Screencap Recap: Birmingham World Cup


9 thoughts on “Screencap Recap: Birmingham World Cup”

  1. This definitely makes the top five screencaps of all time omg it was hysterical

  2. “You could try Sears!” OMGGGGGGG. Yes.

    Also, I need Literally, Bye as a gif I can use over and over again on Facebook comments.

  3. it is now my dream to see the entire script of mean girls dispersed as punchlines in your posts

    also when elite season starts i hope we get a post about beam scoring because… nobody broke 14 this year in international competition i think? what the hell

    1. Half a dozen ladies have scored over 14 this year, including Chen Yile (CHN) 14.466 at Melbourne World Cup, Ana Padurariu (CAN) 14.234 at Elite Canada, Marine Boyer (FRA) 14.200 and Lorette Charpy (FRA) 14.000 at the Top 12 Series.

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