The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Best Routine of Week 4 Poll

Your instructions
1. Vote for the best routine
2. Don’t get upset when this inevitably devolves into a twitter popularity contest. It’s not that important.

1. Only routines scoring 9.950+ will be included in the poll
2. There must be video available of that routine so that the voters can, you know, watch it.
3. Each gymnast may appear only once per week. The higher score (or my discretion in the event of a tie) is used.

1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Price (STAN) – UB Lee (UCLA) – UB Finnegan (LSU) – UB
Week 2 Crouse (NEB) – VT Price (STAN) – VT Gowey (FL) – BB
Week 3 Glenn (UCLA) – BB Ramler (MIN) – BB Hambrick (LSU) – FX

We had 27 scores of 9.950+ in week 4, which is too many to include in a manageable poll (I’m not having a rage stroke, you’re having a rage stroke…), so this week’s poll includes only the available 9.975s and 10s.

1. Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) – Vault

2. Elizabeth Price (Stanford) – Bars

3. Peng Peng Lee (UCLA) – Beam

4. Alex McMurtry (Florida) – Beam

5. Alyssa Baumann (Florida) – Beam

6. Sophia Carter (Arkansas) – Beam

7. Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Beam

FLO Link

Or, Deanna has you covered with the important parts at 0:29

8. Kennedy Baker (Florida) – Floor

9. Myia Hambrick (LSU) – Floor

FLO Link

10. Toni-Ann Williams (Cal) – Floor

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