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The women’s competition is about to get underway, so let’s get this live blog started. Because I was not going to try to quick hit pommel horse.

We’ve already seen the Kerry Perry statement 1500 times. Because the only sponsor of this event is “WE SCREWED UP RIL BAD. DON’T ABUSE KIDS MAYBE?”

Women’s rotation 1

Murakami – VT – good DTY, hop back, normal but not the most controlled she can be on landing.

Brito – VT – also has a lunge back on her DTY, but that will keep her in it right now. Good direction and dynamics, potential there.

Darling Kenzo on rings after screwing up pommel horse like whoa. Rings also not a super fun one for him because he’s just an adorable little stick insect, doesn’t have the tiny gorilla strength to hold these positions.

Mao – VT – AHHHHHHHOUCHIEEEEEEEE. Extremely dangerous landing on her DTY. And she’s down and injured. bad bad bad.

So…that’s a vault she shouldn’t have been doing today.

Abad finishes rings with a pretty big lunge back on his double double dismount. This isn’t exactly a competition full of ringsies, we’re seeing that a little in Hall’s routine as well, not quite staying flat in these early strength positions, small step on dismount.

Barretto Junior getting through the meet through the first three rotations – front double pike dismount with a hop. Honestly thought he would have more hitting problems early, so that’s good.

According to Tim, he is the TALLEST BIGGEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. He’s 5’9″.

Back on vault now after the disaster.

Hurd – VT – a bounce back on her DTY – similar to the podium training one. Not the most control but solid, and on track with Mai.

Seitz – VT – full, quite comfortable vault for her as she used to do a DTY back in the day – hop back, finished early.

Simm – VT – A podkopayeva, comes in a little short with a hop forward

Moldauer on rings – really showing that flat position in most of the strength elements better than many of the others we’ve seen so far – sticks double double tuck. He’s having a very nice day through three.

O’Keefe – VT – big DTY, best height of the group so far, hop back, but smaller than some of the others – quite solid.

Moors – VT – NO BROOKLYN. Handspring front pike/layout full and hands down. SIGH FOREVER.

Pakhiuk was there on rings.

Charpy – VT – full, not great, clear pike in the air and a hop back. NCAA 9.700.

Bower has been very Bower so far. Just kind of there but hitting, pretty loose in these handstand positions on rings – lunge back on dismount.

O’Keefe, Murakami, and Hurd all within a tenth of each other after vault, since every DTY is evaluated identically. A theme of the last couple years.

Rotation 2 women, Rotation 4 men

Kenzo on vault with a pretty FAB TTY to try to get himself back up there, small hop.

Hurd – UB – inbar SHap to stalder full to tkatchev, solid – Ricna to pak, quick and clean – stalder shoot to high – inbar 1/2 to front 1/2 to inbar 1/1 to FTDT with hop back. Strong. She was a little low on all her amplitudes, as is typical with her style, really had to arch that Pak. 6.1/14.200

Seitz – UB – Toe Shap to stalder tkatchev, good – piked jaeger, just a hair close – stadler tkatchev piked to pak, solid – hits Shap 1/2, a little leg break – toe full to FTDT, hop forward. Also solid. What she can do. Should get her back in it for now.

Simm – UB – front toe on 1/2 to toe full – stalder SHap to Pak, solid – short on all her casts – Shapt to clear hip to tkatchev – Ricna, caught – DLO, pikes down with a hop back. Fine.

O’Keefe – UB – toe full to tlader Shap to Pak to Toe SHap to Ricna, really solid and clean – NOOOOO totally smacks most of her leg on the bar on her piked jaeger, way way way too close. Worked out of it, though. Beginning combination had such good rhythm and execution. Double arabian dismount, solid.

That will give Hurd a serious edge in the race, nearly a point at this stage. Murakami still to go on bars in the second warmup group.

Moldauer with a Kas 1.5 vault but solid, great form, small hop forward –

Moors – UB – crazy on her clear hip full, brushes the floor – shap to bhardwaj, jit – Shap 1/2 – also hit, both with legs – Khorkina solid – toe pike 1/2 dismount. It’s bars and Brooklyn. She’s getting there, but basically a fall on that first clear hip full.

Bower now vaulting – also with a Kas 1.5, good fight to hold the stick with a swim. Not the form or landing position of Moldauer, but strong.

Charpy – UB – Toe full – Stalder shap 1/2 – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, hit – sRicna to Pak, pretty – toe Shap 1/2, solid as well – DLO with a step forward. One of her good ones. Nice that she got a hit on her event.

Herder jusssssst stood up his double front.

Murakami – UB – toe on to toe shap to gienger, solid and good legs together – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, comfortable – jaeger – toe full, very late – bail, good vertical – efficient but short on all her hs and doesn’t have the amplitude. FTDT with hop.

So apparently in addition to Mao breaking her leg on vault, Brito has scratched the rest of the event with injury. Yikes.

Halfway, Hurd has a .7 lead on Murakami. O’Keefe is third after the mistake on bars. Moldauer with a similar-sized lead in the men’s competition over Sun with two events left

Rotation 3 women, rotation 5 men

Seitz – BB – ro loso mount, hit – front tuck, large check with bend at the hips – bhs back pike, another leg-up wobble – split 1/2 from side position LIKE AN AMERICAN BECAUSE AMERICAN CUP – side somi, hit – full turn, leg-up wobble again – switch to split – side aerial, check – gainer pike, stuck. Seitz and beam.

Hall has fallen on Pbars on a tuck 1/2 skill, looked painful, not Karimi painful, but he’s going to take his time getting back up –

Simm – BB – back tuck, fine – aerial with a check into switch to straddle 1/4 – bhs back pike, solid – straight jump 1/1 from side position, but she hit it! But also gahhhh – double tuck with lunge back.

O’keefe – BB – fall on wolf turn – oh Maile – side aerial loso loso nice – aerial hit – bhs bhs layout but probably won’t get full layout credit there because whip back – switch ring – double pike, pretty low with a bound back – having a bit of a Riley today.

Moors – BB – front tuck mount – split to sissone, solid – switch to switch 1/2, very low back leg and a wobble – Saadi will literally turn her to dust – front aerial to front tuck, fall. Three misses in three routines. Oh Brooklyn. side aerial with alrge break – split ring jump – fhs rudi dismount with hop.

Sun Wei with a couple hops back on his double front dismount on PBars.

Charpy – BB – nice mount – some legs on series – somewhat kept her 2.5 world turn on the beam even though her foot didn’t really make it  – side aerial to switch to split – also with the MERICA leap – a number of checks – double pike with step back. But a hit. So she’s keeping herself realistic.

Yul clean again on Pbars. The one who’s hitting and ready.

We’re seeing Pakhniuk on Pbars because it’s his good one – Tim’s like, I don’t have anything so I’m going to talk about Oleg. Double front 1/2 dismount, stuck. Good finish.

Murakami – BB – front tuck, very secure – bhs loso, clean, solid – switch ring with a check – side aerial, another check – front tuck to split to straddle, good rhythm – switch 1/2 is pretty short – aerial, hit – full turn with a check – double pike, hop back. Did what she needed.

Bower with an early hesitation on PBars but works through – finishes double pike with hop back.

Hurd – BB – I don’t KNOW that she’s staring down the judges right now, but I’ve decided that she is and am in heaven. Back full, secure – side aeiral with a check – switch leap to split leap, won’t get series there – bhs loso, no trouble – aerial, check into split and straddle – a little tentative which breaks her combinations – front tuck – split 1/3, but solid – full turn – switch ring, a little check – pike full in, short with a lunge forward but hit. She’ll get a solid score, but the D won’t be nearly where she wants it to be because of breaking connections.

Kenzito on PB arches an early handstand, double tuck was good – double front 1/2 out with a hop, mostly strong routine. He’s working his way back in.

Hurd maintains nearly a point on Murakami going to floor. Moldauer is 80000 billion tenths ahead of everyone else because he’s the one who is hitting.

When Hurd and Murakami both hit floor with their main difficulty, Murakami is about a half point higher than Hurd.

Barretto Junior finishes HB with a dismount to his knees.

Seitz – FX – front tuck to double tuck with hop back – double pike, hop forward – split jump full to double stag – split leap 1/1, no trouble there – 2/1 – switch ring – switch 1/2 – fine, no difficulty.

Bower – HB – stoop full  – kovacs caught but very close and struggles to swing out of it – stoop – stalder – DLO 1/1 with bound forward. Very simple routine.

Simm – FX – DLO, with a little pike down at the end, good landing control – full0in with step back and OOB – switch to split full, short of 180 with hop – 1.5 through to double tuck, short with lunge forward – front tuck through to double pike, deep but held it. Not a bad day for Kelly.

Herder – HB – Yamawaki, hit – layout tkatchev – tkatchev – giant full to 1/2 to stoop a thousand giant swings – stalder full – stoop 1/2 – DLO 2/1, hop forward. OK, too many interstitial giants to be interesting.

Moors – FX – front lay to double front with a hop – hits her Pod!, small hop – double attitude turn is LOVERLY – switch ring – split ring full and it’s not even that horrifying! – split jump 1/1 – 2.5 to a little bit of a crazy 1/2, but a hit routine for her. One on the day.

Kenzo really close on piked Kovacs, then hesitates on a stoop and falls. Kenzo’s like, “this meet is a stupid jerk.” He has pretty potential on HB even though it’s not one of his events. Close catch on a Kovacs again.

Abad – HB – layout tkatchev, and layout tkatchev 1/2 – stoop 1/2 tkatchev 1/2 and can’t get up to vertical after it, comes off. Consistency heartbreaker.

Charpy – FX – double tuck, stuck – front 1/1 to stag, also not showing any difficulty on floor today – double wolf turn – double pike with a hop – switch and switch 1/2. There.

Pakhniuk hits high bar. One of the few so far.

Murakami – FX – triple spin – double double tucked, hop back – DLO, nice, hop back but kept it in bounds – 2.5 to front full, such precise shape on twisting there, very good – switch ring to split leap 1.5 – double L turn – double pike, bounce back. Not her biggest difficulty, which may be critical, but a good hit.

Sun Wei falls on HB on a Yamawaki. He was in it at the beginning but fell apart at the end here. Second fall for him. “This is epically bad.” Ha.

Having some rando dude standing below the bar during his routine didn’t really seem to help, weirdly.

Hurd – FX – double double stuck. Well now. DLO, a bounce back, stays in bounds, – split ring leap 1/1, pretty bouncy on landing – front lay to front 2/1, well done to save that since the front lay was a little wonkly – split ring leap and split jump 1/1, fixing the composition issue from podium training. Strong double pike. Good.

14.033 for Hurd. Will win by a point over Murakami.

O’Keefe – FX – double Arabian to stag jump, solid – switch ring  to switch 1/2, good leap positions as she usually has – 1.5 through to 2.5 and OOB – split leap 1.5, almost there – double tuck, a little forward, tries to hold the stick but hops – double wolf turn, fine – double pike, little shuffle. Not a great day for O’Keefe, but not ultimately significant. Will be an exciting race to see who the AAers are this year.

Moldauer’s coronation HB routine – pretty Kovacs, some handstand problems, an unremarkable addition to his HB repertoire but a clean and hit routine for a comfortable win.

Women: Hurd, Murakami, O’Keefe
Men: Moldauer, Hall, Pakhniuk

Note how Pakhniuk went 3rd for the men and Charpy went 4th for the women. The virtue of not having an absolute disaster.

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  1. YEOUCH Mao’s landing :(((((( Looked so much like Rebecca Bross’s at 2011 nationals.

  2. How are you able to see all vaults? I’m watching NBC and they show few routines. Is there a separate live feed?

    1. The international feed (not actually international) on the USA Gymnastics Youtube channel! No commentary, but you actually get to see every routine.

      1. Yeah, I actually had to tunnel through U.S from Norway to access the International stream. At least we europeans won’t have to stay awake until 5.30 am to watch this one!

  3. Unfortunate mistake from Maile, but it’s super impressive that she kept her form and stayed on after that jaegar.

  4. What happened to Fabiane? Did she get injured in bars warmup? She looked fine after vault.

  5. I had a bad feeling about Maile’s beam as soon as Tim started hyping it up.

  6. Before the meet I was thinking “maybe the American Cup just FEELS like a splat fest because I’ve been watching NCAA gym for two months”… nah. It’s a splat fest.

    1. Ha, I have become a major handstand snob after watching NCAA. Also, I kept thinking of McMurtry’s DTY while watching all these vaults.

  7. They just gave a shout out to Katelyn Ohashi for when she beat a little gymnast named Simone Biles in 2013.

  8. Maile might be having a Riley kind of day but the coverage of her struggles is much more respectful than the way they treated Riley’s last year. For which I am very appreciative. The tone around Brooklyn’s mistakes has been much kinder than the NBC norm too.

  9. Murakami might have the best hair of any female gymnast. Why don’t more female gymnasts have short hair?

    Speaking of hair, that American male gymnast makes me think of Trump (not a good thing).

    1. Um gurl or boy BYE~ Worst hair! Annoying. Constantly in face. Not cute! The bowl and short hair died after Borden and Strug and needs never routine ever!

    2. I love Mai’s hair also! I can see why the bangs would bother some, but it’s super adorable.

  10. Really impressed with Hurd today. A lot of people view her worlds win as a one-off (and it very well might be), but she’s looking really strong, albeit not perfect, here.

    1. This is exactly what is so upsetting about the 4 person format. We have to legitimately question whether the reigning world champ is even going to qualify for Worlds again…

      However, Hurd made a huge statement today that she is here to stay and will fight for that all-around spot. It wasn’t the toughest competition, but her margin of victory spoke volumes.

      On the men’s side, Yul just needs to slowly, but steadily, increase his D-score. He has all the execution to be on a World’s podium but his difficulty is going to keep him just off the podium. Still, I can’t remember the last US man who has been this consistent.

  11. If you are attending a live event, and not doing a live blog like Spencer, please just put your phone away. The amount of people in the crowd staring at their phones the whole time is disappointing. Enjoy the moment!

    1. I have been known to read the live blogs while at the events … gives great context to what I’m seeing.

      1. I read the live blogs between rotations when I’m at a meet. Too much to see which it’s all going on!

    2. I agree with the other replies, that it can be nice to check the live blogs occasionally while at a live meet. I was at the meet yesterday, and there was a lot of downtime in between each routine as it was being scored, especially since there was only one or two apparatuses going at a time. Get off your high horse!

  12. If artistry on floor was the most important scoring factor then Brooklyn Moors would outscore Simone Biles.

    1. Wow. Such keen insights. I feel so enlightened. Thanks. Life changing moments like these, make life worth living!

    1. To keep the audience engaged during warmups and breaks in competition. It’s like the half court shot attempts in basketball. Nearly every game or meet I’ve been to has had some kind of competition or game or entertainment at breaks.

  13. Is Hayleigh Bryant the younger sister of Kaylee Bryant (freshman at Stanford)?

  14. LOL Abad casually giving up and just standing on top of the high bar. THIS IS MY FAVORITE EVENT

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