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NCAA Roster Reveals

We still have quite some time before we become fully ensnared by anticipation for the NCAA season, but we need this right now. So in case you hadn’t heard, late August is already upon us. The actual meets may still be more than four months away, but mandatory-bonding-exercises season is ALIVE AND WELL. And isn’t that what we’re really here for? (It isn’t.)

Late August also means that we’re right in the midst of roster-reveal season. This will happen in stages and incompletely—some schools won’t actually know their rosters until the season is almost over (barely kidding), some freshmen won’t arrive until January and will be badly kept secrets until then, some walk-ons will disappear in about 2.5 months—but we do already have some complete rosters to inspect. I’ll note all newcomers, as well as any early or unexpected departures and any applicable coaching changes.


Added signed freshmen Olivia Trautman and Allie Stern and walk-on Emma LaPinta.

Added sophomore transfer Karrie Thomas from Maryland. Last season, Thomas had a floor RQS of 9.850 and a bars RQS of 9.820.


Added signed freshmen Trinity Thomas, Sydney Johnson-Scarpf, Leah Clapper, Savannah Schoenherr, and Nya Reed, and walk-on Halley Taylor.

Francesca Lawal is no longer on the roster.


Added freshman walk-on Rebecca D’Antonio. (Bailey Ferrer is slated to be a January addition.)

Gracen Standley is no longer on the roster. Standley did not compete in 2018.


Added signed freshmen Hunter Dula, Cammy Hall, Cristal Isa, and Adrienne Randall.

Erika Muhaw is no longer on the roster, having graduated in three years—so she was technically a senior last season even though it was only her third year at Utah.


Added freshmen Sarah Hargrove, Abby Johnston, and Kaylee Quinn, Megan Thompson, and Adnerys De Jesus.

Rachel Thompson has taken a redshirt year after missing last season.

Torri and Karley Hutchinson are no longer on the roster. Torri appeared three times on bars and once on floor in 2018. Karley appeared 5 times on vault and once on floor.

Mike Heredia has joined as assistant coach, replacing Chris Brooks.


Added its 80 million person freshman class of Rachel Baumann, Rachael Lukacs, Megan Roberts, Alexa Al-Hameed, Sterlyn Austin, Sami Davis, Mikayla Magee, Alyssa Perez-Legones, and Abbey Ward.

Jordyn Pedersen is no longer on the roster.

Neither are Gracie Cherrey, Ashley Foss, and Madison McPherson, all of whom medically retired last season.

Jason Vonk has joined as assistant coach, replacing “I guess Suzanne will do it,” who was replacing Charlie Tamayo.


Added freshmen Asia DeWalt, Emily Gaskins, Jensie Givens, Griffin James, and Shallon Olsen.

Added sophomore transfer Tia Kiaku from Ball State. Kiaku recorded a 9.875 RQS on floor in 2018.

Ryan Roberts has joined as assistant coach, replacing Bryan Raschilla.


Added freshmen Maya Bordas, Milan Clausi, Talitha Jones, Grace Quinn, and Abi Solari.

Toni-Ann Williams is taking a 5th year this season (and currently has a dislocated elbow because of course).


Added freshmen Katarina Derrick, Amanda Elswick, Kennedy Hambrick, Bailey Lovett, and Savannah Pennese.

Kirby Rathjen, Lakin Legereit, and Ellie Wylie are no longer on the roster.


Added freshmen Brenna Brooks, Talia Brovedani, Amara Cunningham, Madeline McLellan, Meaghan Ruttan, and Hannah Vandenkolk.


Added signed freshmen Abby Brenner, Abby Heiskell, Natalie Wojcik, and Maddie Mariani.

Added sophomore Anna Dayton and sophomore transfer Anne Maxim. Anna Dayton, a slayer of monsters, had retired from gymnastics after JO but has decided to return, which is awesome. Maxim is a transfer from Michigan State who went as high as 9.900 on UB and 9.800 on VT in the 2018 season.

No longer on the roster are Polina Shchennikova and Sam Roy due to retirement. Shchennikova released this statement.

BTW, I love Michigan actually announcing and explaining its roster changes. This should be a trend.


Added freshmen Sabrina Cheney, Molly Frack, Derrian Gobourne, Reid Schaefer, Mia Schlarbaum, and Sydney Wrighte. Frack was not part of the announced signing class as she was originally supposed to join for the 2020 season but has arrived a year early.

Sydney Bassett has taken a redshirt year after missing last season.

Telah Black is no longer on the roster.

Ashley Priess-Johnston has joined as assistant coach, replacing Mary McDaniel.


Added freshmen Ashlyn Johnson, Maddie Quarles, Alexandra Ruiz, and Alexis Vasquez

Boise State

Added freshmen Tessa Depasquale, Hope Masiado, Danielle Shafer, Samantha Smith, and Alexis Stokes.


Added freshmen Mallory Mizuki, Shaylah Scott, Torie Stotz, and Erin Weisel.

Added junior transfer Morgan Bixler from Maryland. Bixler had a vault RQS of 9.795 in 2018.

Mary Jane Horth is now Mary Jane Otto and was also granted a sixth year to continue at Illinois in the 2019 season. Sixth years are all the rage.

Jessie Deziel has joined as assistant coach, replacing Ashley Priess-Johnston.

NC State

Added freshmen Kailin Foland, Meredith Robinson, Alexis Sheppard, and Haley Zarett.

Added sophomore transfer Alliah Harrison from Western Michigan.


Added freshmen Frances Bidwill, Hannah McCrary, and Mya Mulligan.

Alyssa Johnson is no longer on the roster.

Becca Shugel is returning for a 5th redshirt year after missing 2018 with injury.

Arizona State

Added freshmen Jasmine Gutierrez, Kaitlin Harvey, and Stephanie Tripodi

Averie Brook is no longer on the roster.

George Washington

Added freshmen Paige Apperson, Simone Banen, Deja Chambliss, Olivia Raymond, and Olivia Zona.

Alex Zois and Brooke Bray are returning for fifth years.  Zois did not compete her freshman season in 2015 due to injury.

Justin Watson has joined as assistant coach, replacing Jason Vonk.


Added freshmen Madison Brunette, Morgan Hoang, Eve Micco, Wesley Stephenson, and Grace Waguespack.

Penn State

Added freshmen Melissa Astarita, Dymiana Cox, and Donna Howell.

Added junior transfer Erynne Allen from Kentucky.


Added freshmen Allie Gilchrist, Alexandra Greenwald, Lauren Guerin, Bridget Killian, Jax Kranitz, and Mackenzie Vance.

Kent State

Added freshmen Katelyn Arnett, Riley Danielson, Elizabeth Fulton, Samantha Henry, Madison Iannuzzo, Camryn Klein, Kendra Lindway, and Madison Trott.

Alyssa Quinlan is no longer on the roster.

Southern Utah

Added freshmen Mayson Bentley, Caitlin Kho, Karley McClain, Shylen Murakami, Rachel Smith, Stephanie Trevort, and Emma Wissman.

Karen Gonzalez is taking a 5th year.

McKenna Burnside, Julianna Dahlke, Amanda Wiltsie are no longer on roster.

West Virginia

Added freshmen Esperanza Abarca, Mackenzie Black, Kendra Combs, Rachel Hornung, Kristin Lang, and Taylor Sell.

Kaylyn Millick has joined as assistant coach, replacing Shea Anderson.


Added freshmen Kennedi Davis, Asia Duvernay, Mackinzie Kane, Alivia Kendrick, and Melissa Mascarenas.

Taylor Spears has joined as assistant coach, replacing Dianna Ranelli.

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