Saturday Live Blog – March 3, 2018

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On to Michigan and Oklahoma. It’s going to be tough to top earlier today from a crack perspective, where it looks like the vault judges at SUU gave a couple of the SUU Tsuk tuck 1/1s the wrong start value (treating them as 10.0s when they were 9.9 starts because AH HA HA HA nothing matters), but I believe in us.

Arizona State and Minnesota will be going on simultaneously, Minnesota having to deal with losing the essential routines from Ona Loper for the season.

FINAL: Washington 197.075, Southern Utah 196.075

Michigan will have Farley back on bars and beam today, filling out those lineups a little bit more.

The live scores currently have one gymnast listed under Oklahoma: Lauren Marinez.


Kelly just had to explain RQS. It was her Pearl Harbor.


Showers – VT – nice shape on her full, hop back – good height – this is definitely the one to use when they have to use fulls. 9.825

Townsend – UB – toe shap, solid – nice legs together through the bail, a little short of vertical – giant full to double tuck, small step back. Clean as usual.

Lehrmann – VT – small hop back on her full, also good layout shape, not quite as dynamics as Showers, but looked like a little smaller on the hop back.

Funk – UB – giant full to super high tkatchev with the knees – arches a handstand but pulls it back – overshoot unconnected – DLO, stuck.

Dowell – VT – Stuck a fantastic 1.5. Her best of the season? Very, very good. 9.975.

Farley – UB – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, hit – bail, legs together, shortish of vertical – a little sluggish in the legs here and there but good – small shuffle back on double front

Jackson – VT – 1.5 – bound forward as we’ve seen most times this season, definitely a full-tenth on the hop alone.

Polina – UB – Shap to Pak, smooth and pretty – giant 1/1 to double tuck and a very significant stumble back. Keeps it to her feet but multiple steps.

Webb – VT – Omelianchik with a hop forward – comes in a little stiff with that bounce.

Zaziski – UB – big tkatchev, solid – bail, comfortable – DLO, stuck, best of the lineup so far by a significant margin. 9.800 seems comparatively tight. May have come in close on tkatchev, hard to see from this angle.

Nichols – VT – Stuck her 1.5. Huge. Will they go 10 for her since she was at the end? Nichols has better legs on the block, one thing that can be the difference, but she also lands more staggered than Brenna. 10.000.

I would have gone 9.950 for it because they are allowed to land with legs apart as Maggie did on this vault, but they’re supposed to bring the heels together on salute or face a .05, and she excitement bounded right out.

Brown – UB – small arch on first hs – Ray, solid – lovely toe point on casts – strong Pak, legs together throughout – DLO, stuck. Very pretty routine. 9.875

After 1: Oklahoma 49.650, Michigan 49.150

A casual 49.650 for Oklahoma on vault. Led by the fantastic 1.5s from Dowell and Nichols, not much to take there. They still have to work through those landings since those vaults from Jackson and Webb would be more like 9.850 in a postseason or non-home context, and they bounced on the first two fulls as well, which means this vault rotation could have been given about 49.450 with a different panel, which is still good but not as high as Oklahoma wants.

Solid on bars for Michigan. Didn’t really have some of the mid-lineup landings they would have liked.


Funk – VT – short landing on her full this time with a lunge forward

Jackson – UB – piked jaeger, good – bail, holds the vertical – ooooooh, timing on her dismount release was all off and comes down right onto the bar, just hits with her feet, should be OK, but ack.

Polina – VT – better full than last week, small slide, a little bit of pike and not a ton of distance

Webb – UB – Pak, smooth – toe shap 1/2, hitting handstands – 1/2 turn to double front, with a large lunge back to save it, could have been trouble but she fixed it. Still won’t be one of her good scores.

Brown – VT – knee bend throughout her full, hop back, still improvements on last week though

Catour – UB – Ray, good ampltiude – toe on to bail, crisp – a little muscle up on final cast but good vertical, small step on DLO.

Townsend – VT – solid 1.5 with a small hop back – just a touch of knees

Dowell – UB – Ray, great – toe on to bail, solid, a little hip angle in the air there – DLO with small step. Good one again.

They raised the Zaziski bars score to 9.900. That makes more sense to me.

Zaziski – VT – nearrrly holds the stick on her full, a little pike in the air, overall strong.

Lehrmann – UB – 1/2 turn to beautiful jaeger as always – toe on to bail, legs together and vertical – sticks FTDT, fantastic routine. 9.950.

McLean – VT – just the full this time but the best dynamics of the fulls in the lineup, small adjustment on landing, but good open. Uh…9.950 for a non-stuck full? K. Did look like an adjustment on landing to me, though the reverse view will do that. Well, we’re not at Elevate the Stage anymore…

Nichols – UB – Church, strong – Pak to toe -n to toe Shap 1/2, great – can’t stick the DLO with a hop, so the race for 40 will be off for the day.

We got to see the Shushunova from Showers in exhibition.

After 2: Oklahoma 99.150, Michigan 98.600

Oklahoma still got out of bars with a 49.500 despite the fall from Jackson and the dismount trouble from Webb. Got increasingly clean after that. Michigan will definitely take a 49.350 for that vault lineup, including a perfect score for McLean. This is on track for that big road score Michigan is looking for.

Minnesota had to put up a 9.550 on vault in absence of Loper, though it looks like the bars scores should be there to pull the total back up to 196 pace, though a 9.675 from Ramler is not what they were looking for.

Arizona State at 98.200 after 2 events, with Minnesota at 98.175 after a 9.950 from Lu on bars.


Catour – BB – full turn, smooth – bhs loso, secure – cat leap to switch side, low back leg on switch side – cat leap to aerial, solid – gainer tuck full, stuck with a stagger. 9.950 is quite high for that, especially in the first spot.

Townsend – FX – front tuck through to double tuck, a little short with a lunge – split leap full to split jump, a little short on leap 1/1 – double pike, also a little short, lunge – whip to 2/1, stuck.

Showers – BB – slightly overturns her full turn – bhs loso, secure – switch to straight jump 1/1 to Korbut, perfect this time – kickover front and holds to keep it moving into beat jump – gainer full. Good routine.

Funk – FX – double pike, chest up, controlled step back – switch side to popa – front full to layout – just a bit crunched down on double tuck, but nice positions on tumbling

Lehrmann – BB – full turn – aerial, solid, good extension – cat leap to switch side, nice legs and horizontal position on the switch side, sets her apart – bhs loso, solid – switch to swingdown – holds stick on gainer full. One of her good ones.

Marinez – FX – front lay to rudi, controlled with crossed legs – 2.5 with a hop out, a little under rotated – camera work showed us someone’s bun during her dance elements – double pike, legs separated, a little short with a lunge

N Brown – BB – aerial to bhs to loso, a little hesitation after aerial, doesn’t matter because she doesn’t need the combo, but maybe a small deduction – beat jump to split 3/4 – full turn – sissone to gainer full, stuck.

B Brown – FX – 2.5 with a dance out, good twisting shape – double pike, a little too much of a lunge back but comfortable – split leap 1/1 to split jump 1/1 – 1.5 to layout. Solid, normal, good.

Webb – BB – bhs loso, nice amplitude and control – cat leap to aerial, same – switch to split, hits 180s – really the only thing in her beam work is the feet on dance elements – side aerial to full with a small slide

Zaziski – FX – double pike, a hair short with a step forward – split leap 1/1 to split jump 1/1 – front lay to front full, legs in the front lay – double tuck, slide back. Some trouble in some landings but a usable score certainly

Nichols – BB – aerial to split jump, perfect – bhs to loso, solid – switch to split, great extension, small hesitation in between – front tuck, small lean out of it, a couple hesitations in there – stuck 1.5. Good, not her bestestest.

10.000. Um guys though. Even KELLY is like THAT WAS CRACK.

McLean – FX – drops right out of the sky on double tuck, good chest up – split leap full to split jump 1/1 – front lay to front full, but had to really tuck that front lay – double pike, a little short.

OK here’s the thing with Maggie. She’s excellent at covering up being slightly off, but there were little correction leans, which gives an overall lack of precision, which should be evaluated and taken. This was slightly hesitant a couple times and wasn’t one of her 10s.

I mean, we’re all on board. We all love Maggie. You don’t have to fudge the numbers.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.850, Michigan 147.775

So lost in all of this is that Michigan is on track to a very usable road score with a hit beam rotation.

Oklahoma needs 49.350 on floor to set the highest total of the year so far. Maggie is on her own AA record watch. She has recorded 39.925 before, so would need 9.975 on floor to tie, 10.000 on floor to beat it.


Funk – BB – nice series – switch side 1/4 is excellent – beat jump to popa, very well done to get that popa around on beam – side aerial to full, step back. 9.925. Well OK, it’s fun to go after Oklahoma?

Showers – FX – nice double pike, very good height – front full to front tuck – switch to Ferrari, kind of ferrarish – 1/2 to front full, good layout position throughout.

Zaziski – BB – a bit crooked on switch side –  small lean on loso – switch to straddle 1/4 – full turn, a little lean – kickover front, large break with bend at the hips – gainer full, stuck

“She’s a senior, Paige, she knows how to get it done” really sounded like “she’s a senior, bitch, she knows how to get it done.” I thought this broadcast had taken a very entertaining turn.

Dowell – FX – double front was short this time with a little squat, still attempted the stag, but it was a flat stag, it already got run over by the car – solid second pass – front lay to front full, small adjustment back.

Brown – BB – cat leap to aerial, lovely aerial – bhs loso with a leg-up check – switch to split, good extension – side somi, solid – sticks 2/1. Pretty set.

Lehrmann – FX – double pike, a little adjustment – 1.5 to 1/2 to stag, a litltle travel backward – switch side to popa, good extension – 1.5 to layout. Solid set. Should score competitively with the rest of the lineup.

Polina – BB – lovely flexibility on mount obviously – y spin, large break with bend at the hips – bhs loso, secure, really pretty back handspring execution – aerial, solid – beat jump to sheep with slight correction – side aerial to full, stuck.

Remember that time Polina got 9.900 even with a BEND AT THE HIPS check? WHERE AM I?

Webb – FX – great lift on her front 2/1, some crossover stepping out – back 1.5 to front full, a touch of knees – split leap full to split jump, those moments of feet again – rudi, nailed.

Farley – BB – switch to split, good – bhs to loso, wayyyy short and falls, no chance to save it. They’ll be very thankful for the beam score-scape today – side aerial to split jump – gainer pike, step.

Jackson – FX – starting with just the double pike today, of course very easy for her – slide back – 1/2 to rudi with a little bounce – huge and excellent leaps – 1/2 to front full, short with a small stumble back. Still not there with the landings, downgraded the routine today, but that double pike was still uncontrolled because it was preposterously easy for her.

Marinez – BB – aerial, nice – bhs loso to split jump, good extension in split jump – cat leap to side aerial, comfortable – beat jump to split jump 1/2, short back leg with a small check – 2/1, stuck.

Nichols – FX – bringing back the piked full in, good chest up, usual Maggie landing position – front full to front loso – switch ting to split leap 1/1, perfect leaps – double pike, a small bounce.


Townsend exhibition on beam – probably not cracking into the lineup with some knees and some checks, but maybe for the future –

FINAL: Oklahoma 198.375, Michigan 197.175

So, that’s a season record and ties for the third-highest score in OU history. Nichols goes 39.900, the second-highest AA score of her career.

So yeah, I think both teams will take these scores? Those beam judges have definitely already started drinking. Happy hour is from 4 to 6!

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    1. It was changed to a 9.9. Michigan and OU are both getting the benefit of the doubt in this meet!

  1. Would every school kindly switch to the way Alabama does their live scoring? Thank you!

    1. I like the “beaverlog” system. I just wish they would change the name!

      It’s so easy to compare teams, see event winners, and the chart makes it so you can quickly see all the scores for one gymnast. The Bama page separates out events, so if a gymnast only does two or three events, you have to scroll to each of those events to find the score.

  2. They need to switch Lehrmann and Nichols in the UB line-up. It doesn’t matter what Lehrmann does, I always feel like they’re holding back the score waiting for Maggie (not that 9.95 is a bad score, but in the anchor spot, I feel like she would get 10’s). Maggie does not need that anchor spot to get high scores.

    1. Agree and have Brenna anchor Vault, Maggie can keep anchor spot on Beam and Floor(being 5th up on Vault and Bars won’t hold her back one bit!)

  3. So so grateful for you super fast live blog! I hate not being able to watch thissss! It’s going to be OU’s biggest score (I’m writing this after rotation 3). I can’t wait for the yarotska uploads!!

  4. Lol when Kelly Garrison disagrees with Maggie getting a 10, you know it’s not a good 10.

    1. The 2 hesitations she had were small but the judges had to have noticed them, Maggie herself looked disappointed after that routine and is prob embarrassed that they gave her a 10. Like Spencer said, we love Maggie and we’re here for her getting high scores but when it’s not a 10 they don’t have to give her a 10, it’s cool with us!

  5. OU is my favorite team, but even I can admit that was not a 10… The scoring has been high all meet, all they have to do is not implode and another 198 will be handed to them.

    1. Not sure what happened to her but her foot was in a boot at the meet. Minnesota twitter says it’s season ending.

  6. I would say 80% of the judges tend to go high this year. If it were 100%, it wouldn’t matter because scoring would be the same nationwide. This year, however, there have been a few teams that never seem to hit that high Judge lotto. It won’t matter in terms of making a regional or winning a regional, but it does impact RQS and the regular season All-American awards. It’s disappointing and I know the NCAA will do nothing about it, but I wish there could be a better way to standardize judging across the country.

  7. Well, to be fair, the meet started at 4 PM Oklahoma time, and finished before 6, so the judges probably were drinking haha

  8. Are NCAA judges assigned to schools, or do the schools individually contact judges and ask them to judge for a meet?

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