U.S. Classic Roster Notes

USAG has released the roster for the 2017 U.S. “Don’t Call Me Secret” Classic.

It’s. Happening. Soon.

Get. Ready.

Use. Only. One. Word. Per. Sentence.

The roster doesn’t contain too many surprises, but there are a couple things worth noting.

Let’s break it down, particularly for the characters with whom we might be unfamiliar.

2017 U.S. Classic – seniors
Shania Adams,
Elena Arenas,
Georgia Elite
  • 53.150 at American Classic
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Luisa Blanco,
  • 53.900 at May national qualifier
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Jade Carey,
  • 42.800 3-event score at American Classic
  • No one has seen her routines since JO and yet she’s definitely a 20-time Olympic medalist
  • 5.6 D on VT, BB, FX
Jordan Chiles,
  • Senior national team
  • 3rd at July camp verification
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Leah Clapper,
Gym America
Frida Esparza,
Head Over Heels
  • 51.850 at February national qualifier
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Marz Frazier,
  • 54.900 at May elite qualifier
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati
  • Back to Cincinnati
  • Last competed in 2016
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Morgan Hurd,
First State
  • Senior national team
  • 53.900 at Jesolo
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf,
Brandy Johnson’s
  • 54.150 in Raykjavik
  • UB, BB, FX
  • Is Ashton Locklear
Laney Madsen,
  • Is that one we always hear about who was a cheerleader first and then sometimes there are training videos
MG Elite
Victoria Nguyen,
  • Senior national team
  • 54.550 at Jesolo
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
  • Joining Georgia for 2018 competition season but still competing elite this summer
Abby Paulson,
Twin City
  • Senior national team
  • 55.800 at Jesolo
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
  • Senior national team
  • 54.500 at Jesolo
  • 2nd at July camp verification
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Ragan Smith,
Texas Dreams
  • Is Ragan Smith
Deanne Soza,
Texas Dreams
  • 39.050 3-event score at July national qualifier
  • VT, UB, BB, FX
Kalyany Steele,
Colorado Aerials
Trinity Thomas,
Abi Walker,
Texas Dreams
  • 51.700 at American Classic
  • Previous comp was 2015
  • VT, UB, BB, FX

None of the major players are skipping Classic this year (they don’t do that much these days, anyway). Typically, however, most of the cools kids only show up to do bars and beam because, like, they don’t need your broke-ass Classic in their lives. But this year is such a wide-open season that we may not see one- and two-event performances from as many people as usual. Very few worlds/national team positions look guaranteed or inevitable.

Ragan Smith probably has the luxury of only doing a couple pieces, and Riley McCusker may be taking it slowly after not being in the full camp swing these last couple months, but most people still have AA competitiveness to prove and need to take this opportunity.

The few gymnasts missing here who have attended national camps at some point in 2017 include Jazzy Foberg, Lexy Ramler, and Emily Schild—all of whom are starting NCAA this year and are more or less done with elite. Christina Desiderio is also not here, lending credence to the idea that she’s ready to move on to LSU. Olivia Trautman went to one camp in January but hasn’t been heard from since.

Also, prepare your definitely-not-surprised tears because Norah Flatley is not on the roster. We haven’t seen Flatley compete in so, so long, but she had been attending all camps this year up until the most recent July camp, where she did not appear.

As is typical for the junior roster at Classic (especially in the first year of a quad), there are a lot of “Who?” names that we may or may not ever hear again. We’ll wait until we have to learn them. We are missing a big name in Gabby Perea, though, who also did not appear at the July camp. Her record for the best AA score of 2017 may be on the line these next couple months. Tori Tatum is the other noteworthy name missing from the juniors. She competed at American Classic and was on the roster for the July camp but did not appear in Rhonda’s picture, leading to a lot of tweeting and tumblring because of gymternet and OMG and such.

2017 U.S. Classic – juniors
 Ciena Alipio, West Valley  52.150 at February-2 qualifier (2nd)
 Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams  50.700 at July qualifier (7th)
 Annie Beard, Texas Dreams  53.500 at American Classic (3rd)
 Nikki Beckwith, Buckeye  50.250 at March qualifier (8th)
 Love Birt, First State  50.500 at American Classic (19th)
 Cael Bixler, Prestige  51.350 at May qualifier (8th)
 Jordan Bowers, Solid Rock  51.650 at American Classic (14th)
 Corinne Bunagan, ENA  50.600 at May qualifier (9th)
 Brooke Butler, Midwest  50.500 at February-1 qualifier (10th)
 Audrey Davis, WOGA  52.900 at American Classic (4th)
 Kayla DiCello, Hill’s  52.850 at American Calssic (5th)
 Olivia Dunne, ENA  53.500 at Jesolo (6th)
 Kara Eaker, GAGE  53.200 at May qualifier (3rd)
 Addison Fatta, Prestige  52.200 at May qualifier (4th)
 Gabby Gallentine, Everest  50.550 at March qualifier (5th)
 Anapaula Gutierrez, TIGAR  51.900 at July qualifier (1st)
Jimena Gutierrez, TIGAR  50.400 at May qualifier (10th)
 Hannah Hagle, Texas East  50.350 at July qualifier (3rd)
 Maeve Hahn, First in Flight  52.100 at March qualifier (2nd)
 Selena Harris, Gymcats  51.750 at February-1 qualifier (4th)
 Olivia Hollingsworth, Stars  51.700 at American Classic (13th)
 Kaytlyn Johnson, Denton  50.700 at February-1 qualifier (9th)
 Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s  52.450 at American Classic (8th)
 Shilese Jones, Buckeye  52.350 at American Classic (10th)
 Carina Jordan, Pratville  50.050 at February-2 qualifier (3rd)
 Adeline Kenlin, IGN  55.900 at Jesolo (4th)
 Sydney Kho, Winner’s  50.000 at March qualifier (10th)
 Ellie Lazzari, Gym Nasti  54.800 at May qualifier (1st)
 Emily Lee, West Valley
 Sunisa Lee, Midwest  50.201 at Gymnix (14th)
 Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati  51.850 at American Classic (12th)
 Lauren Little, Everest  6 national team camps this year
 Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams  56.700 at Jesolo (3rd)
 Jay Jay Marshall, TIGAR  3 national team camps this year
 Grace McCallum, Twin City  52.650 at American Classic (7th)
 Konnor McClain, Revolution  52.900 at February-1 qualifier (1st)
 Deiah-Marie Moody, WOGA  50.050 at July qualifier (4th)
 Jacqueline Moran, San Mateo  54.000 at May qualifier (2nd)
 Brenna Neault, Precision  50.200 at March qualifier (9th)
 Tienna Nguyen, Zenith  50.950 at March qualifier (4th)
 Maile O’Keefe, Salcianu  57.300 at Jesolo (2nd)
 Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s  54.000 at American Classic (2nd)
 Sienna Robinson, Brown’s  50.800 at American Classic (17th)
 Abigail Scanlon, Capital  51.600 at February-1 qualifier (6th)
 JaFree Scott, GAGE  50.950 at American Classic (16th)
 Brooke Siter, North Stars  50.000 at March qualifier (10th)
Victoria Smirnov, Shooting Stars 50.600 at American Classic (18th)
Morgan Trevor, WOGA 50.100 at May qualifier (12th)
Madelyn Williams, San Mateo 52.400 at American Classic (9th)
Leanne Wong, GAGE 54.500 at American Classic (1st)

Every single time Jay Jay Marshall’s name appears on a roster, she has a different nickname. Sometimes it’s Jaymes, sometimes it’s Jay, sometimes it’s JJ, sometimes it’s Jay Jay. I’m obsessed. Having a different name every meet is next level.

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    1. Norah announced retirement from elite. She’s dropping down to level 10 and will be at UCLA starting at the 2018-2019 season.

    “Is Ragan Smith”
    “Is Riley McCusker”
    “IS Ashton Locklear”
    My fave post.
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