it’s because everyone had to compete in the dark. Just a thought.

Also last week, Nina Derwael went to Spain and did manage to remember how to gymnastics, taking the title at the Joaquim Blume Memorial (sure are a lot of memorial competitions around here…) over Seda Tutkhalyan, whose career is sadly turning into an elaborate sit-in to protest the concept of Valentina.


In honor of the world’s most preposterous garment, Jessica, Lauren, and I did a GymCastic all about the storied history of terrible (and some good, but mostly terrible) leotards. You’ll enjoy it. I promise. Uncle Tim could not be with us because he was too busy poking himself in the eye over and over again, which he preferred to spending two hours talking about leotards.


Most of the top teams have announced their 2017-2018 classes by this point, with a few high profile exceptions (ahem…Oklahoma…get with it). I’m keeping a list.

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  1. that fall is something i have watched about 12 times. it is a good antidote to the madness that surrounds us. thanks for bringing it to our attention. you do important work.

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