Man-stagram: Vacation Season

Let’s check in on what the boys have been up to recently while training and lounging and not liking attention. At all.

This is vacation, Oleg-style.

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A usual amount of surgery to have. You’re fine. Go do a world cup.

Oleg had leg surgery as well as ligament repair in his shoulder. Which looks fun.

Sam has a new rings dismount, a little triple back.
Donnell’s like, “But…tucked…?”

His previous dismount, the double double tucked, is an E. The triple back is a G.

Fact of the day: Rings is the only event Sam has never been called upon to do for the US in a team final. With Whittenburg, Naddour, Kimble, and Moldauer, rings is among the more stacked events for the top US contenders right now.

Eddie wants you to know about his recovery from shoulder surgery, but in fast motion. Because you can’t catch him.

Max didn’t pose for this. Casual.

The English men are already ramping up for English Championships, which are held at the beginning of February (9th to 11th) this year because they’ll act as the final selection competition for the Commonwealth Games team. Commonwealth Games gymnastics competition is in April, with the AA finals the same day as NCAA regionals, because of course.

The following weekend (February 15th-17th), the US men will compete at Winter Cup with national team spots on the line, so you’ll see both national contingents doing a little more attempting to round into form right now and a little less beach lounging. A little less.

Except when doing important things like showing off the final pose of their long program.

Marvin gonna Marvin.

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Close one πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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Donnell is tumbling again.

John Orozco continues to tease us by being more “Nabieva-retired” than retired.

He has made it clear he wants nothing to do with USAG anymore (who can blame). This is why we need a pro league.

Speaking of people who need to be competing in our lives, Paul’s showing how he stopped worrying and learned to love the rings. Just come back and you can do this as a rings routine.

New adventure? Fitness? I don’t like the sound of any of this.

Nikita is hard at work training.

Marcel in a suit.

Bram’s hair is gone and he’s working side passes.

Arthur Nory posted a picture of his good vibes for 2018.


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  1. please make this a monthly feature!!!

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    1. I’d also like this to be a monthly feature. And I admittedly ask this primarily out of heartfelt interest to see cute guys and not at all to see anything about mag. I have no shame πŸ™‚

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