Friday Live Blog – January 25, 2019

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The day began with BYU recording another massive home score, 196.450, at its Friday morning affair, while Utah State also kind of sort of took advantage of being at BYU to go 194.950—not a big number but a season high to this point.

In lineup news before we begin, Georgia’s preliminary lineups have Ward out on vault and Oakley and Baumann going instead, and Davis back in on floor instead of Magee. I do love that Georgia gives us preliminary lineups now. As does Auburn, where the only notable change right now looks like Krippner in on vault instead of Becker.

Cheney is in the tweeted vault lineup for Florida (long time no see). No Nya Reed.

Florida v. Kentucky begins

Rotation 1

Alexander – VT – UF – full, her usual big distance, a bounce back this time, not the control of last week but also not the huge bound backward we see sometimes. A medium showing for her. 9.775

Stuart – UB – UK – small arch in first hs – nice amplitude on tkatchev but a little ragged on shape – bail, hit – good final cast hs – DLO 1/1, just a small bit of piking, holds the stick almost long enough. 9.825

Cheney – VT – UF – nice! good distance and power on her full, also a bounce, not too big, a little more piking in the air than Alexander as well. 9.825

Nixon – UB – UK – toe shap to bail, good amplitude and vertical position, clean – short final hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck. Clean, probably her best so far of the season. 9.900. Here we go.

Chant – VT – UF – Tsuk 1/1 – Bridget says she’s never seen a Tsuk 1/1 in NCAA. Um, like, Marissa King? Oh Bridget – bounce on Tsuk 1/1, does pike pretty clearly toward the end with a little chest down. 9.775

Kwan – UB – UK – short first hs – high jaeger to overshoot, good straight body in overshoot – giant full to double pike, small step. A few more handstands in that one. 9.775.

Schoenherr – VT – UF – sits her 1.5. That vault isn’t there yet for her.

Dukes – UB – UK – tkatchev, closer on her catch, a bit flatter – pak, some legs – low on shoot with a muscle up, DLO, nice height, step forward. 9.600

Thomas – VT- UF – fab 1.5. It’s getting better each week. Still a hop forward but a smaller one. Great shape, no form deductions. 9.875

Hyland – UB – UK – giant tkatchev, good hs to follow – bail, some foot crossing – hits cast hs on high bar – FTDT, stuck, great routine.

Boren – VT – UF – not so much control on her 1.5 this week, a hop forward and then another step into salute. From the angle we saw, the leg form that has taken away her score the last couple weeks didn’t seem too apparent. Just a little legs apart on block. 9.800

Korth – UB – UK – 1/2 turn to excellent piked jaeger – a little abbreviated on following cast – bail hs, also a little legs apart – short on another cast – DLO 1/1, small hop. Not her most precise routine, but a usable score. 9.850

After 1: Kentucky 49.225, Florida 49.050

Well now, hello this meet. Florida not so strong on vault. Didn’t get the big scores they needed from the 10.0 starts besides Thomas, with Schoenherr falling and Boren being out of control on the landing. Scores also like, semi-reasonable. Kentucky did quite well on sticking important landings, which really helped those scores. A more precise rotation than Florida had.

Rotation 2

Kwan – Vt – UK – full, bounce back, a little piking in the air, good direction. Normal. 9.775

Boren – UB – UF – tkatchev, hit – clear hip to bail, nice vertical positions throughout – maybe a little rushed on final hs – DLO, stuck. Excellent. 9.950


Dukes – VT – UK – full – nearly gets the stick on it, just comes in short with a small step forward. That vault has really started working for her. 9.725. Got hit for shortness.

Gowey – UB – UF – Ray, strong – toe on – Pak, lovely, legs together – DLO, has to pike well down to find the stick but does hold it. Pretty routine as always from her. 9.900

Davis – VT – UK – good power on her full, small hop in place, mushier knees in the air, exacerbated by the brace, but best dynamics. 9.850 is pretty high for that.

Hundley – UB – UF – shap to pak, strong, just her usual built-in minor minor leg break on those and the Shap 1/2 – I saw one angled hs on low bar – FTDT, planted it as per usual. 9.950

Hyland – VT – UK – full, a little more pike than her usual – and a hop back – 9.900

Thomas – UB – UF – toe shap, lovely to clear hip – Pak, smallest little leg shudder – good hs – toe Shap 1/2, cleaner form than Hundley, nailing hs – DLO, small step. Almost perfect.

9.975. Please tell me Carol gave it a 10 without a stick. Alas no, it was the other one. Sibby was trying to keep up with Carol.

Stuart – VT – UK – 1.5, strong, one step forward and kind of off to the side, a very small bit of knees – great height and direction

Schoenherr – UB – UF – nice jaeger – bail looks a little short on vertical – one iffy cast – pretty solid finish on giant full, into double tuck. 9.900

Korth – VT – UK – 1.5, a little deep this time with a hop forward, larger landing error than Stuart, but stronger distance. 9.800.

Skaggs – UB – UF – tkatchev to pak, lovely counte rrotation on bars, good 1/2 turn on low bar, maybe a bit too much of an angle – nice hs on high – DLO, step and legs apart in the air. Will be another big number. 9.950.

OK so Florida just went 49.725 on bars. It was very nice, but obviously Carol got her hands on this one. And Sibby a little bit.

After 2: Florida 98.775, Kentucky 98.300

Florida’s highest score ever on bars. Just that.

Kentucky OK on vault. Landings were pretty good, like on bars, but I think they lost some ground because of lacking in dynamics going right after Florida’s lineup by comparison. Nice from Stuart. Korth didn’t have the landing control to get up to the same level, much like Boren.

Florida, I mean it was super clean. No problem with 9.9s for several of those routines, but it was not a…LITERALLY FLORIDA’S BEST BARS ROTATION EVER obviously. Because Carol is out tonight.

Rotation 3

Skaggs – BB – UF – wolf turn double, starts to teeter a little toward the end but holds it – switch to split, nice positions – bhs los, good extension and secure on series – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck. Excellent routine. 9.875

Staurt – FX – UK – double pike, huge bounce back into the gulf of mexico, OOB – 1.5 to layout, overcooks it and can’t get the layout around, may not have fully sat it down but definitely a leo-scraper as she tries to save it – no punch on her final pass attempt, ends up doing a tuck 1/2 to her face. So many problems that I’m worried she’s hurt in some way. She looks fine, but it was just so unexpected and on every pass. 8.600

Hundley – BB – UF – aerial, continues working through sissone with a little lean – bhs loso, secure, a little bit of knees there – switch side, good position – full turn with some style – 1.5, sticks. 9.900. (Skaggs was stronger?)

Warren – FX – UK – front 2/1, nice form, comes up a hair short so she takes a step back, but a small step – switch side to popa, quite nice on the straddle positions – rudi, also comes up a little short, this time with a more distinct step – full to tuck, step, solid enough countable routine coming after the fall. 9.700

Boren – BB – UF – gainer kickover front, nailed it – loso series, right on – a little pause befroe it – switch to straddle, comfortable – cat leap to gainer loso, all secure here – a couple pauses but nothing much on the skills – gainer full, two small steps back. 9.850.

Hyland – FX – UK – double pike, very secure, a little chest forward but strong – split leap full to wolf jump full, excellent positions and height there – 1.5 to layout, overdoes the 1.5 a little to the layout comes out horizontally, lunge forward. 9.850

Gowey – BB – UF – switch to split, a little back leg – bhs loso loso, leg-up wobble – CAN CAROL KEEP UP HER 9.9 STREAK? – aerial to sissone, secure – gainer full, hop back. 9.800

Dukes – FX – UK – double pike, some bounce back – switch ring and switch 1/2, very nice – front full to front layout, good straight body position, dance out – double tuck, good control, a little legs apart. 9.900

Thomas – BB – UF – switch 1/2 to beat, one of the few allowed to do switch 1/2s – one arm bhs to loso, nailed, clean – aerial with a check, no connection to wolf – TRINITY HOW IS CAROL GOING TO GIVE YOU A 10 NOW? – 2/1, stuck. Lovely except for the check in that aerial to wolf combo. 9.925. Carol still went 9.950.

Korth – FX – UK – full in, good one, well controlled on landing – split full to popa, positions look hit – rudi to loso, very clean – double pike, absolutely nailed. Really strong routine. One of her good ones, and stronger than Dukes who just went 9.9. 9.925

Baumann – BB – UF – onodi and falls WHAT ALYSSA ON A CAROL DAY TOO. bhs loso, very smooth, nailed – switch to switch 1/2, lovely – side aerial with a lean – 1.5 with a fake stick to salute. 9.325

Rosa – FX – UK – DLO, secure, not the biggest we’ll see but big enough to get it around – switch side to popa to straddle, they’re hitting their positions on these dance elements – front lay to front full, some legs in the full, good power, will now be a huge rotation score.

So Florida goes 49.350 on beam. A good score, though we know a super cracky score was there to be given. Just a few things like Boren’s gainer full landing, Gowey with the leg-up wobble, that made it so they couldn’t get 9.9s. And then the fall from Baumann when she was going to be in line for a massive number. Not the totally nailed rotation we saw last week at LSU.

It started disastrously for Kentucky on floor, but they came back with five very strong routines, their best tumbling control so far this season. Kentucky is on track for a really nice number now, exactly the kind of road score they wanted from this meet.

After 3: Florida 148.125, Kentucky 147.550

Rotation 4

Stuart – BB – UK – switch to double stag, strong – automatic 10 for “I Want It That Way” – bhs loso, secure, chest a bit low – side aerial to full, stuck. Really good. 9.825

SJS – FX – UF – double pike, stumble backward and OOB, exactly the same start as Stuart’s first pass for Kentucky – front full to stag, secure, a little harried in this routine now it looks like – that low-to-ground portion of this routine giving Bogi vibes – double tuck, lunge back, a littlw low but got it. 9.600

Harman – BB – UK – she competes! – full turn, nice – bhs bhs loso, nice legs, very secure – front walkover with a lean at the hips – switch to double stag, small adjustment – gainer pike, stuck. A hit. 9.775

Hundley – FX – UF – double tuck out of a whip, solidly done, controlled step back – double pike, bounce back – switch side to straddle 1/2 shush, they’ve very into the shush trend this year – 1.5 to front layout, dance out, hit. 9.900. Mmm. mmhmm

Angeny – BB – UK – bhs loso series, secure, nicely executed – switch to sheep, also hit – finishes side aerial to tuck full, a little off line with a step on that dismount. 9.750

Boren – FX – UF – super high and excellent DLO – 1.5 to layout, good rise into layout – high amplitude on leaps – double tuck with a controlled step back, very strong set, coming after Hundley already going 9.900. 9.925. Reasonable. Carol’s not on this event.

Korth – BB – UK – one arm bhs to loso, check – cat leap to switch to back tuck, another check but definitely kept the connection going this time – 2/1 dismount, hop back with some legs. 9.775

Thomas – FX – UF – massive DLO, possible slide back but perhaps no on replay – front lay to front 2/1, a little under, some deepness in landing with a step – switch ring and switch 1.5 like a queen elite – double pike, huge double pike, controls the step back, which can be difficult with her amplitude. 9.925. With that second pass?

Dukes – BB – UK – bhs loso series, lovely, hit – aerial to split, a little arm wave there – switch to straddle 1/4, clean – 1.5 comes in short with a quick step back to save it. 9.850

Baumann – FX – UF – double tuck, excellent, legs together, nailed landing – 1.5 to front full, some knees and a bounce forward on landing – switch 1/2 to popa, no trouble – double pike, good control there, chest a bit down. 9.900

No, 9.900 is 1000% not Baumann’s career high on floor.

Hyland – BB – UK – switch to split, great positions – aerial, got it – bhs loso series, secure this time even though her feet looked a little off – overturns the full turn a tad – cat leap to side aerial to layout full, stuck. Very good.

Gowey – FX – UF – front lay to front 2/1, solid landing, a bit of legs on both skills – switch 1/2 to wolf, like how she rises for the wolf – double tuck, controlled step, some chest – 1.5 to layout, a little stagger adjustment, solid routine. 9.900 is a little Bridgey legacy anchor score.

Florida counted no scores under 9.9 on bars or floor.

FINAL: FLorida 197.675, Kentucky 196.650

Both teams will be basically obsessed with the scores they got today. No one is surprised by the score-scape. But, also a season-best performance for both. Improving as the weeks go. Like many teams, Florida still needs to resolve vault, but when that happens, the performances might actually merit higher 197s. Kentucky overall much more solid and comfortable than in previous meets.

UNC on 196 pace after two against NC State.

Rotation 1

Krippner – VT – Aub – full – good height, medium distance, small hop back , pretty nice shape, not too much piking. 9.875. OH NOW.

Snead – UB – UGA – clear hip to tkatchev, hit, good feet as always – bail is super crisp – hitting casts – until the last one, a bit short – DLO, short with a large lunge forward, will take away the score. 9.775

Day – VT – Aub – 1.5, good, small slide back – just a bit of knees – 9.900

Roberts – UB – UGA – toe ful, nice position – Shap to bail, a bit short of handstand there – shortish last cast – DLO, very high, some shape, nearly stick with a little one foot shuffle-ita. 9.850

Phillips – VT – Aub – her massive full as usual, a bounce back but not as large of a bounce back as it is sometimes. 9.825. These vaults scores are CEILING LIKE.

Al Hameed – UB – UGA – nice first hs – giant full to her massive tkatchev – small arch on a couple hs – bail, good vertical positions – huge trouble on her giant full, big straddle and a pause, did amazingly well to keep it going into a double tuck that she stuck somehow, but a major break on the high bar. 9.650.

Gobourne – VT – Aub – nice power on her 1.5, medium-sized step forward with a little deep knees there, but such nice form in the air. 9.825

Schild – UB – UGA – good first hs – Ray, excellent open and toe point – pak, a little leg break there – 1/2 turn on low, past hs – good height on shoot but comes in close and has to muscle up a short hs – DLO, step forward. OK, fine, but some things there. 9.725

Watson – VT – Aub – another huge 1.5, but a large bound forward this time, also a little more knees in the air than Gobourne. They won’t take anything for dynamics. 9.825

Dickson – UB – UGA – good first hs – Ray, nice and high, a little close but you wouldn’t know – bail is nailed, great legs together and position – DLO 1/1, buckles in the knees on landing with a pace forward. 9.800

Glenn – VT- Aub – 1.5, super deep landing with a giant lunge forward, which is her typical on that vault these days – 9.750

Lukacs is replacing Oakley in the bars lineup today.

Lukacs – UB – UGA – hit first hs – tkatchev, and can’t catch. It would borderline whether her score would count here anyway, but now they have some 9.6s and 9.7s counting for a 48.800. Finishes by sticking her DLO.

After 1: Auburn 49.250, Georgia 48.800

Auburn good enough on vault, where the scores have also been pretty high. You can see the potential in that difficulty, but they don’t have the landing control yet in the middle and end of the lineup. Getting Krippner in there is a step up as her full was quite nice. Day also with one of her best.

Georgia not strong on bars, mostly the result of minimum .100, probably .200 landing mistakes on bars. Everyone except Roberts had something toward the end to take the score away.

Rotation 2

Magee – VT – UGA – in instead of Oakley (resting) – solid full, hop back, a littel flat off the table, but a solid showing. 9.825. Reflecting high vault scores we saw earlier.

Watson – UB – Aub – arch in first hs – tkatchev, not the most extended but good height – also having a couple loose back hs – crisp bail position – better final cast hs – FTDT, a little flung with a hop forward. 9.750

Baumann – VT – UGA – full, a little more power than Magee but also a larger bounce back and a little more pike at the end. 9.800

Krippner – UB – Aub – good hs – Shap to bail, a little legs in Shap, bail is nice – good hs on high but missed her feet on toe on and has to add an extra cast – FTDT, step. 9.700

Vega – VT – UGA – big full, one of her good ones again, nice power, some feet in the air and some pike coming into the ground. Still gets 9.900. Vega just got 9.900 on vault you guys.

Gobourne – UB – Aub – 1/2 turn to start – good rhythm on tkatchev to pak, nice – quick work – pretty close to good on her handstands – FTDT, stuck it with a little chest. 9.800

Dickson – VT – UGA – better control on her Omelianchik this week, a hop forward but a smaller one, and some knees. 9.900. Her highest score for that vault this year.

How is Georgia getting home vault scoring at Auburn?

Cerio – UB – clear hip higgins is a bit short into jaeger – bail, hits her vertical, some back – final hs is also close – giant full to double tuck with lunge back in college salute. 9.825

Lukacs – VT – UGA – just does the full this week, sticks it because it’s super easy for her, but it may be her high score this year. A bounce up in place, some legs. 9.875.

Milliet – UB – Aub – great first hs – Ray, lovely toes – perfect Pak – 1/2 turn on low bar is pretty close to vertical – giant full with an arch, saves it and actually ends up in perfect hs postiion – double tuck, holds the stick with a lean. 9.800

Snead – VT – UGA – lovely 1.5 with a hop up in place. 9.900. Not enough separation here. That’s the same as Dickson’s? How?

Day – UB – Aub – short first hs – toe 1/2, a little late to an awesome jaeger, connected to overshoot – short fnal hs as well – double arabian dismount, a little deep with a hop back. 9.875

Georgia goes 49.400 on vault for what was a pretty good rotation. Vega and Lukacs nailed fulls. Snead strong on her 1.5. Need some more control on others which didn’t really show up in the scores, but they saved themselves from that bars rotation.

Auburn 49.050 on bars, and I think that score was pretty accurate actually. Like Georgia, though not quite to the same level, everyone had some things. Some odd ranking though, as I thought Gobourne’s routine was stronger than Day’s, but the score was way lower.

After 2: Auburn 98.300, Georgia 98.200

Auburn holds onto a lead but Georgia closing. Beam is going to be fascinating for both, obviously

Rothlisberger just took his shirt off to join those painted-chest fools in the front row at Auburn. Bart, your serve.

Alicia has to host the broadcast right now. Presumably because John was detained by security.

Rotation 3

Watson – BB – Aub – bhs loso, lean adjustment, good form on bhs, loses her legs a little on loso – cat leap to side aerial is nice – switch to straddle 1/4, hit, a little tight in hips – 1.5, hop forward. 9.800

Baumann – FX – UGA – double tuck with a multi-step shuffle back, not a ton of height there either – double pike, yikes, super crunched over on landing and manages not to fall but with form and stumble all over the place – double L – 1.5 to layout was good, but this will need to be the drop score. 9.600, and gets away with a 9.6 there.

I like how Rothlisberger is pretending doing things like that isn;t the whole brand…

Gobourne – BB – Aub – bhs loso series with a lean – full turn, fine, slightly tentative – side aerial with another check – switch to straddle 1/4, straddle 1/4 was well short of position – 2/1, stuck, some legs in the twist. 9.800.

This scoring is just so…odd? Like, that was clearly weaker than Watson’s.

Davis – FX – UGA – music problems AGAIN – 2.5 with a crossover lunge forward – dance elements not quite up to position – double tuck, really low chest position with a lunge forward – they are sreally sucking air before these last passes – 1.5 to layout to front tuck, gets it with a hop forward at the end. 9.700. Also pretty high for that.

Krippner – BB – Aub – cast leap to aeiral to bhs, keeps it moving pretty well – beat to split ring jump, excellent – switch to split, great extension – 1.5, stuck. Excellent routine. 9.850. And now that’s low for that routine, especially comparatively.

Snead – FX – UGA – whip through to double tuck, bounce back but keeps it in bounds – wolf full and popa, positions are well hit. Rudi to shushunova – switch, back leg – double pike, looked like she was going to go OOB but Maroneys it to stay in, still short with a step forward. 9.800

Sheppard – BB – Aub – bhs loso series with a leg up covered very well into choreography – side aerial to check – cat leap to switch side, nice extension there – bhs 1.5 dismount with hop. Some more checks in that one but another usable routine. 9.775

Lukacs – FX – UGA – DLO, even she comes in short on that pass today, with a hop forward, usually she lands upright there – whip to 1.5 to front tuck, low on front tuck with a hop back. They are TIRED. switch side to straddle – double pike is better, good control. 9.825

Milliet – BB – Aub – front tuck mount, perfect – full turn, a little over but holds it – bhs loso, lovely form, a little lean and squeezes to minimize it – split jump to sheep, another check, which is a shame because the form is always perfect – gainer full, stuck. Still gets 9.850, which is a little check forgiveness for her form.

Dickson – FX – UGA – double arabian with a huge bound forward and OOB. Oh, road Georgia, you’re so much less fun than home Georgia – 1.5 to layout is pretty clean as always, but even that was a little short time, hits leap elements well. Double pike was very good. 9.675. That will have to count.

It’s funny, they look so tired by the final passes have been good. That’s usually the problem with fatigue.

Sylvia – BB – Aub – full turn – aerial to rulfova series, fairly slow on ft/bk but probably forgiveness with a difficult series – switch 1/2, good – gainer full with a hop in place, lean to try to hold stick. 9.875

Vega – FX – UGA – double pike, smooth and well controlled – 1.5 to layout to sissone, well connected and solid this time – switch ring to split full, around – split leap 1.5, pretty well around again – double tuck, nailed it. Well, someone showed up to work today.

9.925 for Vega nearly gets Georgia into the 49s, but not quite.

After 3: Auburn 147.475, Georgia 147.125

Auburn more solid on beam this week than in recent meets, which was one of the goals here. Georgia pretty rough on floor in those landings, and beam still to come.

Rotation 4

Snead – BB – UGA – bhs loso bhs, very smooth as usual, well done – cat leap to switch to straddle, short of position, it’s typically the biggest struggle in her routine – front tuck, holds it well, a tad deep – 2/1, holds the stick there too, a little forward. 9.875

Slappey – FX – Aub – front lay to rudi, some body position in the layout, controlled landing – good height on switch and split elements – double tuck, chest down, step back, not too large. 9.825

Dickson – BB – UGA – aerial to straddle 1/4, nice – bhs loso, super clean, good leg extension – switch to split jump, also a bit short in the back leg there – bhs 1.5 with a hop forward. Another good one. 9.850

Sheppard – FX – Aub – 3/1, gets it around pretty well this week, just that stagger position coming in and a little leg crossing – switch side to popa, landing position a little short on the popa, good extension – 1.5 to front layout, just keeps it in bounds, a little short with a little slide back to save it. 9.850

Schild – BB – UGA – switch walks through to split leap, don’t love that as a combination, but good individual positions – bhs loso series, wayyyy short and off line, falls, no chance – aerial with a lean – full turnt o beat to sheep, another lean – shame because there’s so little built in – side aerial to full, ends up close to the beam with a step. 9.150

Watson – FX – Aub – double arabian, good leg position and chest position on landing, does hop forward – double tuck, good tight shape, a little front foot adjustment in the step back – 1.5 to layout, pretty solid, a little short but didn’t show in the landing. 9.800

Magee – BB – UGA – straddle to straddle 1/2, just a little arm wave – bhs loso series, right on, good toes – switch to switch side, a little hesitant there – full turn – side aerial to full dismount, came off super crooked for her full, large lunge to the side and off the mat. Gets away with 9.750 there.

Gobourne – FX – Aub – big double tuck, perfect position and control – switch ring to split full, good position on ring – front full to layout, great height in the layout – double pike, also super strong, chest up, that will be a big score. 9.950. Split of 10/9.900

Baumann – BB – UGA – side aerial to loso, great – full turn, regular type, overturns it a little but deals with the L turn issue – switch side with a little squat to hold it – 2/1 dismount, small adjustment. Improvement for her. 9.875

Milliet – FX – AUb – front layout to rudi, perfect and stuck – switch ring to switch 1/2 – double pike, controlled step, quite good – 1.5 to layout, struggles to get that layout around out of her layout without compromising the perfect shape, short with a step back. 9.850

Vega – BB – UGA – basically has a balance check on her hop up mount – switch to split ring jump, good – but that’s not a Yang Bo Alicia – switch to split jump, lovely – bhs loso series, right on – finishes side aerial to full with the smallest slide. 9.925

Georgia finishes 196.400, which they’ll take for a road meet and will take for a meet with two bad rotations. Kind of got away with it, but it’s still a loss.

Cerio – FX – Aub – double front, pulls it around this week – front full to front layout with an awkward stagger on landing – switch side to popa – rudi, strong.

FINAL: Auburn 196.775, Georgia 196.400

LSU Alabama starting

Apparently we’ve missed the first couple routines. PULL IT TOGETHER SEC NETWORK

Durante started 9.825 on bars.

Dean – UB – LSU – a little short on hs – Ray, some feet at the end there – toe on – bail, good legs together, short of handstand – missing some casts – crazy legs on her DLO but holds the stick. 9.800 is a little high.

Alabama starts with 9.775 and 9.825 on vault from Childers and Gaskins.

Armbrecht – VT – Bama – super clean shape on her full, good distance, slide back. 9.825

Graber out of the lineups for Alabama after tweaking ankle in warmups.

Harrold – UB – LSU – Zucchold is good – 1/2 tunr to jaeger, better finish position – hop change to double front, a bit late on the hop change, double front with a step. 9.850

Mahoney _ VT – ALabama – bounce back on her full, larger bounce than Armbrecht, not the same distance either, so that score will have to go lower. 9.800. No. Scoring rotation order a little bit there.

Edney – UB – LSU – big Hindorff – short hs after that – clear hip to bail, good legs together, a little floppy in catching the bail this time – DLO, sticks it as per usual. 9.900

Guerra – VT – Bama – 1/2 on tuck 1/2, some better control than the last couple weeks, just a medium hop back. 9.825

Priessman – UB – LSU – tkatchev to a pak, more crazy legs on pak this week – 1/2 turn on low – good cast hs on high bar – DLO, a little whippy, with a hop in place.

Olsen – VT – Bama – DTY stuck! Very strong. Just some knees in the twisting, but not even that much, a very strong showing. I wouldn’t go 10. It gets 9.900. That’s comparatively low. You can find those deductions because of knees and short, but we’ve seen weaker DTYs get 10s, LBH.

Finnegan – UB – Lovely Ray – good bail, hits her vertical – misses a cast in there – DLO, sticks it, but with that whippy shape in the air that is risking a deduction.

After 1: LSU 49.325, Alabama 49.175

From what we saw, LSU good on bars. Priessman not as strong as her usual (how on earth did she get the same score as Finnegan?) But for the most part, they did their normal. Alabama missed Graber in that vault lineup but got through.

We’ve seen a couple higher scores for the weaker, earlier routines in the lineup, but fairly conservative scoring overall, at least compared to what we’ve seen int he conference so far today.

Rotation 2

Finnegan – VT – Another perfect FTY. Stuck. I don’t expect 9.950 because she’s first, but you can argue it for that. 9.875 is low for quality. They judged order.

Guerra – UB – Bama – 1/2 turn to jaeger, nicely done – bail, good vertical position – a little short on a couple hs – DLO – step forward. But good. 9.850 is high.

Harrold – VT – LSU – 1.5 – her best ever – basically stuck it, only the smallest movement. Wow. Just a little knees and the one little step. 9.900.

Childers – UB – Bama – really ncie Shap to bail this week – short final cast handstand – holds the stick on her FTDT with some ragged form

Cannamela – VT – LSU – full – another really strong one, stuck landing, a little direction and comes in a little shorter, so not quite as good as Finnegan’s for me, but also great. Also goes 9.875, which is scoring rotation order rather than quality.

Givens – UB – Bama – good first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, catches close and has to muscle out her next cast -a bit of legs on bail and some angle – DLO, smallest shuffle, just got kind of off after her close catch. 9.750

Kelley – VT – LSU – handspring pike 1/2, super high, comes in shorter this time though with two steps forward 9.725

Mahoney – UB – Bama – toe on to bail, lovely bail, perfect position – a little bouncy in a handstand there – hit tkatchev – FTDT, super high with a stick. Nice one. 9.950?

Edney – VT – LSU – 1.5, she also sticks. LSU nailing vault. Really just the knees. Not too much else to take. 9.925. Would have been fine with 9.950, but they weren’t going there today.

Dickson – UB – Bama – what was that?? – takes an extra swing just catching the bar as she mounted – bail – legs apart and short – trying to get it back – toe on to tkatchev, nice tkatchev – really short cast hs afterward – FTDT, step back. 9.500

Ferrer – VT- lSU – Omelianchik, not there yet – medium-sized lunge forward and didn’t have the shape in the air, pretty tucked, actually might credit tucked because it got really tucked at the end. 9.825 is a HUGE overscore for that vault. LIKE WHAT? So out of whack with the rest of the rotation. Was that like an apology score for not giving Finnegan 9.950?

Gaskins – UB – Bama – toe SHap, perfect to pak, just a bit of leg break – perfect 1/2 turn position on low – short final cast hs – DLO, two baby hops back. 9.825

After 2: LSU 98.725, Alabama 98.400

LSU really strong on vault for four of them. Four people did as well as they could do, and then two weak vaults.

Alabama also had two trouble routines on bars.

D-D seems so subdued in her interview. Is she sick too?

Rotation 3

Alabama to beam. Without Graber. Watch that space.

Klopfer – BB – Bama – wolf full, worked out of it not basically – aerial to bhs, quick enough – beat to straddle 1/2, short of that straddle position – switch – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck. Her best ever. 9.825

Harrold – FX – LSU – front 2/1, controlled pretty well this week, step, some knees – double pike, smallest adjustment of front foot on that landing – switch ring to switch 1/2, nice – 1.5 to layout, does pretty well to control the step forward. One of her good ones. 9.850

Desch – BB – Bama – cat leap to aerial to beat, nice – bhs loso to beat, also secure, some feet on bhs series – full turn, a hesitation there – switch to split, fine – 1.5, stuck. Good routine. 9.825

Cannamela – FX – LSU – haven’t seen her on floor in what feels like a while – double pike, deep knees on landing with a step forward – 1.5 to layout, 1.5 was very nice form, but didn’t have the lift in the layout and comes in a bit too flat – switch side to popa, a bit tight – double tuck, also a little deep in landing. A fine routine, but things to take on every pass. 9.775.

Childers – BB – Bama – switch to sheep to beat, secure – you’d like more closure on sheep but NCAA – loso series, secure, some feet – kickover front to scale – works through it well – 1.5, stuck. 9.925

Desiderio – FX – LSU – super short on her DLO, don’t think her knee touched but it was close – double tuck out of combo, better control but still short – switch ring is good, split leap full a bit short –  double pike a bit better, controlled step. 9.500

Olsen – BB – Bama – bhs loso series, hit, some knees, not too bad, a pause before – switch to double stag, hit – full turn, nice – aerial, hit – she’s going to get some major pauses deductions if they’re taking them – double pike, bounce back, got it around. 9.800. Alabama will very much enjoy the looser beam scoring of this meet.

Edney – FX – LSU – double arabian, better this week, step forward but keeps it in bounds – 1.5 to layout, clean form, dance out – switch ring to split leap full, some feet in the split leap – double tuck, good control, she’s back. 9.875

Gaskins – BB – Bama – candle mount, hits it this time – bhs loso, elegant, works out of it quickly with a step back – full turn, smooth – split jump 1/2 from side position ELITE REPRESENT – switch to split, low back leg on switch, which is odd for her, split was perfect – side aerial, strong – gainer full, slide back. 9.875

Finnegan – FX – LSU – 1.5 through to 2.5, a bit more control this week than last week, just that little shudder on landing – double tuck, perfect shape in the air but did shuffle back out of it – switch ring to switch 1/2, very nice obviously – double pike, perfect. Good one. 9.950

Giancroce – BB – Bama – aerial to beat jump, pulls it out, looked like she was coming in short – loso series, check with a bend at the hips, the largest break of the rotation so far – switch with a pause – beat to split jump 3/4, a bit short, clearly the backup plan leap – gainer full, small hop. 9.775. Anchor scoring.

Kelley – FX – LSU – double layout, better control this time, chest still low – layout to front full, good straight position – split leap full is short of split – double tuck, a bit of a bounce back. 9.875

After 3: LSU 148.050, Alabama 147.650

LSU will take 49.325 for a depleted floor rotation performance with a couple mistakes. Alabama better on beam this week but will also definitely appreciate the more charitable rhythm scoring. Though I think those harsher first couple meets have forced them to improve the composition of routines the way other teams haven’t had to.

Rotation 4

Desiderio – BB – LSU – aerial to split is solid – bhs loso series with a check – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, well hit, this is a good one for her overall – cat leap to gainer full, stuck with a little lean and angle. 9.850

Desch – FX – Bama – double pike, high and secure – 1/5 to 1/2 to split to front tuck, a little travel on split – switch ring to split leap full, well done – double tuck, a bit forward with a step. 9.850

Dean – BB – LSU – side aeiral to bhs series, under control, knees in the bhs – switch with a hesitation – has to do split jump to split jump 1/4 to get the combo, a bit ragged on that backup leap – aerial – side aerial to full, stuck. OK, but score should be lower because of that dance hesitation and some knees. 9.825. Too close to Desiderio’s score.

Mahoney – FX – Bama – double pike, good position, slide back – switch side – front full to front layout, good height in that layout – split leap full to popa, solid – double tuck, large stumble backward, a couple lunges, and OOB. Gets away with 9.725

Durante – BB – LSU – aerial to beat jump, pretty – bhs loso series, check and a little bit of form – switch to split 1/4, lean forward and some mushy legs in the switch – side aerial to full, lean to hold the stick. Some balance checks there. 9.800. Again, these scores are all too close.

Armbrecht – FX – Bama – double pike, very clean, well done – switch side to popa, great popa higher than the switch side – 1.5 to layout with a dance out, well done in the salto positions – rudi to double stag, a little out of control in rebound. Nice routine. 9.925.

Edney – BB – LSU – aerial to sissone, good height on sissone – bhs loso series, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, small lean, short of 180 on switch – kickover front, love how high she is finishing that – 1.5, stuck. Good. 9.925

Childers – FX – Bama – front 2/1, pretty nice, some legs – 1.5 through to 2/1, stuck, two good passes there – split leap full to split jump full – rudi to double stag, ragged legs in rudi but a solid showing overall. 9.800

Campbell – BB – LSU – bhs loso series, pretty good, just a bit of a lean – aerial to sissone, good positions, keeps moving well to get the combo – switch to switch 1/2, good split positions, a little short of rotation on that switch 1/2 landing, feet pointing to the side – 2/1 dismount with a bounce back. 9.875 is a bit high.

Guerra – FX – Bama – DLO is short this time, step forward and chest down – good amplitude on those dance elements – 1.5 to layout, strong, good straight position – double pike, nailed and stuck final pass.

Finnegan – BB – LSU – bhs loso series with a little lean as she choreographs out of it – switch to switch 1/2, nice as always – side somi, hit – side aerial to full with just a little slide. Good one, but a couple things this time. Still gets 9.925, even though there we two obvious deductions because we’re all so tired at this point.

Olsen – piked full in – pretty well controlled on landing too – front tuck through to double tuck, nailed the landing, just a little bit of legs apart – switch ring and split leap full, not too bad but obviously not her thing – double pike, small slide. Good routine.

FINAL: LSU 197.450, Alabama 196.850

Both teams scoring pretty similarly to what they did last week. LSU will be relieved by the win. Alabama won’t hate that score either. You can see Alabama improving, even without Graber this week.

The scoring at the second two meets was…weird, right? Just odd? Like, when we have Carol meets, the defense is always, “Well, at least they were ranked correctly and consistent within the meet.” I don’t think the individual gymnasts were ranked correctly nor were the judges consistent within the meet at Auburn or Alabama.

55 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – January 25, 2019”

    1. I mean yeah it’s silly but I’ve seen worse routines get 10s from both judges so. Also soft spot for Boren who is always overshadowed by others on her team (and by her lineup positions).

  1. I see Carol is in Gainesville tonight judging bars. Trinity didn’t stick that dismount, right?

  2. Spencer, thank you for always posting the scores!!!! The links provided can be super unreliable/die at random times and I’m out to dinner trying to figure out exactly how my fantasy team is doing lol.

  3. With Schoenherr and Thomas on my fantasy team, I love Actual Carol on bars today *shrug*

  4. speaking of fantasy gym… I wish SJS could improve on her tumbling! I like her dance quite a lot and I usually hate like, 98% of all FX dancing.

    1. Yeah I agree. I don’t have her on my team but I’ve always been a huge fan of her and I wanted to see her succeed in NCAA more than she has so far. Though I guess I shouldn’t be talking only three weeks into her freshman season 😛

    2. Yes. She was an excellent tumblr in elite; not sure what’s bedeviling her at the moment. She may be nursing an injury–

    3. Sjs needs to get in shape. It’s not a body shaming thing it’s a you’re no longer training 5 bajillion hours a week thing. Elites struggle with this sometimes for example look at Ohashi freshman year vs now

  5. Could Carol and her cronies STAAAAHHHHPPP with the Thomas OVERSKORING? We all love her but the last thing we need is a gorgeous, marvelous gymnast like Thomas being Ohashied to death.

  6. requesting for you to say “little one foot shuffle-ita” at least once on next week’s gymcastic, kthx

  7. I actually hope they keep Magee in lineups for Georgia, she’s definitely not one of their top options on any event but she seems to be a little more confident and a little better each week, if they keep up with her she could get those solid 9.8-9.85s that Georgia will need come post season.

  8. looks like bailey ferrer will be anchoring on vault for lsu! interested to see if she’s figured out college gymnastics after a rough debut at auburn

  9. Umm. Julianna and Finney did NOT have the same quality on vault so I’m unsure how they got the same score.

  10. Ok, question of the last two years, what the hell has happened to Bailie Key? She had one bad routine her Freshman year and then radio silence.

      1. The whole “medical procedure” thing is so weird – every time I hear that term I think of a woman who wants to have an abortion but doesn’t want to use the word so she says she needs a “medical procedure”. 🙂

  11. So I waited until I got home and watched a replay of Trinity Thomas’ bars routine before commenting again. Boren’s definitely not a 10 but Trinity’s should have been a 10, like I said earlier, nuts. Sorry Spencer but your report of a small step on the landing is completely inaccurate, at most there was a small slide of an inch or two. I have been attending UF meets since 1980 and have never seen a better bars routine in person.

    1. it is a very visible “slide” (if that’s what you want to call a step). it’s not a stuck landing in any universe. non-stuck landings shouldn’t get 10s. not in 1980. not today.

      also hold your horses, thomas is going to get a whole bucketful of 10s in her career, and some of them will be undeserved too.

      1. There never ever has been a completely “stuck” landing in the history of forever. That was a 10.

      1. Jeff, there absolutely have been completely stuck landings in gymnastics. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, sometimes gymnasts get credited for a stick that isn’t really a stick, but truly stuck landings do happen fairly frequently.

  12. Wait…I’m so confused. Is Ballie Key even at this meet?
    It’s so weird not to see her owning NCAA let alone seemingly not present at the meet grabbing screen time.

  13. it’s so frustrating to watch scoring at alabama/lsu when florida gets SO overscored consistently every week. it seems like lsu hasn’t gotten the benefit of overscoring this year, certainly not as much as the florida/ucla/oklahoma

  14. Should be an interesting last rotation. Edwards and Desiderio were so key for LSU last season…….both are looking pretty rough so far, hope they can bounce back.

  15. Desch’s and Klopfer’s routines were more than .05 better than Giancroce’s routine. I hate when judges score order rather than routine. Same happened with Finnegan and Cannamela on vault.

  16. LSU’s highest score of the season…not at home…solid performance. Cannot blame that on the home crack scores.

    1. Both teams received the scores they deserved at the LSU/Alabama meet – the gymnasts though received scores based on lineup order rather than for the quality of their routines.

      Scoring at Alabama loosened up a bit but compared to Florida and Auburn tonight it was so fairly tight, which is good. The gymnasts had to EARN the 9.90+ scores as it should be.

      Alabama’s gymnasts are improving each week (and no Graber tonight) so it’ll be interesting to see if they can get back to their former selves – when they built to peak at Regionals and NCAAs. After missing Super Six in 2018 I figured Alabama had the motivation to pull off the upset and make the Final Four (Four on the Floor?) this year.

      Gaskins and Graber give me vibes of Ashley Priess and GSE from when they won the NCAA titles in 2011 and 2012. Anyone know if Gaskins ever does floor? Is she just being eased into the lineups as a freshman or is she elite-injured and floor isn’t an option?

  17. So , now I can’t really watch meets without imaginining what Spencer was saying😊

  18. Blah this is so frustrating. Best bars set EVER for Florida? Multiple gymnasts getting career highs? It really takes away from the integrity of the sport if EVERYONE goes 9.8+ and good routines go 9.9+ week in and week out. It’s like the judges are afraid to actually separate routines and score appropriately. This year seems worse than others in recent memory for overscoring. Sigh.

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