Best Routine of Week 9 Poll

Congratulations to our week 8 champion, Alex McMurtry’s floor, which used a boost from Team Florida to run away with the title ahead of Hallie Mossett’s floor in second. In an upset, Nicole Lehrmann’s bars 10 outpaced McKenzie Wofford’s bars 10 for the third position by a mere 9 votes.

ROUTINE of the WEEK 1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Skinner, FX Edney, VT Nichols, UB
Week 2 Ward, VT PP Lee, BB Hambrick, FX
Week 3 Artz, FX Childers, BB Skinner, VT
Week 4 Ross, UB McMurtry, VT PP Lee, UB
Week 5 Gardiner, BB Ward, VT Winston, FX
Week 6 PP Lee, UB Slocum, VT Jackson, FX
Week 7 Ross, BB Price, UB Guerrero, BB
Week 8 McMurtry, FX Mossett, FX Lehrmann, UB
Week 9

On to week 9! A week marked by at least one 10 on every event, twelve scores of 9.975 or higher, and thirty-seven scores of 9.950 or higher. Thirty-seven.

1. Ashleigh Gnat, LSU – Vault (10.000)

2. Alex McMurtry, Florida – Vault (10.000)

3. Erika Aufiero, Oregon State – Bars (9.975)

4. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma – Bars (10.000)

LINK – 26:05

5. Kendall Valentin, Eastern Michigan – Bars (9.950)

6. Erin Macadaeg, LSU – Beam (9.950)

7. Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA – Beam (10.000)

8. Chayse Capps, Oklahoma – Beam (10.000)

9. MyKayla Skinner, Utah – Floor (10.000)

10. Nicola Deans, Michigan State – Floor (9.950)

24 thoughts on “Best Routine of Week 9 Poll”

  1. I had like 3 people I wanted to vote for!!! But as much as I LOVE Macadaeg and Nichols, I went for McMurtry’s vault. The reason being is because I have honestly never seen a better DTY in NCAA or elite than the one that she did. Like it was the single best DTY in gymnastics lol.

  2. Can they please move Erin M back in the lineup before she graduates so she can get a damn 10?

    1. Yes!
      I think they will keep her in that critical lead off role for post season, and then next year, with Gnat graduated, she will step into anchor. Which, I think would leave Edney as my top choice for lead off.

    1. The crowd sits on the other side where it is closer to the action. The camera person had their back to the stands.

    1. Haha! That would be for an entirely different poll – like best save, or “most NCAA attempt at cover up”, or most amusing. Maybe we could have a whole season poll for something along those lines, Spencer?

  3. Nichols is the most under-rated gymnast in these best routine polls. Not to say I voted for her, but, still, kinda surprising. Do y’all not vote for her because she already has the scores and the ranking, or what?

    Macadeg for me this week. Again, for her cumulative greatness on beam and hitting this week perfectly.

    1. I think for me it’s the fact that while all of her routines are really really good, there is often one routine in a given week that stands out to me more than any of hers. For instance this week, while Nichols was really great on bars, Macadaeg and McMurtry just stood out more to me. There was just something about Macadaeg’s beam and McMurtry’s vault that had me saying: “Wow!” a little more than Nichols on bars. I think that the problem for Nichols is that this poll is about just the single best routine and not the gymnast who had the best overall performance. If it were gymnast of the week, I would have voted for Nichols many times this season. For some reason, though, while she consistently puts together an AA that is truly spectacular with 4 really high quality routines, there is often one routine across the rest of NCAA that stood out to me a bit more than any of her individual routines. This is just my own personal taste, though.

      1. This totally makes sense.
        For me, bars is Maggie’s wowiest event.
        And, I think the fact that she hits near-perfectly almost every time makes us expect it, whereas with other gymnasts, it’s more surprising, therefore more exciting to see them hit and stick.

      2. @Robin I totally agree that we sort of expect if from Nichols as opposed to others, and that might make us a little more excited about routines from other gymnasts compared to Nichols. I also thank you for listening to my opinion on this matter. It seems things have gotten a bit tense amongst the fans of NCAA gymnastics (I’m not just talking about this site, things have gotten pretty testy on other sites and social media as well), and I really appreciate your consideration of my opinion. Here’s to a couple more months of admiring beautiful gymnastics across the country and appreciating the efforts of all NCAA gymnasts!

    2. For me, Nichols is an incredible gymnast, a great role model, and obviously perfect or almost perfect most of the time.
      But I just don’t enjoy watching her (or in fact, most of OU’s gymnasts) as much as I do watching others. Can’t really put the finger on what it is, some kind of glamour 😉

      1. I understand what you are trying to say GiGi. Oklahoma has great technique on their skills and are the most polished team, but I feel they lack personality and enthusiasm.The are almost like robots in their approach to gymnastics. Technically sound, but lacking that “wow” factor.

      2. I highly highly agree. The other top gymnasts all have a wow factor, double y vaults, triple twists, double double on floor, interesting and difficult bar skills, etc. OU plays it really safe and its getting boring

    1. As did I! The front aerial to scale and “oops I fell actually it’s just choreography” middle split are just my favorite! Not to mention it being overall gorgeous.

      I also was tempted to vote for Macadaeg just because of the flexed foot kick-thing in her choreo. Such a lovely touch to another perfect routine!

  4. Erika nailed her bar routine! She deserves a perfect score all the way around. Beautiful!

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