Screencap Recap: Koper Challenge Cup



8 thoughts on “Screencap Recap: Koper Challenge Cup”

    1. I think she’s fine. She didn’t cry or show any signs that she was extremely hurt. Plus she wasn’t carried out of the arena and was sitting down taking tape off and what not after she got off the podiums. At worst MAYBE a fracture, but it didn’t look season ending.

  1. I should remember not to read your blog at work – snorting out loud at my desk may give away that I’m not diligently slaving away… I love these screencap recaps SO much. And your whole blog.

    1. Seriously!! I’m having trouble remembering any other time where I watched an elite fall off the beam literally while walking.

  2. I don’t think you can compare Aly falling on a split jump that was attempted to be connected from a back handspring layout to Flavia’s fall on something that wasn’t even an element in the routine.

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