Saturday Live Blog – January 14, 2017

Saturday, January 14 Scores Watch
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – North Carolina, Cornell, Penn @ [10] George Washington LINK
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [11] Michigan, Washington, Kent State @ [22] Ohio State LINK CSL $
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [18] Minnesota, Arizona, Alaska @ Maryland LINK BTN+
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – New Hampshire, Bridgeport @ Brown
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Eastern Michigan, Rutgers, Illinois-Chicago @ [24] Illinois LINK FREE
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Arizona State, TWU, Air Force @ [7] Denver LINK
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – That Ozone Thing (Illinois State, Temple, Centenary, UW-Eau Claire)

Follow along here for quick hits and commentary on Michigan, Washington, and Kent State’s visit to Ohio State.

In the early action, George Washington counted a fall on bars but still managed to salvage 195.225.

LIES. Artz was listed in the AA on the live scoring and then promptly removed after I mentioned it. How dare.

We’re underway with intros and anthems now.

In lineups, Osman is anchoring bars for Michigan. Definitely just had a panic attack that OSU was one of those schools that shows only its own team. I can’t remember the last time I live blogged an Ohio State home meet. I guess we’ll see. This could get interesting. And by interesting, I mean the opposite of that.

Well, we got to watch warmups and then the stream stopped. Great start, everyone.

So, it’s looking heavily “OSU only” so far. We’ll see if we get others after this vault rotation. They have multiple cameras here. Otherwise, this is going to be an old-fashioned score-watching live blog. Remember those?

This is so raggedy, but whatever. Follow along. Maybe we’ll just get on some detours and discussions. Merkle went on vault for OSU, quite a bit of piking on her full but a fairly controlled landing. Holfand followed with a stick. Piking and off direction, but sticks. I like that I wrote Hoffa. Having a Hoffa and a Hofland in a meet is too much for me.

Schaefer 9.750 for Washington on floor.

OSU’s first four vaults have been fulls. Not bad vaults, but each will get hit for body shape and distance compared to the best fulls, which will bring the scores down.

McLean’s original 9.425 on bars has been upgraded to 9.800. So good news?

As usual, Mattern is the highlight vault for Ohio State. 9.900.

Sounds like Polina hit for 9.825. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see it? I’m so glad we’re seeing Ohio State hug itself instead of other routines. This is well done.

So, this is a bit of a bust, but I’ll keep the blog going because why not? Illinois starts in about half and hour and we should be able to watch that. And there will be some scores to follow to have unfounded opinions about.

We’re seeing some floor! It’s a miracle! Yacalis with a very secure landing on a double tuck final pass. 9.775.

Ohio State goes 49.125 on vault, Michigan 48.950 on bars.

Burleson – FX – solid double pike, chest up – switch ring and L hop full, front leg low on the switch ring but the ring position looked fine – 1.5 to layout, a little arched around and a slide forward – 2.5 final pass with crossover step.

After 1: Ohio State 49.125, Michigan 48.950, Washington 48.700, Kent State 47.225

Kent State with three falls in six routines on beam.

Minnesota has two 8s in five routines so far on bars. That’s our Minnesota!

Michigan’s twitter is posting routines if you’re looking to find them.

Goings is doing exhibition on floor instead of competing, which means I won’t even have five floor scores in fantasy gym this week. I’M THE WINNER.

Goings’ opening pass is a shot of the scoreboard, a little low. Her second pass is also a shot of the scoreboard – STUCK. Final pass, goes for a shot of the scoreboard connected directly into shot of the scoreboard – falls into a black hole never to be seen again. OH NO! Can’t remember the last time I saw that in competition.

Minnesota 47.800 on bars. Maryland leads with 48.675 on vault. Arizona trying to drop a beam fall, one routine to go. Arizona counts all 9.6s and 9.7s but no fall on beam for 48.550.

Anyway, while there’s nothing interesting happening, let’s talk about how Amanda Wellick tore her Achilles and everything is terrible. She has Arkansas’ best routine on…all four events? At least three of them. It was going to be hard to Arkansas this season anyway, but things look quite bleak now.

Copiak is making her Washington debut leading off the vault rotation.

First Kent State floor worker has the Sex and the City music like she thinks she’s Emma Larsson. SO TOPICAL.

Aepli – UB – good handstands – leg break in shaposh – solid vertical on her bail – this routine has a ton of potential – a little splayed crazy legs on her tuck full with a step back. I like.

Second Kent State floor worker finishes double back, squatty but held the landing.

Funches with a piked jaeger to overshoot bars routine – pretty good finishing position on giant full, but too much cowboy on her double back out of it, significant hop back as well.

Monica Riley has a vault fall for 9.150. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU.

We haven’t seen any of Michigan’s beam yet but the first two scores are 9.400 and 9.200. Dear.

Harrison on bars has to recast on the low and improvise, which will break the score – step forward on double back dismount, also had some handstands and feet in there. The potential for good line but too many breaks.


48.500 vault rotation for Washington, led by 9.800 from Burleson.

Good amplitude on a Jaeger for OSU’s 5th on bars, Mattern – sticks tuck full dismount. Scores have been going high for OSU, and that was their best routine of the rotation so far.

Artz does beam after all. 9.800 and Marinez with 9.825.

Hofland – Pretty Jaeger, floppy legs on a bail, finishes with a double front, completed pretty early, step forward.

Karas 9.700 on beam.

Chairelli – BB – check on side aerial, leg up – and we cut away. WHAT FUN THIS BROADCAST IS.

Stypinski – FX – nice high double pike second pass – good split full, hits her 180. Switch and split full dance series, also well hit – 2.5 to layout, good rise on the layout, bounces forward but stays in.

Swear they just said Abby Milliet was doing beam exhibition for Michigan? Not sure which one this is, but she fell on a loso before we cut away to OSU replays again. Maybe he said Emma McLean?

Alright, Illinois’s broadcast is about to begin, so let’s see if we have better luck.

Minnesota went 49.025 on beam, so that’s better. 9.875s from Rahon and Gardner. Farina leads Maryland on bars with 9.850. But counting 8.875 as well for 48.025.

Burleson’s 9.800 on vault.

Still waiting on the Illinois stream. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s a 48.550 for Michigan on beam. My my.

Meanwhile, the totals say Arizona had only five people go on floor and is still winning this meet with 96.975. Eek?

When your meet is about to start and your live scores are literally called “Scoreboard Test 2.” Banner day.

Riley starts bars for Washington with 9.775.

Amanda Huang, the Alabama transplant, competes! She opened beam, hop forward on 1.5 dismount – 9.600. Was that a 2.5 dismount Jamie Stone went for on beam? Steps, but rare to see.

Paige Zaziski’s Michigan nightmare continues. 8.375 to open floor.

Hofland – BB – pretty loso series, good extension – beat jump to bhs 1/1, large break, somehow stays on but a maybe body-flinging deduction – gainer tuck full dismount off the end of the beam, original, also insane looking.

Broadcast of Illinois is starting. IT’S A VERITABLE FOUR-RING CIRCUS, Bart would say. It doesn’t look auspicious as to our chances of seeing other teams either. Pull yourselves together, Big 10. Also the live scores are still “scoreboard test” –

Lyons – Illinois – VT – full with a deep landing, hops back. Not much distance. Or as the PA announcer told us, “STUCK DISMOUNT” –

Better height on the next full from Illinois, Buchanan, but also more piking in the air and a bigger lunge backward.

Nice to see Horth back. Similar to Balthazor, but less piking and more control on the landing.

Leduc – VT – very pretty full, good height, best position, an actual stick this time, will get hit for squatting a bit to get the stick and for distance, but a very good vault that should get a real score. A deserved 9.850 for that one.

Buchanan – VT – now, not before – good distance on a full but more ragged legs than Leduc and a hop back.

Michigan surviving floor it seems. 9.850 from Karas and 9.875 from Chiarelli with just Artz remaining.

Copiak got a 0.000 on bars for Washington? Details?

9.950 for Artz on floor, Michigan can drop Zaziski, still counts the 9.625 from Osman, but a 49.125 total is better.

Unclear what the deal is for Washington, but the scores still say Copiak has a zero on bars, and we have nothing from Burleson. Nothing from UW’s twitter yet. Washington is warming up beam now, so…they’re still int he building?

Illinois leads with 48.825 on vault. EMU with 48.675 on beam, Rutgers 47.925 on bars.

We finally get a score from Burleson, 9.775, so Washington does have 5 counting bars scores. Phew. Worried about that Copiak 0.000 though.

Yeouch. A three-fall 47.500 for Maryland on beam.

Polina vaults a 9.800. Malone on floor for OSU, nice chest-up double pike – front lay to front full is ragged, but no major landing errors. Steps OOB on a double tuck.

Karas leads Michigan’s vault scores with 9.900. Counting a 9.700 from Osman though after a 9.675 from Zaziski. Zaziski has had a rough first two meets.

Michigan final score 195.725.

Minnesota final score 194.875.

Lots of Yeouch situations today. Gabby Laub 6.950 on bars for Arizona.

Karas back to vaulting the 1.5

The lean got her.

Really nice opening bars set for Illinois from Lyons – piked jaeger, solid handstands, and a stuck DLO, just with staggered legs. 9.775.

Dwyer – Illinois – UB – falres her arms on her piked jaeger – me like – overshoot – solid hs – late on giant 1/1 directly into double tuck with hop. Wish we saw fewer of these non-handstand overshoots (I just don’t like that skill and don’t think it looks particularly good on anyone), but another clean routine. 9.775.

9.925 on beam for Goings for Washington. That’s more like it.

Balthazor on bars, similar finish to Dwyer with a  late giant 1/1 into a high double pike, but Balthazor stuck hers, just with a bend and a lean.

4th for Illinois – Good piked jaeger, pretty legs on the pak, very nice final hs – also late on giant 1/1 with a leg break – double tuck flown out 700 feet but a hop forward. 9.750. Got hit for the dismount but otherwise hers was the best one. This was Howell.

Horth – UB – Shaps 1/2 is well done – piked gienger is ridiculously gigantic – precise final cast – tuck full dismount with a stuck landing, just a stagger of the legs to stick it. That will score well. 9.875.

Leduc – UB – good finish on giant 1/1, best position so far – solid casts – crazy legs on her pak, which will take down the score – cast handstands are lovely – flung out double tuck dismount with a lunge forward. The foundation is there, but that pak just kills me.

Final: Minnesota 194.875, Arizona 193.225, Maryland 192.350, Alaska 188.175

Arizona had to count an 8.4 from Cindric after the 6.950 from Laub.

Final: Ohio State 195.800, Michigan 195.725, Washington 195.125, Kent State 192.975

Washington with a big beam 49.175 but couldn’t dig out of the other events. Michigan counts a 9.400 on beam.

Stypinski wins AA with 39.400.

Still a couple more rotations of Illinois, but that’ll do for the live blogging today. When you only get to watch one team and then bits and pieces of others at the ends of rotations, it gets a little blah. I’ll obviously be back for UCLA/Oklahoma tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed the most pitiful live blog.


36 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – January 14, 2017”

  1. I was at the GW meet. Actually my first time seeing a gymnastics meet. GW was amazing on beam. UNC had a lot of potential and good form but just didn’t hit floor and beam. Too many falls, but most of them of freshman and it’s just first meet jitters. Cornell had a nice floor rotation and Penn was pretty on beam.

  2. This website kind of sucks. I’ve seen the same commercial like 8 times, then OSU warming up ONLY, then it stopped working. Not cool.

  3. I’m at the OSU meet – first rotation is on. Fall from 1st Kent state beam routine for a 9.2. Other than that, ranging in the 9.7s / 9.8s, only 1 9.9. OSUs later lineup vaultings are STOMPING the landings. Another fall from Kent state on beam just now.

  4. Hahaha love the stream showing the scoreboard rather than actual routines. Now just an empty vault.

  5. Glad I decided not to buy the subscription to see the meet. I wish quad meets always operated like dual meets where the routines go one after the other instead of simultaneously (the Big 12 Championships did that, and it was so much more interesting to watch). I know it would make the meet take longer, and that would not be ideal for TV, but I don’t really care. I just want to see all the routines!

  6. I get that it’s NCAA and all but Washingtons floor music makes me feel like I’m in a nightmare of some club. Keep looking around for bros with really unoriginal tattoos and unnatural tans to take over with fist pumping.

  7. Anyone have any word why Brianna Brown isn’t competing today? I mean I assume she isn’t because they didn’t use her on bars, and she wasn’t in the team selfie they took before the meet

  8. Michigan and UW are posting clips via twitter that give more coverage than the feed.

  9. Anyone know what happened to Felix-Terrazas of Arizona? She has 0.0 on floor.

    1. I saw on Twitter that she took a bad fall on her full-in. Tweet speculated right Achilles, but I don’t know that for sure.

      1. I was at the meet, she went for her tumbling pass and something about her ankle just gave way on take off. She landed and was in a ball on the floor clutching her ankle for a while before being carried off. After the meet I overheard some people saying it doesn’t seem to be the achilles after all but is probably broken.

  10. Also, has there been any word about whether the ice storm will impact the OU-UCLA meet tomorrow? I’m a little concerned that B, Mother Nature, will interrupt my Sunday gymnastics viewing.

  11. Yikes…Gabby Laub (AZ) scored a 6.95 on bars. Not shown on the broadcast, so no idea what happened.

    1. I love rivalry meets. I think they always bring out the best in teams, especially the underdog. Great job for Ohio State and I suspect the win means a lot to this team.

      1. So true! Being from Ohio myself I just hoped for the best, but they really brought their best today!

  12. Was at the OSU meet. Copiak fell on her Church (first skill) and injured herself. Very sad…

  13. Ohio State is horrendous at live streaming, even for its own team. Just shows the ohio state routines, and no one else…will show a blank wall versus some other team’s routines. They should look at how Utah St just covered their tri meet and showed all the routines…and for free!

    And on a gymnastics note, Bev , please take Zaziski out of the AA before she becomes a head case…she’s a good gymnast but obviously struggling.

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