Best Routine of Week 4 Poll

Congratulations to our week 3 champion, Nicole Artz’s first career 10.000 on floor, which eked out the victory over Wynter Childers’ beam in second and MyKayla Skinner’s vault in third.

Week 1 Skinner, FX Edney, VT Nichols, UB
Week 2 Ward, VT PP Lee, BB Hambrick, FX
Week 3 Artz, FX Childers, BB Skinner, VT
Week 4

Who will take the title for week 4? I’m limiting to 10 nominees this week to see if that’s slightly more manageable.

1. Elizabeth Price, Stanford – Bars (9.925)

2. Kennedy Baker, Florida – Floor (10.000)

3. Skyler Sheppard, Arizona – Beam (9.925)

4. Alex McMurtry, Florida – Vault (9.950)

5. Kyla Ross, UCLA – Bars (10.000)

6. Kennedi Edney, LSU – Floor (9.925)

7. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma – Vault (9.950)

8. Olivia Karas, Michigan – Vault (9.975)

9. Peng Peng Lee, UCLA – Bars (9.950)

10. Zaakira Muhammad, West Virginia – Vault (9.900)

Time to vote!





29 thoughts on “Best Routine of Week 4 Poll”

  1. OH goodness!!! there are too many good ones to choose from! I need a ranking poll…LOL

  2. I went with Baker’s floor, but I could have just as easily picked Ross’ bars or McMurtry’s vault (how did that not get a ten !?). Or even Edney’s floor or Nichols’ vault or…GAHH so many great routines this week!

  3. I voted for McMurtry’s vault because I think I will remember her DTY for the rest of my life. It’s just so good and I would’ve given that a 10 any day of the week.

    My other faves – Peng’s bars because that has to be the most impressive routine I’ve ever seen in NCAA. Also the form on Maggie’s 1.5TY is to die for.

    I don’t disagree with Kyla scoring a 10 (her execution is amazing), but I’m disappointed that she doesn’t do a same-bar release. That just kills it for me and it was a 10.0 without any WOW in my opinion.

    1. I voted for Bakers’ floor, but McMurtry’s vault and Peng’s bars were both in the running for the top spot, too. Was hard to decide. I would’ve given McMurtry a 10, but I did see her legs cross on the second twist so that is what they must’ve deducted her for.

      Totally agree with you on Kyla’s routine. No WOW factor. Simply boring.

    2. I agree about Kyla’s bars…her routine was beautiful but it’s hard to get excited about it after watching Ebee and Peng

  4. I’m stuck between Edney and Sheppard! Argh! Kyla’s routine was a beaut as well, that last handstand!

  5. McMurtry gets my vote! She comes out of that DTY with such ease; it’s impressive.

    I don’t understand why we are ignoring the fact that Baker’s first pass is neither a piked or laid out position, it’s just a bad position. It either needs to be laid out or piked….it can’t just be ambiguous.

    1. It’s piked. It’s just a more laid out pike than many others. I don’t think it’s a bad position and I’ve never heard anyone claim it was until now.

      1. But it’s not a gymnastic flipping position….there should be a deduction for it.
        “A more laid out pike?”……the Dos Santos is laid out, not a “more laid out pike.”

        We’re just turning a blind-eye to it because no

    2. I think the fact that she keeps it an open pike is to showcase her power and imo makes it more impressive

  6. I voted for Sheppard. She’s lesser known and that routine stood out to me watching that meet. But I also could have gone with Peng’s UB, McMurtry’s DTY, or Baker’s floor. Maggie and Olivia’s 1 1/2’s were great too.

  7. Tough between Kyla, Peng Peng, and Alex. Three phenomenal routines. Went with Peng because the Bhardwaj and shap half are just so GORGEOUS.

  8. Wouldn’t have given a 10 to Kyla after that leg break on her transition from low to high. Pretty clean overall but not a 10 for me.
    Alex’s vault was AMAZING! Just a bit deep on the landing but could totally oversee it. I think the difference was probably the lineup order. McMurtry has my vote!

  9. I voted McMurtry. That DTY is a work of art. I never get sick of watching it. Kyla was clean, but no wow factor, and that little leg sep means it’s not quite up there for me. Baker has done better floor routines before. It’s one of those instances where I think they probably do deserve 10s for some of their routines but not these ones. (I feel the same way about Nichols’ 10 on vault, this week’s one was clearly better than that yet that got a 10 and this.. not.)

  10. Kind of pisses me off that Ashleigh Gnat gets 10’s every other week for her DTY. McMurtry’s is much better and cleaner, yet no 10’s so far.

  11. This week was so hard to pick! I chose Baker, but Peng & Edney were close behind, & all the vaults were close behind them!! A lot of great individual performances this past weekend, despite many teams not being able to put a full meet together.

    I agree with everyone’s comments about Kyla’s UB routine — while I LOVE Kyla to no end (& love that she seems so happy at UCLA)& of course the routine was done beautifully, but there is no “wow factor”, it’s a bit slow and boring, & I hate that a sane bar release is not required. If she adds one I will like her routine much more. I still love her double layout though!

    Also, Karas’s facial expressions & her obvious excitement at all times RULES! 🤗

  12. Tough choice with so many great routines! It came down to Peng Peng’s bars vs. McMurtry’s vault. I had to go with Peng Peng because that routine is just gorgeous and HARD and she absolutely killed it. Gotta love McMurtry’s flare on the DTY though.

  13. So hard,so hard!
    I would just like to remind the commentators that all gymnasts have a personality….

    1. Seriously. They are referring to whether a gymnast has a bubbly, smiley, expressive performers on floor. Fine. But that does not equate to personality. A more subdued performance is just that – not a lack of personality. I loved that moment where Kelly Garrison was saying Ali Jackson needed to smile more to show her personality, and Bart Conner comes back at her saying she nailed the character she is embodying, and it’s just a more serious one.

  14. From the angle above, McMurtry’s DTY wasn’t stuck. (Although it’s stunning and that’s from someone who isn’t a huge fan of her gymnastics in general.) I’m not ever going to be an advocate for, “Well, it was almost stuck and it’s super hard, so let’s go 10 anyway”. 9.95 was the appropriate score. (Although I’d be all for giving NCAA judges the ability to take quarter tenths, in which case this would be a 9.975 for me.) with that said, it’s at least as stuck as Gnat’s 10.0s have been, and has better form, so I do agree that she should score higher than Ashleigh. But the solution isn’t giving Alex a 10, it’s giving Ashleigh a 9.9.

    1. Agreed. Especially re: judges being able to take quarter tenth deductions. If the judges are going to bunch so many routines up above 9.9, they need to be able to distinguish one from another. I can imagine judging McMurtry’s vault and being like “I think she should get a 9.975, so I’ll throw a 10 and hope the other judge gives her the 9.95.”

      That said, I voted for McMurtry, because that is one of the best DTYs I have ever seen in elite or NCAA.
      It was a hard one. Close seconds were Price and Peng’s bars. They both bring the wow in routine composition and the execution. Sheppard impressed on beam under pressure, and I love Baker and Edney’s floors as always. Nichols and Artz’s vaults were both gorgeous, with actual sticks and perfect form, but due to difficulty, I have to go with McMurtry.
      I was absolutely thrilled to see Kyla receive a 10, and agree with others here that due to lack of wow, it is not the best for me. But she gets my sentimental award for the week, and I hope to see her build a more difficult routine as she gets into the swing of this new phase of her gym career.

  15. Re: McMurtry’s vault, I tend to agree with Jess from Gymcastic and think that a 10 does not [have to] mean perfect. Rather, it could just mean that they’ve earned the “maximum score.” Sure, you could deduct for the slightly crossed legs or the tiny adjustment of the foot (it wasn’t even a hop), but I would have been fine giving that the “maximum score” of the 10 – it could be the best vault we see all year.

    1. Oh, and I TOTALLY agree about judging in quarter tenths. It would allow so much separation, especially once scores are averaged. It seems like a no-brainer actually.

  16. And, Spencer, I LOVE the pic you used of Alicia hugging Kennedy after her 10. That love bomb was up there as my favorite moment from last week.

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