U.S. Classic Podium Training

The videos are here! The videos are here!

First, we have a bit of Jordan Chiles on bars, showing toe full + Gienger piked (D+D, 0.1 CV) and a full-twisting double tuck dismount (D). That was all part of her old routine as well.

Here is Sunisa Lee on bars. We see an attempt at the Nabieva + Pak + Maloney + Gienger combination (G + D + D + D, 0.5 CV) with a break to add a toe-on in between.

Intended routine:
Nabieva (G) + Pak (D) + Maloney (D) + Gienger piked (D) = 0.5 CV
Stalder 1/2 (C) + Jaeger piked (E)
Cast 1/2
Toe full (D) + Tuck full (D) = 0.1 CV

5.8 D score

Ashton Locklear has not yet added back her inbar elements. A bars spot will be in play until she does. Then it probably won’t.

Word from Lauren  is that McCusker had a bit of an American Cup of a podium training set, but here’s a bit of a couple hit elements on bars.

She confirms she won’t be competing AA here. “I know I’m definitely not ready for this competition.” 10 honesty points.

Really did just get back to training. So…why are you even competing here?

Ragan Smith is connecting her Ricna to Pak now for 0.2 more CV on bars. She also says she’s adding a Downie. So this just got interesting.

Hard to say what her D will be for that routine since we don’t know where the Downie is going in/what it’s replacing, but her earlier routine was 5.6, so if she’s adding this CV and the Downie, she’ll be in the very high 5s at least.

“I’ve adopted some of her habits like going to sleep early.”

She shoots out of a cannon on that toe Shap 1/2.

Smith on beam is still doing that layout that gets credit -3% of the time. (VERY few layouts get full E credit these days, and it’s a risky skill to include because of that.) The front tuck has also become a front pike for an extra tenth, and she has added a straddle 1/2 from side position, which is a D element when done from the side. GIRL BROUGHT SOME UPGRADES. This should get her into the 6s.

Smith and McCusker will not be doing the AA. It appears Hurd won’t do bars. This AA is OPEN to be won.

If O’Keefe were to connect this whole thing she’s looking at something close to 5.8.

Gabby Perea on bars:

Here she doesn’t connect the Pak to the Shap 1/2, which will be her intention at some point.

10 thoughts on “U.S. Classic Podium Training”

  1. Why would Ragan’s layout ever not get credit? I’ve never known it not to be credited maybe I’m wrong. I think it’s the best in the country honestly.

    1. Same thoughts… she I feel like she is one of the only non-chinese gymnasts to even be close and it is SOO much better than the majority of them being performed and def the best one in the US (well that has been seen)

    2. it won’t get credit because she lands with her chest too low and is too whippy in general. It will only get downgraded to a D, I feel to get an E credit nowadays it has to float and just be more flighty in general a la deng lin lin.

  2. Riley looked really tired in the interview. I don’t think her “showing to judges” is really worth it, she’s my pick for the worlds team, I really dont want her to get injured :/

  3. With Ashton doing a downgraded bars set and Riley coming back from injury, it looks like Riley may get the UB spot and open up that second all-around spot for someone else. Hoping Morgan Hurd can get it.

    1. I’ve had the same thought. Honestly, this is the team construction I want.

    2. Could also open up the UB spot to Shcennikova who has a high D score and has been performing well at camp. I don’t think anyone is a shoe-in for worlds the year, save Ragan unless she has a complete meltdown. Makes it an exciting year!

  4. A lot more layouts will be getting E credit this quad. There is no longer a E layout to D “whip” devaluation. The D-panel will credit either credit E layout or C pike, while the E-panel will take the appropriate body position and amplitude deductions. The requirements for E credit are no longer as stringent as last quad. The gymnasts no longer needs to show elevation of the center of gravity and only need to show stretch through vertical.

    1. I see stars in your eyes! Thanks for the clarification on the “layout” situation. Now awaiting the FIG “help” desk impatiently…

  5. Lee’s intended routine adds up to 6.1

    Smith really hasn’t upped her D score on beam by more than a tenth, and that’s only if she still has the front tuck (or fwd aerial) + 0.2

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