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And now for the seniors. Brace yourself. Get excited, if that’s your kind of thing. Or stare unblinkingly into the middle distance, if that’s your kind of thing.

The Simone-en-ing is upon you. Start list.

Emily Lee pulled out of the meet a couple days ago. Today, Adeline Kenlin pulled out (not re-injured, just not ready yet) and Olivia Dunne will be limited to only bars.

For your actually watching the meet needs, go to NBC. There’s also supposed to be an international feed on USAG’s YouTube.

Our first “it’s classic” scratches have appeared on the live scores with Emma Malabuyo not competing bars and floor.

These are the new memories and whatnot.

Intros underway now.


Moving to first event for warmups.


Terry Gannon is leading the broadcast and hasn’t said anything creepy or racist yet, so it’s already a win.

Carey – FX – MOORS, pretty good layout position – step back OOB – – DLO, also good shape but a bounce back – switch full, completely around – double double tuck, strong – K turn double might have been a little short of two turns but close so maybe credit – finishes front tuck through to double tuck, looked like she collapsed a little on her indirect connection but kept it going through to doubel tuck.  13.900.

Adams – UB – toe full to toe shap, hit – pak, solid, legs together – finishes FTDT with step to the side. 13.750.

Chiles – VT – we see second vault, Tsuk 1/2, clean. Got 14.500 for her DTY before that.

Smith – UB – inbar – inbar full – inbar 1/2 with some legs – hits jaeger well – piked stalder tkatchev, fingertips but hit – misses her Ricna, just took it too far. Finishes FTDT with hop in place. 13.300 with a fall is not bad.

Simone – FX – Moors – huge bounce back and OOB with both feet – front full to full in, good, a little shor twith a hop – switch to split leap 1.5, got it around, will get credit – Biles to stag, hit – wolf double, solid – switch full attempt, I would give switch 1/2 – double double tucked, excellent, small hop.

Well, an OOB but that was to be expected in her first routine back. Will still score very well of course. On track.

McCusker – VT – nice DTY, small hop to the side. That vault looks better than it did at the beginning of 2017. 14.350.

14.750 for Biles.

Mabanta – BB – side aerial, clean – finishes 2/1 with step back. Nice form what we saw.

We see a 3/1 on floor from MCallum, just around with some clear leg crossing throughout – double tuck, step back. 13.050.

Davis – BB – wolf turn double – aerial to split ring, good aerial, some E deductions on split ring – hit bhs loso series securely, feet – switch to switch 1/2 to split jump 1/2, also secure – side aerial, hit – Onodi, pretty, small check – switch ring, just foot problems but OK – double pike with hop, Really good hit and important because she needs an AA score.

Williams – FX – double arabian, nice shape, step forward, one step OOB – good shape on leaps – 1.5 to front full, huge lunge forward – double pike, deepish with step back but keeps that in bounds

Tim just said that following Simone on floor was bad karma. Like, I don’t even know what to do with this anymore, you guys.

Blakely – BB – double wolf, good – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, nice extension in switch 1/2 – fhs to front tuck, nice chest up, solid routine – aerial to split jump to split 1/2 – side aerial, strong – side somi, hit as well – she gets a little loose in some of those splits – double tuck, small step. Also a strong and important hit for her. 14.400. well now. This isn’t worlds.

Hollingsworth – FX – OOB on full-in – front tuck through to double tuck, stuck, nice – split leap full is short – switch 1/2, just a little tight on these leaps – 1.5 through to 2/1, secure – double pike, step back. Strong.

Hurd – BB – nailed back full, very strong – side aerial, hit – switch, nice – bhs loso, no trouble – aerial to split to straddle, crisp – front tuck and falls. It was going actually perfectly until that skill. Double pike, good, hop in place.

Eaker – FX – 3/1, a llittle short with an awkward landing – lovely extension in choreography of course – double pike, hands down.

So, after one rotation, Simone is winning. Please be surprised. Smith and Hurd both with falls. Big news was Blakely getting that 14.400 on beam.

I love that we’re just watching Simone’s floor again in the rotation break.

Biles in 1st, Chiles in 2nd, Blakely in 3rd


Biles – VT – Cheng with a bigger bounce back than we;ve seen from her – we’ll be talking a lot about how she has SO MUCH ENERGY – still won’t be deducted much because the form is so nice

Malabuyo – BB – gorgeous bhs loso loso series and then falls on a punch front – THEME – arabian with step forward – split to sissone – aerial to split ring jump – some small checks other than the fall – switch ring – bhs bhs double pike, small step back

Shchennikova UB – inbar 1/1 – inbar to tkatchev, hit – stalder tkatchev to Pak to stalder Shap 1/2 – stalder 1/2 – hit dismount! (chest down but hit!) Big deal for her to hit that.

Smith – BB – wolf double, hit – bhs layout, secure – back tuck full with an adjustment check at the hips working out of it – front pike, a little hop – straddle 1/2 from side position to split 1/2 from side, hit – aerial to split jump to straddle jump – bhs bvhs double pike, just a small hop in place, chest down. Some breaks but a hit.

McCusker – UB – tyoe full to toe shap to tkatchev, hit – Ricna to Pak to stalder Shap 1/2 – good – dismount time now – hits it, with a step forward, better than any of the six she did in podium. Great day for her so far.

Carey – VT – DTY, big height, hop back

Simone got a 9.400 E for her vault despite that landing.

15.000 on bars for McCusker. Big deal.

Jade VT 2 – 1/2 on layout 1/2, so she is downgrading both of her vaults still today, both solidly performed.

Long wait but Liz is laughing so it’s OK

Chiles – UB – toe full to toe shap to bail, very secure, good leg positions – falls on piked jaeger. Tkatchev Gienger is hit – FTDT, stuck. Most of the skills were excellent, but then the fall. Chiles.

14.900 for Shchennikova on bars. That’s huge for her.

Hurd – FX – Moors from her a well – a little piking on this one with a hop – DLO, good – closeup of her during her dance elements, not acceptable – but split leap 1.5 looked good – front lay to front 2/1, a little hop tot he side as she scoots it sround – lovely leaps – double pike, short with a hop. Fine, not her strongest, but should score well.

Adams – BB – wolf turn triple to wolf turn double – hellish but well executed, you know – attempts split leap 1/1, not really all the wya around – three series to loso with 700 huge breaks in an attempt to save it, comes off in the end but I WIISSSSSHH she had saved it somehow because that would have been a historic save, a real keeper – hits side somi and transverse split 1/2 – bhs bhs 2/1 with shuffle

Blanco – FX – double Y spin, a little lean but I’ll give it – double arabian with a hop – great legs together shape – double pike, pulls in and stumbles back – split full – double L turn, drops a little – back 1.5 to front full, a little hopping – switch 1/2 – 2/1, hit set.

I love that just showing all of routines twice is a thing now.

So after 2 – Simone is winning, McCusker is in second, having looked great through two events, and Shchennikova is 3rd with that huge bars number. The hits from Smith and Hurd on their second events move them up to 6th and 7th.

No floor for Ragan here in the third rotation.


Mabanta – VT – full, pretty good height, hop back

Shchennikova – BB – wolf triple to wolf double – hit -bhs loso loso, check and some knees, saved it – aerial to split to sissone, broken connection – onodi, pretty, small check – side aerial, hit – switch – side somi – double tuck, pulls it around with hop. 13.400.

Berger finishes floor with double pike and sits it down


McCusker – BB – wolfing – aerial to split to back tuck, small shuffle but nicely done – bhs loso loso, saves it well without a check, ngood – switch to switch 1/2 with a check, one of the few who should actually be doing a switch 1/2 – split leap to side aerial, secure – split jump 1/2 from side, also actually extended – bhs bhs double tuck, step back

Williams – UB – toe ful to shap eot pak – struggles a little in connected stalder but keeps it going – Shap 1/2, nice, piked jaerger, hit – DLO, good straight shape with a small step. Nice.

Hurd – VT – large bounce back out of DTY, big vault but a huge lunge

Hollingsworth – Pak and Shap 1/2, some big legs breaks – jaeger, good – short on a cast – FTDT dismount, deep but hit

Blanco – VT – clean full, good height, hop back

Chiles – BB – replay of the Wolfkino – wolf 1.5 – bhs loso with a step back to correct – aerial to split jump to straddle, short on split but secure – side aerial to switch to switch 1/2, the switch 1/2 is not close with a check – side somi, hit -front tuck with a check – Korbut, out fo broken connection – double pike (no Patterson) with a large stumble back, multi-step

McCusker went 14.550. Nailing this meet so far.

Gilstrap – BB – wolf turn double – hit – front tuck with a check – bhs loso, solid – aerial to split ring, not bad at all on split ring –

Carey – UB – clear hip to Ray, falls – Yezhova – Shap to Pak, the Pak is her highlight on bars – giant full – other highlight is FTDT, that part was good.


“He so badly wanted to get with Simone” – #phrasing

Biles – UB – Weiler 1/2 to Shap to Tkatchev – close but hit it – toe full, goes over and falls. OK, who remembers the last time Simone fell on bars? piked tkatchev to Pak – toe Shap 1/2 is really nice – Fabrichnova, great with a hop forward.

Johnston – BB – double turn attempt and falls –

With a 13.350 on bars, Simone is in second to McCusker. Well………

Shchennikova hit both bars and beam (WHAT) and is still in 3rd. Hurd is 4th.


McCusker – FX – DLO, shortish with hop forward but hit – split leap full – double pike, secure – wolf turn double – front double full to front tuck, just does get it around on the front tuck to her feet – double tuck, hop back – 13.600.

A big 14.000 for Audrey Davis on bars gets her the AA qualification score easily.

Adams – VT – attempts….something? lands sideways after 1.75 twists. Shame.

Chiles – FX – 1/5 through to double arabian, step forward OOB – DLO, comfortable, hop back – full-in, secure but chest well down – double pike, hop. Fine.

Malabuyo – VT – DTY, just a hair under-rotated and then a lunge back

Smith – VT – came onto the table pretty high, but that was fine in the end, some legs, came in pretty short with a hop forward and chest down

Eaker – BB – switch leap to split ring leap (the only non-awesome skill in her routine – aerial to split ringjump to bhs, I love the way she moves out of that bhs though she got a little ahead of herself this time – side aerial to loso loso, great – side somi, hit securely – switch ring to bhs, a little slow in combination – switch 1/2 to Korbut, FAB – Annnnnnnd she splits the beam on a switch leap. I quit. switch to switch side, lovely the second time – bhs bhs 2.5 with a hop.

Hurd – UB – Inbar HSap to stalder full to tkatchev, gorgeous – Ricna to Pak, no trouble – stalder shoot, great tores and verticals – inbar 1/2 – inbar 1/1 a little late to FTDT with a hop. Great set.

Johnston – FX – DLO, short, nearly knee down with a lunge forward- whips to double tuck, good – double pike, chest down but fine

Sloane Blakely breaks 53, so she’s also through to nationals.

Carey – BB – wolf turn 1.5, tentative but done – split leap to side aerial, secure – transverse split jump 1/2 with a wobble – bhs to loso to whip back, which is unusual – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck – short on the switch 1/2 but the regular was good – aerial with a check – bhs bhs double pike, HUGGGGEEE stumble back with multiple lunges but stays standing somehow

Shchennikova – FX – front lay to double front, hands down – Alyona! We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! back 1.5 to front 1.5, whippy but fine – switch 1/2 – double pike, chest with a step – wolf turn 2.25 – wolf turn double – double tuck, quite low but to her feet

56.350 final for Morgan Hurd, which is a huge score with a fall.

Biles – BB – wolf turn triple, great – straddle to pike jump, not wild about the pike jump – hits the barani well – bhs loso loso, very solid – switch to switch 1/2, some small checks, breaking the connection with those and the back pike – front pike, small check – aerial to split jump is good – bhs bhs full-in, strong. A little tight in a couple places, and with a hop back on the landing, but the usual Biles.

Meanshile, Shilese just hit a good piked jaeger and FTDT on bars.

McCallum – BB – back dive mount – wolf turn triple, good toe point – follows with the double – transverse straddle 1/2 –  side aerial to loso with just a small check – front tuck, a little adjustment – switch to aerial, wayyyyy off, sits it down and comes off the beam.

Beam has been VERY Classic today.

So yeah. Simone won. Deal with it. The other big news was the performance of McCusker, who will be a real threat as the #2 AAer if she stays healthy. Hurd has to be OK with third-place considering she missed on beam and had a big bounce back on vault. Would have been well into the 57s with a hit beam.

STRONG finish for Shilese Jones in 4th with a 54.900. Shchennikova takes 5th despite a miss on floor.

Audrey Davis got the AA score she needed here. Sloane Blakely and Luisa Blanco also qualified to nationals.

There will be a lot to break down. Meet back here for that and then in five days for Euros?

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  1. Is there a charge to watch it on NBC? Do you need a cable subscription or something?

  2. HALLELUJAH TERRY GANNON IS ON COMMENTARY. For years I’ve wanted him instead of Trautwig – he does such a great job as the “layman” commentator in figure skating, so I think he’ll be really good here.

      1. Why does everyone dislike Nastia so much? Not trying to start anything, I’m genuinely curious.

  3. Watching on Olympic channel. Should I stream on NBC will I see more routines?

  4. What feed is Spencer watching? The Olympic channel is showing -2 routines

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      1. Agreed! He’s a person and probably would feel bad to have his body discussed. Thanks for calling that person out!

  6. Did Berger walk off the floor before her music stopped, right after her fall? Hopefully she didn’t injure anything.

    1. Oh, no, I had two feeds open and the music was playing in one while in the other she had already finished. Whoops.

  7. Super interesting that Kerry Perry presented AA medals for the juniors but not for the seniors (they had a USAG board member instead). She knows those young women hate her guts (if not for being useless in the Nassar aftermath, then for firing Rhonda).

    1. also that Simone called her out in her post-meet interview (as seen on youtube by flogymnastics) talking about how the talk about changes needs to come from Kerry Perry and not just the survivors

  8. First of all, Simone is amazing. No other words necessary.

    Secondly, my 11-year-old son who doesn’t actually watch gymnastics sat down with me and, about a minute in, he asked why we were watching people stand around when there were probably 2 or 3 routines going. And NBC hasn’t noticed or had a problem with this issue yet???

  9. I’ve always been skeptical of the Moors and this competition sealed the fact that it’s simply not worth it. The 0.1 advantage over the Chusovitina is out of line with the rest of the skills in the double layout family:

    A double layout is an F
    A double layout with half twist (Biles) is a G
    A full-twisting double layout (Chusovitina) is an H

    Adding an additional 2 half-twists should be worth 0.2 more yet it’s only 0.1 more. Once again, arbitrary skill valuing by FIG…

    1. I don’t think it’s worth upgrading from a Chuso to the Moors unless you can do it like Simone because the deductions are not worth the 0.1 in added D

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