Euros Team Selections

The European Championship is less than a month away, and if you’re me, you’re already way too excited about it. Nominative rosters have been released and several countries have announced their final team selections, so let’s check in on who’s definitely going, who should be going, and every nation’s overall prospects.

Once we get closer to the event and the teams are finalized, I’ll do a full scoring analysis.


Nominative roster:
Viktoria Komova, Angelina Melnikova, Angelina Simakova, Uliana Perebinosova, Maria Kharenkova

We know this nominative roster is nonsense because Perebinosova is injured and not going to Euros, so it probably just reflects some elaborate Valentina mind game (“I’d rather take an injured ghost than you, Varvara”).

At this point, I would consider Melnikova, Komova, and Simakova locked. At the even-year European Championship, there is no all-around final and the team competition format is 5-3-3, so if you’re a nation like Russia that’s expecting team gold here, selection is all about finding three people for each event. This locked group would give us

Vault: Melnikova, Komova, Simakova?
Bars: Komova, Melnikova, (?)
Beam: Komova, Melnikova, (?)
Floor: Melnikova, Simakova, (?)

So from there, you more or less need one more person for each event. Now, you could use Simakova for bars and beam and Komova for floor, but you want to protect Komova as much as possible, and there are higher-scoring options than Simakova on bars and beam. The most value you could add to this team immediately would be with Ilyankova.

Vault: Melnikova, Komova, Simakova?
Bars: Komova, Melnikova, Ilyankova
Beam: Komova, Melnikova, Ilyankova?
Floor: Melnikova, Simakova, (?)

That’s the best available bars trio, and while Ilyankova is not an ideal beamer, I don’t know that there’s a more reliable option out there right now. She could end up doing beam at Euros. For the remaining spot, a lot comes down to whether you trust Simakova to vault (she should have a vital rudi but missed for 12s a couple times at Russian Cup). If you do trust Simakova, then you’re left looking for only a floor routine and another possible beam option. That’s why Kharenkova—now a beam and floor specialist—has seemed an appealing choice. Yet, her inconsistency and general Kharenkova-ness could be her undoing.

Still, Russia may elect to roll the dice with Kharenkova and put up this team.

Vault: Melnikova, Komova, Simakova
Bars: Komova, Melnikova, Ilyankova
Beam: Komova, Melnikova, Kharenkova
Floor: Melnikova, Simakova, Kharenkova

If that’s too scary, then you replace Kharenkova’s name with Alexeeva (if healthy) or Zubova in the above scenario, though Zubova is in the exact same consistency boat as Kharenkova. I’m not sure there’s much of a difference. It’s all terrifying.

Another sensible option could be to hitch the wagon fully to Ilyankova for beam and go with Akhaimova as the fifth team member. Akhaimova could provide a third floor routine as well as a backup vault option instead of Simakova—though Akhaimova’s vault scores haven’t been that big lately either.

Needing a third DTY (Russia just can’t show up to the team final with some full) is how Nabieva or Trykina would get on the team, but floor would be a real problem in that case.

This may be the hardest team to pick, but Great Britain is in the running for that as well.


Official roster:
Marina Boyer, Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, Coline Devillard, Juliette Bossu, Lorette Charpy

France was faced with a much less challenging team decision. This is the clear five and a group that should challenge for a team medal in a very even field. It will be an exciting one.

Vault: Devillard, Dos Santos, Boyer
Bars: Dos Santos, Bossu, Charpy
Beam: Boyer, Dos Santos, Charpy
Floor: Dos Santos, Boyer, Bossu/Charpy

We’ll see whether Bossu is flooring, but a successful meet from Charpy will be critical to France’s medal hopes regardless. They can’t be getting 12.3s from that first spot if they want to beat GB and company.


Nominative roster:
Alice Kinsella, Lucy Stanhope, Georgia-Mae Fenton, Kelly Simm, Becky Downie

Great Britain looks like it is without Ellie Downie, Fragapane, and Tinkler for Euro team selection right now, which inevitably puts depth pressure on the squad and lessens our overall expectations of performance. Medals are still possible, but a full-strength team would have been a silver favorite and a gold possibility.

This nominative group makes some sense as a final team. A lot of us have been rooting for Welsh gymnasts like Methuen or Bevan to get on the team to do beam, but the return of Becky Downie does eliminate some need to include another beamer. There may simply not be room for them, though the door shouldn’t be closed entirely. My real concern with this group is that it looks a bit thin on floor. For that reason, I would imagine Taeja James is still being considered. If she hits, she brings some serious floor scoring potential that this current team does not have. As it is, the nominative five would probably have to rely on Fenton for floor—who did report a personal best on floor at a training camp while leading the all-around, another feat that might indicate she’s hitting beam right now.

Vault: Stanhope, Kinsella, Simm/Fenton
Bars: Downie, Fenton, Simm
Beam: Downie, Kinsella, Fenton
Floor: Kinsella, Simm, Fenton

If finalized, this team could provoke some controversy (Britain? Team? Controversy? NEVER!). I would consider swapping out Simm for James to do floor—and then using Kinsella on bars and Fenton on vault I suppose—but only if James is hitting regularly. That switch would probably earn more than swapping in Methuen or Bevan, but it’s a close race among a number of different teams, all of which have arguments.

Is this better?

Vault: Stanhope, Kinsella, Fenton
Bars: Downie, Fenton, Kinsella
Beam: Downie, Kinsella, Fenton
Floor: James, Kinsella, Fenton

Or this?

Vault: Stanhope, Kinsella, Fenton
Bars: Downie, Fenton, Kinsella
Beam: Downie, Kinsella, Methuen/Bevan
Floor: Kinsella, Methuen/Bevan, Fenton

Hit bars from Downie and Fenton will also put them in line to challenge for event medals there, which will be GB’s other hope for hardware.


Nominative roster:
Martina Maggio, Martina Basile, Elisa Meneghini, Giada Grisetti, Lara Mori

Noticeably absent in this group is Carofiglio, who had to pull out of the Mediterranean Games squad with injury and whose absence would be a blow to the scoring potential on vault and floor. Meanwhile, Maggio is still in the process of coming back, but a fully fit Maggio with best-case D scores would be a gigantic boost to the squad’s medal hopes, providing them with a potential TF routine on every event.

At first glance, this team seems beam and floor heavy, but Italy itself is beam and floor heavy, so there may not be other particularly realistic options right now. On bars, you put up Grisetti, Mori, and Maggio and hope for the best? I don’t know of a better choice than that. (There are some other Italians with bigger bars scores this year in Serie A like Clara Colombo and Irene Lanza, but they don’t seem to be in “the group.”)

Vault: Maggio (if DTY), Basile, Meneghini
Bars: Grisetti, Mori, Maggio
Beam: Meneghini, Mori, Grisetti
Floor: Meneghini, Mori, Basile/Maggio (depends on D for Maggio)


Nominative roster: Sophie Scheder Pauline Schäfer, Sarah Voss, Leah Grießer, Kim Bui

Based on Germany’s recent European Trial, this is the sensible group and one that (like GB) should remain at least in the mix for a team medal even though that prospect would have been more convincing with Seitz and Alt healthy.

Of the healthy gymnasts, Scheder, Schäfer, Bui, and Voss are the clear four right now, with Grießer the next best all-arounder who also brings third routines that can supplement some of the weaknesses among the four, particularly on beam. I do expect this to be the final announced team.

Vault: Voss, Schäfer, Bui
Bars: Scheder, Bui, Grießer
Beam: Schäfer, Voss, Grießer
Floor: Schäfer, Bui, Voss

Scheder is capable of more than just bars, but we’ll see where she is on the comeback train. The essential part is bars.


Official roster: Maellyse Brassart, Nina Derwael, Axelle Klinckaert, Rune Hermans, Julie Meyers

We had a surprise in the announcement of the Belgian team with Julie Meyers included in the five and Senna Deriks as the alternate, when the opposite would have been expected. It may not make a huge difference in the end since Derwael, Klinckaert, Hermans, and then Brassart on vault will be expected to do the work, but Deriks still could have filled in on a couple pieces (perhaps vaulted to give Derwael a break?) You wouldn’t expect Meyers to be used for competition routines.

This is the golden generation for Belgium, and this group will expect to make the team final here, a realistic aim, in addition to getting a bars medal for Derwael.

Vault: Brassart, Klinckaert, Derwael
Bars: Derwael, Hermans, Klinckaert
Beam: Derwael, Hermans, Klinckaert
Floor: Klinckaert, Hermans, Derwael


Nominative roster: Vera Van Pol, Eythora Thorsdottir, Tisha Volleman, Celine Van Gerner, Sanne Wevers

This is the best available team for the Netherlands, and it’s not that close. This group at full strength would be a very serious threat.

The question is going to be Eythora’s status. She performed just bars and beam on the first day of Dutch nationals and did not compete in the event finals. If she’s still limited to only bars and beam, that would mean the Netherlands is bringing two UB/BB specialists and would have to use Van Gerner for vault and Van Pol for floor. It can work, but it’s not ideal and would see NED fall off the team pace.

But if Eythora is doing vault (honestly even just a full), this team starts to measure up quite well in the race for the team final, which it should expect to make.

Vault: Volleman, Van Pol, Thorsdottir
Bars: Wevers, Thorsdottir, Van Gerner
Beam: Wevers, Thorsdottir, Van Gerner
Floor: Volleman, Van Gerner, Van Pol/Thorsdottir


Nominative roster: Sara Peter, Zsofia Kovacs, Boglarka Devai, Nora Feher, Dorina Böczögo

Hungary has had a difficult decision to make this year in whether to go with this group of five or add in Noemi Makra for her bars—a score that would be a major improvement over what this current team delivers.

Yet, getting rid of any one of this named group of five likely hurts the other events too much to be worth it. In the end, I think this nominative roster is the right call and makes for a competitive team, one that can at least harbor some hope of repeating 2016’s team final run.

Vault: Devai, Kovacs, Peter
Bars: Kovacs, Böczögo, Feher
Beam: Kovacs, Peter, Feher
Floor: Kovacs, Böczögo, Feher/Peter


Nominative roster: Nica Ivanus, Anamaria Ocolisan, Denisa Golgota, Carmen Ghiciuc, Laura Iacob

Romania won this title as recently as 2014, but that was many ages ago in gymnastics time. Romania has also never failed to make the team final at a European Championship, a streak that is on the line here but not a completely lost hope yet. The younger generations in Romania have been frustrated by their lack of opportunities in the past, but the new ones are getting an opportunity right now. Qualifying to the team final would be a huge victory for this group. Even more than the placement, however, they have to prove that they’re good enough not to need Ponor to come out of retirement and try to bail them out next year. This is the chance.

Romania has a number of very similar potential teams, all of which have arguments in their favor, but the surprise from this nominative group is the absence of Ioana Crisan. Crisan hasn’t been at the same level in 2018—and hasn’t shown floor at all—so perhaps Romania feels it’s not worth using one of the five spots on her. They have enough with Yfulls and scary bars routines already. But if this is the final team, it’s still noteworthy based on her omnipresence last season at Euros and worlds. Holbura is another potential snub here, as is Glavan, but their routines aren’t outwardly different enough from the named options to warrant changing the nominative group. This one works.

Vault: Golgota, Ocolisan, Ivanus
Bars: Ghiciuc, Golgota, Ocolisan
Beam: Golgota, Ghiciuc, Iacob
Floor: Golgota, Ivanus, Ghiciuc/Ocolisan

You could also use Ivanus on beam, but if Iacob’s on the team, she’s on it for beam.


Official roster: Giulia Steingruber, Ilaria Käslin, Stefanie Siegenthaler, Leonie Meier, Lynn Genhart

Steingruber, Käslin, and Meier are duh selections at this point for Switzerland. Plus, Siegenthaler has been getting regular assignments and brings a potential beam score, so the decision really just came down to the last spot on the team. There were no standouts for the role. I might have thought Studer (who went to worlds last year) would get the call to give Switzerland another bars score, but the spot went instead to Genhart, whom we haven’t seen compete in more than a year and is therefore a slight mystery prospect. Genhart did make the AA final at Euros last year, outscoring Studer in the process.

Vault: Steingruber, Meier, Genhart
Bars: Steingruber, Käslin, Meier
Beam: Steingruber, Sigenthaler, Meier
Floor: Steingruber, Meier, Käslin

It’s going to be tough for this group to make the team final given the field, but it’s not out of the question. How much can Steingruber carry them?


Nominative roster: Ana Perez, Nora Fernandez, Cintia Rodriguez, Paula Raya, Helena Bonilla

Ana Perez’s return makes things feel a whole lot better for Spain, boosting Spain’s collection of competitive routines by…exactly one routine per event.

This is the same roster that went to Mediterranean Games and is therefore unsurprising, though you might argue that it’s a little bars heavy (basically any of them could go) and a little floor light—an area for which Laura Bechdeju might be an option if they decide to make a change. I’m not exactly sure who you would get rid of, though, since Fernandez and Raya provide similar (or greater) boosts on their specialty events.

Vault: Perez, Fernandez, Bonilla
Bars: Perez, Raya, Bonilla
Beam: Perez, Rodriguez, Bonilla
Floor: Perez, Rodriguez, Bonilla


Nominative roster: Angelina Radivilova, Diana Varinska, Valeria Osipova, Yana Fedorova

Ukraine is electing to go with just four gymnasts, which is perfectly fine for team competition here because you never need more than three gymnasts on any event. So, they’ll have their three and a backup for good luck.

Varinska is the star. It’s a shame this isn’t an AA year for her sake, but she’ll expect to make an event final (or even two) with hits. Varinska’s individual success is the goal for Ukraine here, no matter what those massive domestic scores for the whole team might say, but putting up a competitive enough team score to proclaim that Ukraine isn’t dead would be nice too.

Vault: Varinska, Osipova, Radivilova
Bars: Varinska, Fedorova, Radivilova
Beam: Varinska, Radivilova, Osipova
Floor: Varinska, Radivilova, Fedorova

After Varinska, those roles are really interchangeable. Neither Radivilova nor Osipova have done bars so far in 2018, so someone will have to step up to be sure Ukraine has a team score.


Nominative roster: Gabriela Janik, Wiktoria Lopuszanska, Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska, Klara Kopec

We have weirdness in Poland’s nominative roster in that Marta Pihan-Kulesza, who just returned last month and casually won the national all-around championship, is not listed here. One would presume she’ll be included in the end if healthy because her scores would obviously be incredibly useful to the team. She could join Janik and KJK to make a fairly formidable three.

If MPK goes, I’d put her in for Kopec (since they did register just four spots) and go with this team.

Vault: Janik, Lopuszanska, Jurkowska-Kowalska
Bars: Janik, Pihan-Kulesza, Lopuszanska
Beam: Jurkowska-Kowalska, Pihan-Kulesza, Janik
Floor: Janik, Pihan-Kulesza, Jurkowska-Kowalska

If not, you could put Kopec back in for MPK, though that means Poland is probably counting a 10 on bars, which would take any team well down the standings. It’s interesting that new senior Oliwia Luka also didn’t receive a nod in the nominative group. Not necessarily an incorrect decision based on scoring potential, but interesting since she’s one of the future hopes for a group that’s extremely veteran reliant.


Nominative roster: Lucie Jurikova, Aneta Holasova, Dominika Ponizilova, Sabina Halova, Kristyna Brabcova

This is a talented team for the Czech Republic and one that should make at least a little noise in the standings, placing higher than you might typically expect from the Czech Republic.

The question about this group could be the omission of Veronika Cenkova, though she has not competed all four pieces yet in 2018 and didn’t get the scores on bars and beam at the Czech Championship (competing very low difficulty on bars). So she’s not at the necessary level right now, otherwise I would expect her to be part of the team. Watch out Aneta, you probably have to do bars now.

Vault: Ponizilova, Holasova, Jirikova
Bars: Jirikova, Ponizilova, Holasova
Beam: Holasova, Ponizilova, Brabcova
Floor: Holasova, Jirikova, Brabcova

I don’t have Halova in a lineup. Perhaps they are intending her for beam? Or just as a backup.


Nominative roster: Sigridur Bergthorsdottir, Lilja Olafsdottir, Agnes Suto-Tuuha, Thelma Adalsteinsdottir, Margret Kristinsdottir

We didn’t see Irina Sazonova or Dominiqua Belanyi at the Nordic Championships, and this nominative list tells us they’re currently unavailable, which takes a big chunk out of Iceland’s scoring potential. Both would be at Euros if available, and without them, Iceland will have to put up some 11s it otherwise would not have wanted to use.

Iceland tends to get domestic scores that put it close to the crucial top 24 in the world, but…skepticism. Euros will be another useful opportunity to see where those scores truly sit.

Vault: Suto-Tuuha, Bergthorsdottir, Olafsdottir
Bars: Adalsteinsdottir, Olafsdottir, Suto-Tuuha
Beam: Suto-Tuuha, Olafsoddir, Adalsteinsdottir
Floor: Suto-Tuuha, Kristinsdottir,  Adalsteinsdottir


Nominative roster: Demet Mutlu, Tutya Yilmaz, Goksu Uctas Sanli, Seher Atalay, Ilyada Sahin

All of Turkey’s best gymnasts are finally available at the same time, which will make this Turkish team one to watch at Euros. Good meets from Yilmaz and Uctas Sanli can give Turkey a solid supply of 12s.

Honestly, you could just go with Yilmaz, Uctas Sanli, and Mutlu in the all-around and be done for the day, but I like that Turkey is using the full complement of available team spots to include others in the group should they be needed. Can never be too careful. Sahin does add a little bit more on bars and should compete there since she’s on the team.

Vault: Uctas Sanli, Yilmaz, Mutlu
Bars: Yilmaz, Sahin, Mutlu
Beam: Uctas Sanli, Yilmaz, Mutlu
Floor: Uctas Sanli, Mutlu, Yilmaz


Nominative roster: Enni Kettunen, Sani Mäkelä, Siiri Saukkonen, Helmi Murto, Maija Leinonen

Like most of the other Scandinavian countries, this roster exactly mimics the one that competed at the Nordic Championships, and it’s the strongest full team Finland has sent to a major competition in a while. The crop of new 2018 seniors has really improved the depth of options. I was a little surprised by the omission of another new senior Viivi Nieminen because she could deliver a third vault score in the 13s that this group lacks, but otherwise it’s a clear collection of the best in the country.

Vault: Mäkelä, Kettunen, Saukkonen
Bars: Leinonen, Kettunen, Murto
Beam: Leinonen, Kettunen, Mäkelä
Floor: Murto, Saukkonen, Kettunen


Nominative roster: Beatriz Dias, Leonor Silva, Mariana Pitrez, Filipa Martins, Rafaela Ferreira

Portugal has exactly seven top level elites to choose from, with little to truly separate the non-Martins ones. The two snubbed here were Mariana Marianito and Mariana Carvalho, which is not the choice I would have gone with if everyone were healthy since Marianito is probably a top-3 AAer in the country at her best. She also did not get selected for the Mediterranean Games and is therefore likely unavailable.

Vault: Dias, Martins, Pitrez
Bars: Martins, Pitrez, Silva
Beam: Martins, Dias, Pitrez
Floor: Martins, Dias, Silva


Nominative roster: Jasmin Mader, Marlies Männersdorfer, Alissa Mörz, Elisa Hämmerle, Bianca Frysak

Austria has selected the five that stood out at the recent Austrian Championship, so no surprises here. Mader, Männersdorfer, and Hämmerle have been the leaders for a while now, and the new senior Mörz is there to supplement the group with reasonable options on vault, beam, and floor as they develop her into someone who can take on that mantle in the future.

Vault: Mader, Männersdorfer, Mörz
Bars: Hämmerle, Mader, Frysak
Beam: Hämmerle, Frysak, Mader/Mörz
Floor: Mader, Männersdorfer, Frysak/Mörz


Nominative roster: Sara Davidsen, Julie Erichsen, Julie Søderstrøm, Edel Fosse, Thea Nygaard

Norway hasn’t mimicked its Nordic Games roster, subbing in Julie Erichsen for Juliana Tøssebro here, probably in a beam role since Erichsen can get the occasional 12.  Most of the scoring work will be done by Søderstrøm, Nygaard, and Davidsen.

Vault: Davidsen, Søderstrøm, Nygaard/Fosse
Bars: Nygaard, Fosse, Davidsen/Søderstrøm
Beam: Søderstrøm, Davidsen, Erichsen
Floor: Nygaard, Davidsen, Søderstrøm


Nominative roster: Barbora Mokosova, Ema Kuklovska, Chiara Bunce, Radoslava Kalamarova, Karolina Takacova

It’s nice to see Slovakia sending a full complement of gymnasts and not just Mokosova (she’s another one who probably wishes this were an AA year since she has looked good on the world cup circuit and could have placed well). It’s still the nominative roster, but I don’t think there’s much question that this will be the group of five.

Vault: Mokosova, Bunce, Kuklovska
Bars: Mokosova, Takacova, Kalamarova
Beam: Mokosova, Takacova, Kalamarova
Floor: Mokosova, Bunce, Kalamarova


Nominative roster: Teja Belak, Tjasa Kysselef, Lucija Hribar, Adela Sajn

Slovenia has selected its clear top 4 gymnasts and did show us at the Mediterranean Games that it’s capable of putting up a full team score with three whole bars routines if so desired. The real focus, however, will be on trying to get Belak and/or Kysselef into the vault final—and maybe Sajn into the beam final if things go absolutely perfectly.

Vault: Belak, Kysselef, Hribar
Bars: Hribar, Belak, Kysselef
Beam: Sajn, Belak, Hribar/Kysselef
Floor: Kysslelf, Hribar, Sajn


Nominative roster: Mette Hulgaard, Linnea Wang, Emilie Winther, Victoria Kajø, Sofia Bjørnholdt

The only question lingering over Denmark’s team was whether Victoria Gilberg would get a selection. She does have a strong beam routine but hasn’t shown the other events in 2018, so they’ve opted for the all-arouner in Bjørnholdt instead. Though Bjørnholdt may not get a routine in.

Vault: Winther, Hulgaard, Wang
Bars: Hulgaard, Wang, Winther
Beam: Kajø, Wang, Hulgaard
Floor: Hulgaard, Kajø, Wang


Nominative roster: Arygyro Afrati, Evangelina Monokrousou, Ioanna Xoulogi, Evangelina Plyta, Vasiliki Millousi

These are the five gymnasts the Greeks sent to the Mediterranean Games, the best they have to offer except for new senior Evelina Magia, who brings solid scores but must not be available right now. Otherwise, she would be in the five. The real focus here will be getting a beam hit out of Millousi in the critical moment. And a bars hit out of Plyta. Tilting at windmills.

Vault: Afrati, Monokrousou, Xoulogi
Bars: Millousi, Plyta, Xoulogi
Beam: Millousi, Xoulogi, Monokrousou
Floor: Xoulogi, Afrati, Monokrousou


Nominative roster: Maria Smirnova, Yulia Inshina, Marina Nekrasova

Azerbaijan is sending its three healthy gymnasts (Tishkova has not competed in 2018), which will be enough to get a team score if they all compete the all-around. We shall see. Nekrasova came up one spot short of making the all-around final at worlds last year, which is not strictly relevant but is a thing to say.


Nominative roster: Elina Vihrova, Marija Ribalcenko, Linda Tugarinova, Anastasija Dubova

With new seniors Vihrova and Tugarinova, Latvia is able to send a full team to Euros. I’m hopeful they will put enough routines up for a team total, but since Vihrova has been competing only bars lately (their best bars routine by about a million tenths), the others will need to have it together.

Vault: Ribalcenko, Tugarinova, Dubova
Bars Vihrova, Dubova, Tugarinova
Beam: Dubova, Tugarinova, Ribalcenko
Floor: Dubova, Tugarinova, Ribalcenko


Nominative roster: Meitar Lavy, Shailee Weiss, Ofir Netzer, Ofir Kremer

Israel is having some depth issues these days (it’s tough to get a full team of routines together without Tzuf Feldon and Gaya Giladi), but this group should be able to manage a team score while introducing new senior Meitar Lavy to the club, hopefully providing a few new score options.

Vault: Netzer, Kremer, Weiss
Bars: Kremer, Netzer, Weiss
Beam: Kremer, Weiss, Lavy
Floor: Netzer, Weiss, Lavy


Nominative roster: Jonna Adlerteg, Jessica Castles

My ancestral homeland has disappointed again by sending just two gymnasts, not enough to record a full team score. Adlerteg is there for bars (and could make the final if she hits on the first day), while Castles is there as the new heir to the Swedish ONE ALL-AROUNDER position—and also because she’s based in the UK and that makes things easier.


Nominative roster: Meaghan Smith

Smith is Ireland’s best gymnast right now, but pull it together Ireland and send more than one person.


Nominative roster: Anastasia Theocharous, Gloria Philassides

I love that Cyprus is making a point of being a thing now, sending multiple people to any meet it can get its hands on. As a result, Cyprus has gradually managed to gain ground in the national team rankings and be all not-last now.


Nominative roster: Pamela Georgieva, Greta Banishka

Looks like Laney Madsen couldn’t make it…

We’re also not seeing Mileva, Yankova, Rashkova, or Todorova, but if you’re going to send two, the two selected are the best all-around options.


Nominative roster: Christina Zwicker

Croatia has gone with new senior Christina Zwicker as its lone representative. Ana Derek hasn’t competed in a while (not since March, and only then on two events), so Zwicker is probably the next best individual AA option. It’s a bit disppointing not to see Croatia’s Challenge Cup vault stalwarts Tkalcec and Kajic get nods here. Tkalcec could have ranked fairly well on vault here. If you were set on sending one person, she’s the one I would have picked.


Nominative roster: Anna Subbotina

Georgia is sending new senior Anna Subbotina as it’s only representative. Last year it was Maria Butskikh, but we haven’t heard from her in quite a while. Remember that time Alla Sosnitskaya was supposed to be becoming Georgian?


Nominative roster: Agata Vostruchovaite

Lithuania always has exactly one gymnast, and now it’s Agata Vostruchovaite, who also represented Lithuania at last years Euros and worlds.


Nominative roster: Aurelie Keller

Luxembourg has a person now! Aurelie Keller is a new senior who scored 42.000 AA at an open meet in Austria earlier this year.

14 thoughts on “Euros Team Selections”

  1. This team final is going to be the most unpredictable competition ever, several teams could medal.

    1. Right. But I think Russia should have a fairly easy run for gold this year. Everybody else is too far off.

      1. I don know that I agree with that. France is coming on strong this year and if they hit and Russia is Russia, it wouldn be out of the question for France to take home gold. Same could be said for GBR, with Becky back it could be possible for their first gold. However, that would require Kinsella and Simm to be at the top of their game and for Fenton and Downie to nail the hell out of bars.

    1. She says on her instagram that she doesn’t know yet, but since she tore something in her finger, that makes training bars kind of difficult

  2. Also, Laney Madsen is a joke. So Europeans is not a competition big enough for her, huh? Just taking a World’s sport from someone who actually earned it. Kylie Dickson 2.0, amazing.

    1. I don’t think she got a FIG license as Bulgarian citizen like Aleexeva got.

    2. Is there a reason we think Laney Madsen is -choosing- not to compete at Europeans? Like the commenter below, maybe she doesn’t have a FIG license yet. Or maybe she wasn’t one of Bulgaria’s top two choices for individual spots at Euros.

      Unlike the Belarus situation, I can see how Madsen could be a useful member to fill out a Worlds team while still leaving her home for Euros. That said I think it’s weird that they’d just grant her a spot on the Worlds team so far in advance – weird enough that I question whether that was actually the deal, or if her bizarre dad misinterpreted “possible opportunity to compete for Bulgaria” as “guaranteed ticket to Doha.”

  3. Looking like:
    Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, and Hungary for team finals. Italy didn’t look so hot earlier in the year but had a great Mediterranean Games.

    Romania isn’t likely to make team finals in my opinion.

    I think Switzerland is going to be in the running for team finals and could replace Hungary or Netherlands. With Netherlands the most likely to be knocked out of finals.

    1. For team finals, I think:

      By the way, is Roxana Popa ever going to compete for Spain again? With her in the lineup, Spain could be in the team finals, but without her they probably will not.

    2. Assuming they hit, Romania will definitely make the TF over Hungary/Switzerland, now that they’ve lost Kovacs and Steingruber, respectively. Romania’s regular level gymnasts are on par with HUN/SWI’s regular gymnasts, plus, they have Golgota to prop up their scores in a Iordache style situation. Germany should be fine, but without Scheder, they don’t really have any big scores on any event (Yes, Schafer on beam, but beam was sooo tight in 2017).

    1. Sadly for her, beam is pretty stacked for GB standards. Alice- CWG champ. Kelly- CWG bronze. Plus Becky Downie, and GMF can be great on beam. What they need most is a VT/FX gymnast, but they don’t have one right now.

  4. I guess it’s time for an update with Scheder (GER) and Steingruber (SUI) injured and out :’O

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