Best Routine of Week 1 Poll

Poll time!

Each week, I’ll put up the top routines of the previous weekend and let you guys vote on which routine wins the award for best of the week. Deciding the nominees is up to me (mwahahahaha) and is based on 3) score, 2) overall quality, and 1) which ones are easily available online—aka, which ones have been uploaded by our dear NastiaFan101. Because, you know, we need to be able to see them in order to vote for them. So if you want to vote for Elizabeth Price…get those meets to start taking place in the present day. With color televisions. And the iron horse.

Feel free to use the comments for reasoning and/or write-in votes.

1. Kennedi Edney, LSU – Vault

2. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma – Bars

3. Kiana Winston, Alabama – Beam

4. Sarah Finnegan, LSU – Beam

5. Peng Peng Lee, UCLA – Bars

6. MyKayla Skinner, Utah – Floor

7. Kennedy Baker, Florida – Floor

8. Amelia Hundley, Florida – Bars

9. Chelsea Knight, NC State – Beam

10. Sabrina Garcia, Penn State – Bars


At 55:00. I know, “ugh effort,” but this way I’ve included more than just the famouses and SEC gymnasts so I can’t get in trouble.

11. Ashleigh Gnat, LSU – Floor

12. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma – Floor

13. Chayse Capps, Oklahoma – Floor


14. Maddie Karr, Denver – Vault (at 00:57)

15. Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma – Vault



16 thoughts on “Best Routine of Week 1 Poll”

  1. My personal preferences would be Peng Peng and Garcia for those super elegant lines on bars. Other ones might be more “perfect” and just as amazing, but I just enjoy watching those kinds of gymnasts so much.
    I think I’m starting to develop an obsession with Mikaela Gerber’s beam routine (and her beautiful smile) as well! She just looks so positive up there!

  2. Just want to say NastiaFan101 for president of the U.S.A. 🙂

    I liked Kiana Winston’s beam this week.

    Can I recommend narrowing down the “top routines” to vote on to the Top 8… It would be easier for people to actually watch them all and remember them and make your job a lot easier when linking and putting the videos up.

  3. I love so many of these!

    Sarah Finnegan for being perfection. I would like to see more interesting content to her routine, but she makes up for it with the beauty of execution. And that toe point!

    Chelsea Knight – I was super impressed with her on bars, beam, and floor. I must say I was loving her even before the attitude turn, but that sealed the deal.

    I love Chase Capps on floor. As always. Waiting for that DLO to see competition floor.

    Peng’s bars beacuse Bhardwaj and amazing.

    So exciting to see Brenna and Kennedi Edney stick their 1.5’s
    And Kianna sticking her double back dismount. Impressive. Loving her in general.

    Another highlight for me was Madison Preston’s vault. Her FTY has come a long way since last year from really good to wow. It’s all about the flare.

  4. I’m totally surprised that Preston’s stuck FTY isn’t on this list. That was the most perfect piece of gymnastics I saw this weekend. It deserved the perfect score of 9.95 and I would’ve voted for it. Instead, I voted for Skinner, because that routine was huge, historic, and undeniably strong.

  5. I adore Peng’s bars and can’t wait to see her nail it. I really hope they don’t downgrade her routine and that she gets a chance to perfect it! Also always love Gnat on floor and Kiana’s beam, but Edney got my vote. One of the truly perfect, joyful moments of opening weekend.

  6. So proud of McKayla Skinner. After seeing her routines from Rio (in their practice gym) and now at college, I really think she could have had even more of a standout elite career if she had had different coaching. Her floor is great here.

    1. I was thinking the same!
      I always liked MyKayla Skinner but now she’s even more gorgeous. I can imagine her going back to elite (Brenna-Style) though and hopefully killing it with that improved execution and maybe a little bit different mindset 🙂

      1. I hope she does. She got kinda “Martaed” as an elite but she is amazing. I would love her elite to end on a high note. No one has worked harder and received more of the shaft. Should have competed in RIO not alternate. Grumpy Gabby added nothing – not even a pleasant demeanor. Skinner would have been a great team-mate and added more point advantage. Not even that bad on Bars if they had to use her. Go SKINNER and have fun.

  7. I would have added Baely Rowe’s beam to this list. She rocked that beam set.

  8. I personally would like to vote for and throw some beads up for Baely Rowe’s beam routine (9.925). I understand, however, and agree with her ineligibility from this poll due to trite moon walking and unforgivable lip-syncing to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

  9. Chayse Capps on floor is literally magic. She gets my vote for everything ever.

  10. Loved Edney’s vault and her expression after she stuck it. Great.
    And Gnat is really a great performer, it’s so much fun to watch her…
    And Skinner and Peng… Both awesome.

  11. All are awesome and many will be left out every week but I’d love to commend ALL of the college gymnasts because they have beaten their bodies and given so much of their time to the sport to get to this point that I just want them all to feel the love!

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