Best Routine of Week 5 Poll

Congratulations to the week 4 champion, Kyla Ross’s 10.000 on bars, which strolled to victory ahead of Alex McMurtry’s DTY in second and Peng-Peng Lee’s bars in third. I hope you’re pleased with yourselves because Ross falling on bars this week is 100% your fault. Lee joins Skinner as the only two gymnasts to have finished in the top three twice this year, both on two separate events.

Week 1 Skinner, FX Edney, VT Nichols, UB
Week 2 Ward, VT PP Lee, BB Hambrick, FX
Week 3 Artz, FX Childers, BB Skinner, VT
Week 4 Ross, UB McMurtry, VT PP Lee, UB
Week 5

It’s time to decide who is a high queen in her blood for week 5!

1. Myia Hambrick, LSU – Vault (9.950)

2. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma – Beam (10.000)

3. Elizabeth Price, Stanford – Bars (9.950)

4. Maddie Gardiner, Oregon State – Beam (9.950)

5. Kiana Winston, Alabama – Floor (10.000)

6. Lizzy Leduc, Illinois – Beam (9.950)

7. Ashleigh Gnat, LSU – Vault (9.950)

8. Kyla Ross, UCLA – Beam (9.975)

9. Britney Ward, Missouri – Vault (9.925)

10. Talia Chiarelli, Michigan – Floor (9.975)

29 thoughts on “Best Routine of Week 5 Poll”

  1. Clearly the best routine was “Kiana tries to balance a cup of water while celebrating her perfect 10”

  2. I’ll never be able to vote for a bars routine with a double layout dismount, no matter how perfect it is.

  3. How come you don’t have Madison Kocian’s floor on the list? I thought that was great this week.

  4. Definitely not Nichols. Too many little wobbles and form issues. Overscored as hell.

  5. Where’s Finnegan’s beam?? She got a 9.95 for a gorgeous routine. Also agree re: Kocian’s floor.

    I went with Hambrick’s vault, would’ve given it a 10. Certainly better than Nichols’ 10 for the Y1.5 IMO.

  6. I chose Ebee because I think it should’ve been a ten. Not on this list, but my second favorite would be Madison Kocian’s floor

  7. Went with Hambrick’s vault, with Ebee’s bars and Gardiner’s beam making it a tough choice.

  8. I really don’t understand why Hambrick and Ward didn’t get 10s. Where the heck were the errors? (I’d also have given Chiarelli a 10, FWIW.)

    1. I agree with Hambrick and Ward, but there is something about the bhs in Chiarelli’s first and last passes doesn’t look right. Like her legs are too far apart on take-off and her arms are also far apart and bent? I can’t quite tell, but it doesn’t look perfect to me. I like 9.95 for that routine

  9. Lizzy LeDuc’s beam as I already stated. I can’t believe she is nearly in last place. That’s a difficult beam routine done flawlessly and with sass. Gardner, Nichols, Winston, Hambrick, and Price were great too.

  10. I’m a little confused on why Madeleine Gardiner is winning by so much? I mean I’m fine with her in first but it’s 67 to 203 right now…? What?

  11. This week I voted for Ward, for her cumulative greatness performing that vault this season. Ebee is in the same category for her bars.
    Loved Hambrick’s vault as well. She really does have such great technique in the air that when she drops down and sticks it looks effortless. On all events. Also – that is what perfect vault form looks like.
    Gardiner’s beam was up there, too. I can forgive a wolf turn when it is dropped down into a split with such control. Gorgeous.

  12. I voted or Hambrick but I loved Ebee’s bars. Both routines should have been a 10. Not sure what the judges were looking at.

  13. I just couldn’t vote for Gardiner’s beam, it had a wolf turn AND a side somi. Sorry, I just can’t.

  14. am I the only gymnerd who actually likes side somis? I don’t get the stigma…they’re cool looking

    1. I think you are. Most of us find them to be ugly. I’d rather see a side aerial any day.

    2. Yeah I’m fine with them also! Some are beautiful, some are ugly… Like literally every other skill in the world.

  15. I think something is wrong with the way how you can only vote one time per person. I couldn’t imagine how Ward and Winston got more than 60 votes in the last few hours; Nichols and Price only got about 5ish?
    Seems suspicious to me, but I’ no expert how this works 😀
    I really like how Gardiner is way up in first, I think she deserves it; but it just doesn’t seem realistic since there is not one comment on how someone voted for her (?)

    1. I voted Gardiner! It was between her and Leduc for me. But all the beam routines on the list this week are just lovely. Actually it was really hard to pick cos Ebee’s bars and Myia’s and Ward’s vault… Everyone is just too good.

  16. Maybe her University tweeted about it or it was in the school newspaper. I like Gardiner.

  17. For those with a more judicious eye than myself, can someone find the flaws for me in EB’s bar routine and Hambrick’s vault? That’s the 2nd time, EB was given a 9.95. Is it more than just “crack smokin’ judges?” I can speculate about possibilities but they all sound silly. I don’t understand Hambrick either, did it not have enough flight or distance? BTW, all of these routines are AMAZING…

  18. Dude – Ashley Gnat’s stuck DTY was sick how is she in last place?! She drops out of the sky and has like one million seconds to prepare for landing!

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