Cottbus World Cup – Finals Live Blog Day 2

You can follow the overall Olympic qualification standings here, always linked at the top of the site. Today, we have finals on the remaining five events, beginning with beam and men’s vault.

First, the little boys are demonstrating back extension rolls while Carlos Yulo looks on going, “Same,” and then we’re conducting the competition for most German possible man. The winner is everyone.

Oh god, the world feed has our nemesis doing commentary. It was better yesterday when there was no sound. I’m torn between wanting to watch on mute and being afraid I’ll miss something insane that I need to know about forever. Oh. Jorge is still “Yorg.”


Golgota – BB – switch mount, strong – switch 1/2, large break, short of split, breaks connection into Korbut – bhs to back pike series, falls – front tuck, small hop – side somi with a larger lean correction – side aerial, leg-up check – split leap to switch to switch side, quite short back leg on those split elements – double tuck, step forward.


Frasca – VT 1 – Kas 2/1, good power, fairly large lunge back – was distracted by the commentator referring to his hair as a “top knot” because I can barely even. 14.766

Frasca – VT 2 – pretty excellent Drag, just a little hop forward. That’s what he was looking to do at worlds. Only a bit of cowboy. “Oh the top with the hips” is nothing. 14.700

14.733 average.

Yumoto – BB – front tuck mount, small adjustment – switch 1/2, lean at the hips on landing – full turn, a little tentative – aerial, breaking connection to leaps but good individual execution – bhs loso, check – side somi, falls – straddle 1/2 from side, lean – switch ring, OK – double pike, best part of the routine, good control, very small hop.

11.700 and ahead of Golgota

Tseng – VT 1 – huge Tsuk double pike, and flies back onto his butt like he was hit in the stomach with a laser – slides backward, halfway off the mat hilariously and then can’t really get back up.

Tseng – VT 2 – double front – lands fairly deep with a bound forward

13.916 average.

Saraiva – BB – bhs mount to split to Korbut, lovely – bhs layout, falls – huge and well performed of course, just Flavia – split leap to sissone – bhs loso loso, right on – switch ring, excellent execution, hop forward – aerial to split ring jump – split ring leap, check – double pike, stuck. SIGH.


Karimi – VT 1 – double front, pretty strong, just a single step forward, good direction – feet and cowboy, but comfortably completed. 14.400

Karimi – VT 2 – Kas 1.5, also solid, similar single medium-sized step forward. Won’t have the difficulty to challenge for the top spots but he can take advantage of the people who splat like Tseng.

14.450 avergae and into second

Scheder – BB – switch, clean – switch 1/2, good lift, not connected but well done – aerial – bhs bhs loso, fairly large leg-up wobble – side aerial, super short and falls, no chance to save – side somi, strong – side jump, holds with a lean, some feet in that one, otherwise the leaps are really well executed – gainer layout, short with a hop forward.


Yonekura – VT 1 – Well, it’s unclear what version of Kas he will get credit for – he was going for the 2.5, not sure I would give that, not close enough around. Huge bound forward out of it and off to the side with some additional little hops.

He got the 6.0 D and a 14.500 total. Charitable, but his hop forwars solid it –

Yonekura – VT 2 – handspring front 2.5, quite good on this one – step back but normal-sized – some legs, not much distance but fairly typical of a handspring twisting vault.

Varinska – BB – bhs bhs layout, gigantic break and hands grab the beam to save it – nice switch ring – switch to sissone, pretty – aerial to sissone – side somi, good extension – split leap to side aerial with step back, split leap was actually real – 2/1 dismount, small hop. First one who didn’t fall….? Is something I guess…?

13.200 so she’s behind Flavia.

Huang – VT 1 – Kas 2/1 and stuck. Excellent distance and straight position, just a lean to hold the stick. Only problem may be that his block was sort of indistinguishable from a handspring. Except it wasn’t a problem. 15.066. No worry.

Huang – VT 2 – handspring front 2/1, also super clean with some serious distance, much better distance than Yonekura – step forward – excellent leg shape

14.833 average and into first place.

Boyer – BB – aerial to split to tuck jump 1/2 – round off layout, well off to the side and falls – so Varinska is still the closest we have to a hit – switch 1/2 is good – L turn to full turn, nice – side aerial, large break with lean to the side – split leap to side somi to split jump 1/2 from side position, falls, love the combination idea but super difficult to do – double pike, small hop.

This beam final is so hilariously disastrous. 11.733.

Qu – VT 1 – Kas 2/1 for him as well, but short enough on the landing for a significant hop forward, hand travels close to the mat in saving the landing but does not touch. 14.700.

Qu – VT 2 – handspring front 2/1 attempt, super short and falls – really fantastic shape in the air but alas…

13.966 average

Andrade – BB – bhs loso, hit with a small lean, just a bit of feet – aerial to split to bhs – switch to switch 1/2, good extension, strong – overturns a full turn with a check – split jump 1/2 from side position, actually good – switch ring, leg-up check – side aerial, step back – split ring jump – checks on a number of skills but that counts as amazing today – double pike, small hop

13.766 and easily into first because of hitting. This is the world cup of Rebeca.

Radivilov – VT 1 – exceptional Dragulescu as usual – super high, chest up and well completed – massive cowboy but just that small hop back. 14.883

Radivilov – VT 2 – Tsuk double pike, also excellent – just a very small hop to the side, stays in the area. Should be the winner.

14.941 average and into 1st place.

“Those piked reversals.”

Lyu – BB – loso mount, strong – round off layout, step and a little lean – aerial to split to double stag, small adjustment – switch ring, pause before Korbut so no connection – double turn, holds it – side split 1/2, good – side aerial, a bit of a lean – 2/1 dismount, small hop back. A hit, bunch of little checks but nothing huge, counts as awesome today.

“Is she happy? Who can tell.”

Also Comaneci is “Common-itchy”

12.500 for her. 4.7 D.

Vega Lopez – VT 1 – handspring 2.5, just got it around but a deep landing with a large lunge backward and off to the side. 14.600 is too high relatively.

Vage Lopez – VT 2 – Kas 1.5 second vault, struggles with a lunge to the side and into the boards, which should tell you that those boards are way too close to the vault – just prevented him from Purvising onto the judges.

On vault, it’s Radivilov, followed by Huang, and then Frasca. On beam, it’s Andrade, followed by Saraiva and then Varinska. I take no issue with either podium.

Varinska will be quite happy with that finish on the assumption that this is a backup plan for the Brazilians as long as they stay healthy and compete with the team at 2019 worlds. She’ll expect to move up these standings later. Although Varinska would be favored to qualify from 2019 worlds as well through the all-around standings, so keep in mind this is going to get weird. That’s why someone like Lyu could end up as a significant winner at this one.



Griesser – FX – double tuck, short with a step – bent L turn double to immediate illusion – switch 1/2, nice and high – has significant trouble in combination on her second pass, I believe going for a front layout 1/1 out of a back 1.5, has to tuck it and lands super deep, hand down as she tries not to sit it – 2/1, fine – wolf double –


Arican – PB – “right, we like him” – has trouble on peach to one rail but just does keep it going into Healy, serious leg break though – nice Makuts- stutz is solid – double front 1/2 out, hop back. One trouble skill, the rest pretty nice


Mori – FX – “she is a real honey this one” WHAT IS HAPPENING – whip to full in, well completed, hop back – switch ring to switch side 1/2 – double Y to illusion, will get credit – 2.5 to layout, hop in place – 3/1, some legs, just a small slide – double pike, suppppppper short, knee nearly down, a couple lunges forward. It was excellent until then.


Gobaux – PB – has to walk on a stutz, multiple hand adjustments – tippelt is fine – bhavsar good, smooth swing through – double front 2/1, short on landing with a bounce forward. That landing and the stutz will take away the score.

14.233. All of these scores on all these events are so…high…

Klinckaert – FX – split leap 1/1, it’s low to the floor but around – really strong DLO, good height, small hop – pike full in, large bounce backward, does keep it in – may have dropped a little early on her double Y – double wolf – front tuck through to double tuck, identical problem to Mori in identical place in the floor, super short with lunges forward – double pike, basically stuck. A couple great passes in there, but the third was trouble.

12.900 and in 2nd place.

Likhovitskiy – PB – Tippelt, hit – stutz to one – stutz, very crisp – double pike dismount, lunge back – cleaner but not super full of content – great hs line – “Well-muscled lad” – at least he’s equal opportunity?

14.300, second place.

Barbosa – FX – whip to full in, lunge back, good chest up – piked full in, hop back – straddle jump 1.5, around – getting these leap elements around, slplits a little abbreviated – borderline OOB on third pass, I think it was – double pike, good control. Nice routine, not the major landing error the last two have had

13.550 and a deserved 1st place – did get the .100 for OOB

Nguyen – PB – Makuts with some crazy legs – double back to arms elements, all completed and maintains rhythm – some later vertical positions a little short with some feet – double pike, hop back –


Carey – FX – double double layout, lands entirely OOB and steps back it – DLO 1/1, controls landing, small step, also OOB though – double double tuck, short with hop forward – popa – split leap full may not get credit for landing all the way around – front tuck through to full in, lands with another OOB. Not one of her good ones with three OOBs.

Two of those OOBs were really well controlled landings just taken too far. The other two landings had some shortness and will incur more deductions.

13.300 and into third place.

She only got .400 on OOB, so I’m assuming one of them wasn’t taken? 0.300 for the first one, and then 0.100 for one of the others?

Lankin – PB – “Right, Kim Bui” – legs on stutz and fairly short of handstand  – quite a few hand adjustments but has the D – Tippelt and Bhavsar with nice height – double front, lunge forward –

14.766 and into 1st.

Bui – FX – whip to double tuck with bounce back – excellent amplitude on split 1.5 but a little out of control on landing – 2/1, a little legs with a bounce – 2.5 to front pike, just pulls around the front pike but short with a step – double pike, strong. Won’t be her best score, but with this final being kind of blah…

13.000 and in 4th.

Dauser – PB – stronger vertical positions than the others to start the set, but then went over on a stutz to one rail and had to come off – resuming super cleanly – double front 1/2 out, deep with a little hop back. Could have won this because no one has been that good.

Pihan-Kulesza – FX – 2.5 to front pike, secure, legs in the 2.5 – double arabian to stag, really nice, well done – quad spin, may get credit but started to drift onto the heel in the fourth turn – front 2/1, deepish landing but controlled – split leap 1.5, good horizontal. Really well done.

13.433 is a HUGE result for her. Serious Olympic points for someone who really needs them from these competitions.

Verniaiev – PB – peach 1/2 – peach to one, healy down – Makuts – hand adjustment – has the height in his tippelt as always – double front 1/2 out, bound forward. Not his strongest routine with some handstand hesitations and the dismount, but no one else has been very good, so this should be easily worth 1st place.

15.000 and into first.

Saraiva – FX – strong full in, very high – gigantic DLO, step back but stays in bounds – switch ring – split leap 1.5, clearly around – back 1.5 to front 1/1 with a little dance out – y spin single – split ring leap – double pike, nice. Best tumbling control of the final, clearly.

14.100 for Flavia, and she wins easily. Brazil goes 1-2 on both the beam and floor finals.

Georgiou – PB – peach 1/2 – peach, – Makuts – hitting smoothly so far – super crisp vertical positions – pulls back a handstand on stutz – front tuck 1/2, back out. Very strong and clean routine – will probably just miss it on the difficulty.

14.500 for 4th place.

All Brazil in the two women’s finals there, but a big result for Pihan-Kulesza on floor to get those points.

PBars goes Verniaiev, then Lankin, then Arican, though Lankin cannot get Olympic points because he was on the worlds team, so Arican will get 2nd-place points and Georgiou will get 3rd-place points.


Vecsernyes – HB – tak 1/1 pretty late – the 1/2 also not quite completed vertically enough –  layout tkatchev – Kolman with some crazy legs but caught – tkatchev – tkatchev 1/2 – Yam – stuck dismount but not his strongest execution today.


Macchini – HB – “They call him beefsteak” – Kolman with some legs, caught – Kovacs taken way too far and no chance to catch, fall – you know when you’re thinking “oh, that’s pretty” that it’s going to be a problem, super nice looking in the air – redoes it and catches – going a little crazy on the 1.5 pirouette and the Tak – DLO 1/1, steps back. A struggle even after the fall with some execution deductions


Miyachi – HB – double twisting layout Kovacs, excellent, you monster Cassina, hit – Kovacs, Kolman, hit – tak 1/2 is suppper late – DLO 1/1, opens well and sticks it. Impressive.

14.533. Clearly into 1st.

Nory – HB – tak 1/2 – layout tkatchev to tkatchev to tkatchev 1/2, well done – straddle jaeger and then loses his hand just doing nothing. Oh Arthur. Our commentator is very concerned about this scrape on his shoulder. Resumes routine – Yam – stalder – DLO double twist, short with a hop forward.

Deurloo – HB – Cassina to Kovacs, gets it done, a little sluggish with some legs swinging out but continues –  Kolman, good – Yam – double double layout, stuck, excellent job. Not too late on his pirouettes, perfect dismount.

14.300 and in 2nd

Srbic – HB – tkatchev – layout tkatchev – tkatchev 1/2, super clean – tak 1/2 – layout tkatchev 1/2 – tak 1/1 very late – DLO 1/1, stuck. Strong showing, despite the full pirouette he’ll get a huge E score.

14.733 and 1st place

Likhovitskiy – HB – layout tkatchev – tkatchev – full – 1.5, a little late – tak and tak 1/1, not bad for a full on HB – German giants – DLO 1/1, hop forward.

Our dude seems to think that Andrey Likhovitskiy invented German giants…

14.233 for 4th place. Good E score, doesn’t have the D, like PBars.

Zonderland – HB – Cassina to Kovacs, hit with usual legs – Kolman to Gaylord – actual nice vertical position on a full twist, followed by a 1/2 that’s a little late – double double layout, stuck. Fab and fun as always. He has the leg form, but the vertical positions were not bad and the difficulty was obviously there.

14.866 and 1st place for his 30 points. Nowhere close to Srbic on E, but Srbic nowhere close to Epke on D.

That was fun. Meet back here in February for Melbourne?

Points totals updated on the standings page.

22 thoughts on “Cottbus World Cup – Finals Live Blog Day 2”

  1. the commentator won’t stop talking about how attractive lara mori is. “a real honey,” etc. REALLY, olympic channel? is this REALLY the best you can do?

      1. This was on the livestream. It was some guy who knows nothing about gymnastics. I felt bad for Lara Mori just listening to him.

  2. Aw, bummed for Jade Carey. Sort of lost her composure after that first OOB. I really hope that going forward she can improve her dance and choreography… it’s frankly embarrassing, not for her but for USA gymnastics, to send one of your most talented gymnasts to international events with choreography like that. She doesn’t need to be losing artistry points.

  3. This process is fascinating, Flavia and Jade will almost certainly be on Brazil’s team, Italy could potentially earn a team berth which would have Lara on it….. meaning Jade Carey could easily be shifted to 2nd place by the time these points mean anything…. but USAG won’t send you again unless you finish 1st or 2nd in a field that may half disappear….It’s all so strange and confusing.

    1. We should be rooting for Jade not to be allowed to continue going. It will really screw up the US process if she qualifies.

      1. I support vetoing Jade being allowed to compete at the WCs any more.

        But I really hope Aly Raisman comes out of “retirement” and gets herself a solo spot in the beam and floor events. Would be lovely revenge on USAG if Aly were to do that – everyone should support Aly.

  4. No need to root jade not being allowed to continue…. I am going to just state the obvious that seeing how this has gone, it doesn’t look like she will qualify if things keep going the way it is….qualification thr fx is out of question as she wasn’t even in top 3… still have a chance at vt since usag will still send her since she got 2nd but this won’t be good since she can only go to 3….

    i guess she realize she had no chance in ub and beam so she’s scratching those two as she was supposed to do all 4 earlier?

    Summary: unless there is major improvement, it’s unlikely she will qualify to 2020 as an individual…

    1. Jade really did have a chance on BB, to be honest. She isn’t the prettiest there but she is really turning into a steady Aly on beam. She NAILED beam on both nights of US nationals, and with some more difficulty, she could actually turn beam into a strength. I know Andrade was on fire here, but beam is actually her weakest event (2nd weakest? floor maybe?), and if Rebeca could win this event, Jade could too.

    2. I don’t get Jade coming to this event and not doing her fuil difficulty on vault. A DTY and Lopez are not going to get it done if she expects to win, not with others doing Rudis and Tsuk 2/1. I know over the summer she was getting over an injury so that’s why she didn’t do the Amanar or Cheng at Nationals, and she didn’t need them to win at Pan Ams. But she needs to step it up or she has no chance.

      1. I want Jade to find success as I think she’s immensely talented, but I really don’t understand what she and her dad were expecting coming into this competition with low vault difficulty and a floor routine that appeared unpracticed and shaky.

        I have no idea why the Carey squad picked this first World Cup when it appeared she wasn’t ready. It would have been a much better idea to sit Cottbus out, analyze the competition, and see exactly what level the competition was at and what was needed to win 1st.

        I think they were expecting the competition to be a breeze and for Jade to be able to blitz the first 3 World Cups and lock her Olympic place in early. Now she’s sitting precariously having barely qualified to the second world cup with her 2nd in vault.

    3. She has 8 chances to compete, USAG will only fund 3 but by the same rule that they can’t bar you from attempting to qualify this route I don’t think they can stop her from paying her own way to more chances. And with only 3 highest out of 8 counting it’s impossible to count anyone anyone out until after the 6th meet!

  5. Tim on the Olympic channel TV broadcast. I really wonder who he thinks is watching a World Cup broadcast on the Olympic channel on Thanksgiving weekend? Too much to assume we have a basic understanding of gymnastics? Perhaps some knowledge of the sport? Maybe even some expertise? Can we up the level of commentary? Even a little? No one will know!

    1. IMO she just seems so shy, and internalized, and doesn’t wanna go all out. She seems very shy and timid… She just needs to come out of her shell and find some confidence with her dance. Her positions are fine.

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