Best Routine of Week 6 Poll

Your instructions
1. Vote for the best routine
2. Don’t get upset when this inevitably devolves into a twitter popularity contest. It’s not that important.

1. Only routines scoring 9.950+ will be included in the poll
2. There must be video available of that routine so that the voters can, you know, watch it.
3. Each gymnast may appear only once per week. The higher score (or my discretion in the event of a tie) is used.

1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Price (STAN) – UB Lee (UCLA) – UB Finnegan (LSU) – UB
Week 2 Crouse (NEB) – VT Price (STAN) – VT Gowey (UF) – BB
Week 3 Glenn (UCLA) – BB Ramler (MIN) – BB Hambrick (LSU) – FX
Week 4 McMurtry (UF)-BB Lee (UCLA) – BB Carter (ARK) – BB
Week 5 Hano (UCLA) – FX Lee (UCLA) – BB Dowell (OU) – VT

This week featured fewer 10s and 9.975s than the weeks before (WHAAAAA?), so the selected routines were all sets scoring 10.000 or 9.975 along with the 9.950s recorded by teams outside the top 10.

  1. Alex McMurtry (Florida) – Vault

2. Ivy Lu (Minnesota) – Bars

3. Rachel Stypinski (Kent State) – Bars

ESPN3 link

4. Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) – Beam

5. Karen Gonzalez (Southern Utah) – Beam

6. Morgan Lane (North Carolina) – Beam

7. Kennedy Baker (Florida) – Floor

8. Myia Hambrick (LSU) – Floor

9. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Floor

10. Kennedi Harris (Missouri) – Floor

15 thoughts on “Best Routine of Week 6 Poll”

  1. Was McMurtry’s vault a 10 start – I thought it was a 9.5 Maybe I’m mistaken but It looked like the vault that almost everyone does (superior quality I will admit) but how did she get a 9.975 if max is 9.5 Help please – what am I missing I’m new to this

    1. That vault is a double twisting yurchenko, which starts at a 10. She has such great air time, that she makes it look easier than many.

      The full twisting yurchenko is out of 9.95

    2. It almost does look like a Y-full rather than a double-full, doesn’t it? She certainly made it look easy here.

    1. Morgan is beautiful on beam. So glad she’s now getting into the zone this year.

    2. Yes! She got my vote. Her beam is the biggest wow moment for me in this week’s poll.

  2. Can we all just agree that any bar routines with stoops onto the low bar should not make into this weekly poll? Seriously that “skill” needs to be taken out of the code. Spencer, I’m going to say I hate it even more than you guys hate wolf turns on Gymcastic. It completely breaks up a routine.

    1. A thousand times yes about the stoop-on (or, rather, NO.) Ugh. It’s almost as bad as wolf turns and a lot easier, so it has zero excuse…

    2. So glad I’m not the only one.
      I’m always surprised/disappointed to see super talented bars workers use this move. They are so much better.

  3. I absolutely agree with the stoop on comment! All routines good enough to hit a poll-worthy top score should be good enough to eliminate this “skill” at this level. I think of that EVERY TIME someone does it.

    Also Morgan Lane is exquisite.

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