Best Routine of Week 5 Poll

Your instructions
1. Vote for the best routine
2. Don’t get upset when this inevitably devolves into a twitter popularity contest. It’s not that important.

1. Only routines scoring 9.950+ will be included in the poll
2. There must be video available of that routine so that the voters can, you know, watch it.
3. Each gymnast may appear only once per week. The higher score (or my discretion in the event of a tie) is used.

1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Price (STAN) – UB Lee (UCLA) – UB Finnegan (LSU) – UB
Week 2 Crouse (NEB) – VT Price (STAN) – VT Gowey (UF) – BB
Week 3 Glenn (UCLA) – BB Ramler (MIN) – BB Hambrick (LSU) – FX
Week 4 McMurtry (UF)-BB Lee (UCLA) – BB Carter (ARK) – BB

1. MaKenna Merrell-Giles (Utah) – Vault

2. Brenna Dowell (Oklahoma) – Vault

3. Mary Frances Bir (Boise State) – Vault

4. Alex McMurtry (Florida) – Bars

5. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Bars

6. Anastasia Webb (Oklahoma) – Beam

7. Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) – Beam

8. Peng Peng Lee (UCLA) – Beam

9. Brehanna Showers (Oklahoma) – Beam

10. Casey Lauter (New Hampshire) – Beam

11. Felicia Hano (UCLA) – Floor

12. Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – Floor

13. Myia Hambrick (LSU) – Floor

14. Lynnzee Brown (Denver) – Floor

33 thoughts on “Best Routine of Week 5 Poll”

  1. I went with MMG. She’s been consistently performing so well and sometimes I don’t think she gets the recognition she’s deserves because she doesn’t have the name recognition that some of the others do.

    1. I don;t think MMG deserves it compared to Brenna. You can tell she was just ever so slightly short on that vault, but she covered it extremely well.

      Brenna’s is the one I honestly wouldn’t take anything so I went with her.

    2. She has been burning it up this year, and shown so much improvement it’s tremendous. I think you are also right about her not getting her just deserts..

  2. Lynnzee Brown FTW! One of the judges flashed a 10 for this biz. I think it was the first 10 given by a judge for a DU routine this year.

    1. That’s a wonderful performance–Brown is not only strong but extremely graceful. She does not get enough credit!

  3. Gotta go with Showers this week because her mixed series is maybe my favorite of all time. And her routine was perfection start to finish.

  4. Felicia Hano is my Vote !! She did amazing and looked like she was having so much fun! That’s what it’s all about having fun and hitting your routine!

    1. Yes, but I feel like all of the athletes doing floor were having fun and selling their routines. Hano was great, but her form just doesn’t compare to some of the others.

      Plus, judges should deduct 0.025 for cupping bruises. /s

      1. You know, Ohashi sells the living hell out of her choreography–I do not think I’ve ever seen her look better, sassier, or more herself. She always looked scared and anxious as an elite. This is such a relief!

      2. Yes for Ohashi! It doesn’t matter if she hits, or if she makes mistakes, she’s always exuberant and at least looks like she enjoys herself! Even those that hate her chireograohy can’t deny that she knows how to engage the crowd and sell the crap out of the routine. The only thing I want to see from Ohashi this season is her Beam series.

      3. So pointing on cupping bruises is now body shaming? Is this what we’ve come to, gymternet? Give me a break.

        Also, cupping is a somewhat controversial treatment that many say is not necessary or beneficial.

      4. Anonymous – honestly, I have no clue what /s is supposed to mean.

        I can elaborate on my thoughts though:
        Whether you agree or not with the therapeutic benefits of cupping, it is the athlete’s right.
        The only reason to comment on it is because of the visible marks left. Hence, mocking an athlete due to how they look. Hence, body shaming. Especially these days, I’d appreciate people putting a little more thought into not attacking/ mocking/ “/s”ing these athletes FOR HOW THEY LOOK. Don’t you think they receive enough of that crap that the fans of the sport shouldn’t add to it?

      5. “Robin”–/s means either ‘snark’ or ‘sarcasm,’ and since you comment incessantly here and presumably elsewhere online I find it extremely improbable that you have no idea what it means. This is a sport where the appearance of an athlete’s body is inextricably linked with the scoring, and that appearance (it’s called ‘line,’ among other things) has nothing to do with the stupid neologism ‘body shaming.’ The two commenters here did NOT comment on Hano’s body, her weight distribution, or anything else about her appearance which could possibly be interpreted as offensive; their comments were indirectly reflecting dubiety on the efficacy of cupping, which is indeed a treatment about which there is no consensus or agreement. Your humorlessness is your own problem, and please don’t bother responding to this as nothing further from you will be read.
        HYSTERICAL political correctness MUCH?

      6. I comment in a lot of places online and have never seen the “/s” terminology before. I feel old now.

      7. Here’s the thing, Anonymous,
        Your comment was about Hano’s cupping *bruises*, not the actual practice of cupping.
        This is an important distinction. Sarcastically or not, your comment mocks her for the *visible effects* of a treatment she chose. If you want to open a debate about the efficacy of cupping, don’t call out specific athletes, and don’t comment about how it looks.

        This is what gets me, and why I feel the importance of clarifying my position:
        Imagine a gymnast considering treatments for her injuries or pains. I want her to evaluate her options based on what she feels will work best for her. I’d hate for this thought to go through her mind in any way: “We’ll, I’d like to get cupped, but it will leave bruises that people will see at the meet on Friday. How will that look? What will they think?”

        Do YOU, Anonymous, want to contribute to such questions anywhere in the thought-sphere of any gymnast?

        Ps: I’m plenty snarky watching gym. I just save my snark for offline conversations. Out of respect for the athletes.
        Again, especially these days, you might want to consider filtering what you say publicly about these girls and women.

      8. I was the first Anonymous who made the comment. In no way did I try to body shame anyone.

        I would never comment on someone’s weight, hair, makeup; however, commenting that’s one heck of a bruise is no different that commenters who have pointed out athletes who have heavily taped ankles or commented on the PAC’s horrendous decision to use number tattoos on the athletes’ legs at championships.

        There are a lot of things to get mad at in gymnastics, but my sarcastic comment is not one of them.

  5. Hambrick. The height she gets on her second pass is unbelievable. She doesn’t get the attention or love she deserves.

    1. She has star quality out the wazoo. Her presence is marvelous, to say nothing of her tumbling.

    2. I absolutely agree. And it says something that she has her routine up there every single week. I admire her confidence and consistency. Plus I like her personality – she just seems so cool and very smart. I just want her to get a least one 10 to finish her career. And win this, of course.

      1. Yes but.. I’d also like to see a DLO that isn’t ridiculously piked down at the end. Come on, Myia – you’re way more than talented enough to do a real DLO!

      2. Yes, I want her to get a 10 on floor and beam. I would also love her to upset the “big names” at Nationals and take the AA. She is definitely capable of going 9.95+ on all four events, which is what it might take.

  6. Went with Lauter…..because there are so many talented gymnasts out there who don’t get the recognition when they do fantastic routines because they don’t go to the bigger name schools.

  7. MMG! As soon as I saw the vault live, I knew it would be a perfect 10. I also give it my vote because it’s the first 10 of her career, and she’s putting up numbers comparable to MyKayla Skinner, Elizabeth Price, Kyla Ross,and Maggie Nichols, without having the big name recognition. If they gave out a “Most Improved Gymnast” award, she’d be the winner hands down. She has been lights-out this season. So fun to watch!

  8. My vote is for Katlyn Ohashi. Why, because it was highly original, technically superior, and performed with a verve that pulled in everyone in the arena.

  9. Fans of UCLA’s Felicia Hano’s outstanding 10.0 FX may be interested to see that same routine as it was performed by UCLA’s Sydney Sawa (also for a 10.0) four years ago:

    1. I loved that routine for Sawa and I like it for Hano, but I’m not a fan of recycled routines.

      1. Yes. Sawa ‘wore it better,’ and since Miss Val is a choreographer, ummm…..

    2. From
      “Sawa scored a perfect 10 on that routine on Feb. 22, 2014 and was, in fact, the last UCLA gymnast to score a perfect 10 on floor until Hano did it with the same routine on Feb. 4, 2018.”

      And the next UCLA gymnast to ever score a perfect 10 on floor was Ohashi right after Hano! LOL! A span of 4 years between 10s, and then a span of only 4 minutes!

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