Saturday Live Blog – January 26, 2019

Saturday, January 26 Scores Stream
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Cortland @ Cornell ESPN+
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – George Washington @ Pittsburgh LINK ACC+
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [22] Minnesota @ [25] Penn State LINK FREE
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Towson @ William & Mary LINK FREE
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Rutgers @ Iowa LINK BTN+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Winona State, Gustavus Adolphus @ UW-Whitewater LINK FREE
6:30 ET/3:30 PT – [12] Cal @ [23] Arizona LINK P12N
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [8] Michigan @ Maryland LINK BTN+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Bridgeport, Hamline, Rhode Island @ Brown LINK
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Illinois @ [18] Nebraska LINK FREE
8:15 ET/5:15 PT – Metroplex Challenge —
[1] Oklahoma, [7] Denver, [15] Missouri, [21] Arkansas
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [4] Utah @ [19] Arizona State LINK P12N
10:30 ET/7:30 PT – [19] Oregon State @ [11] Washington LINK P12N

It’s quite an evening here in NCAA town. To catch you up on what’s been happening today, it seems the judges got our notes about Minnesota’s scoring because Minnesota headed to Penn State for an ALL THE 9.9s celebration, with Minnesota winning 196.925 to 196.775, a massive number for both teams. From what we saw intercut with the men’s routines, both teams were on…and also got suddenly top-10 level benefit of the doubt.

Up first in the blogging, it’s Cal visiting Arizona, and I’m going to try to keep at least half an eye on all the meets going on, though particular emphasis will be on the Metroplex Challenge once that gets started.

They’re using this as the “all Pac-12 gymnastics” intro now? Because it’s 99% UCLA.

Rotation 1

I looks like Kuc is now out of that revolving spot in the bars lineup. Le sigh.

Parks – VT – AZ – bad camera angle, not a bad full, hop back, some feet, mostly normal. 9.775

Jones – UB – Cal – shortish first hs – good legs together on shap to pak combo, solid vertical position for 1/2 turn on low – up to high – totally loses her back in a cast handstand on high, has to add in 150 extra swings to get back on track. FTDT, low with a hop. Will need to drop it. 9.000.

Leydin – VT – AZ – pretty full, small hop back, nice open shape, not the most height, but good direction. 9.800

George – UB – Cal – peels off on tkatchev, and now Cal is counting a fall on bars. finishes toe on to FTDT, stuck. 9.250

Leung – VT – AZ – hop back on her full, more piking in her position than Leydin – clear pike throughout, a little bit of direction. 9.700

Janay Honest is…new at this.

Shu – UB – Cal – tight first hs – Ray is a struggle, catches super close, tentative release like she was trying to be so careful following two falls, connects the overshoot out of it but it’s all over the place on her catch, can’t continue and steps off. DLO is pretty. Oh dear dear dear. 9.175

Cowles – VT – AZ – full with a bounce back – some piking, pretty similar-looking in the 9.7 range like the others. 9.750

Bordas – UB – Cal – huge jaeger and falls MY GOD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE. Finishes giant full to double tuck, stuck. This is so very bleak. 9.050

Swanson – VT – AZ – another full with a clear pike throughout and a bounce back. Similar to the others, a little more dynamics though. 9.825

Watterson – UB – Cal – good pak, just a bit of legs – toe on to toe shap 1/2, strong leg form – good hs – giant full to double tuck, super deep landing and hops out of it. But it’s a hit, and pretty on the bars themselves.

Kane – VT – AZ – Yfull tucked, lands it extremely bent over, controlled landing, small hop.

Schank – UB – Cal – pretty piked jaeger to overshoot as usual – good final cast hs – DLO, fakey stick, but a good routine. At least someone came to work today.

After 1: Arizona 48.850, Cal 47.075

Arizona’s lineup of fine Yfulls for a bunch of 9.7s is enough for a huge lead now because of Cal’s abject meltdown on bars. It has been Cal’s best event, so I don’t think this is a thing going forward, but it’s not great. And this meet score is already unusable. And also MY GOD. I like the leo at least?

Michigan and Maryland is about to start. If the live scores are prompting you for a password, it’s “terps”

Rotation 2

Sy Seilnacht – VT – Cal – sticks her full, best rooutine of the day so far for Cal – nicely done, some legs on block, proooobbbably sold the stick enough? 9.850

Hendrickson – UB – AZ – shortish first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, very close catch with a little form into overshoot – solid cast hs at the end – DLO with a pretty large bounce back. 9.600

Jones – VT – Cal – big full, bounce back, nice dynamics and direction – legs together. 9.775

Kane – UB – AZ – arch in back on first cast but pulls it back – hits jaeger – nice 1/2 turn to straddle back, don’t see that a lot – very late on grip change into double front with a large lunge forward

Mastrangelo – VT – Cal – a bounce back on her full, larger than they would have wanted, good legs together as well, solid distance. 9.775

Swanson – UB – AZ – good giant full position into tkatchev some closeness on the catch with a little muscle up – loses form in her pak, straddles it – finishes DLO, a little whippy but just a small hop in place. 9.775

Clausi – VT – Cal – 1.5, her best one so far, nearly stuck that one with just the tiniest bounce up in place. Good strength to hold that landing. 9.900

Leydin – UB – AZ – good first hs position though does have a lot of hand adjustments – also straddles her pak – short cast hs on high – Khorkina, hit – some tight hs – giant full to double tuck,, giant full is late, good stick on double tuck.

Williams – VT – Cal – giant Yfull, fab power, almost stuck it but was kind of waving one arm into a salute, so it won’t be considered a stick. 9.875.

Spencer – UB – AZ – tight first hs – good height on tkatchev but another close catch with elbows – bail is fine – good final hs – DLO, clean form and basically stuck. 9.900 seems high for that release catch.

George – VT – Cal – actually perfect Yfull, nailed it. Fab. We’ll see if they want to go 9.950 for it. You can argue it. 9.900 flat.

Berg – UB – AZ – nice piked jaeger to overshoot, best release combination of the lineup – rushes a cast hs on high – FTDT, nearly stuck with a quick hop out. 9.850

After 2: Arizona 97.850, Cal 96.375

Really strong vault rotation there for Cal, lots of sticks. Several people doing the best they could do. Arizona also got it together on bars toward the end, but a pretty tentative rotation in terms of release catches.

We’ve finally started in Maryland. Begining with Mariani on bars – clear hip to a big tkatchev, a little loose shape, bail, just a flash apart of legs – nice final hs – FTDT, medium step back, solid.

Rouse – VT – MD – most massive bounce back out of her full, several states large –

Maxim pulls back the hs position on her bail with an arch. Cool thing where we missed the beginning of this routine because of a replay of high fives on vault. Pretty DLO shape with a hop.

Rotation 3

Leydin – BB – opens with wolf turn, not horrible – bhs loso series, leg-up check, keeps it on – hitch kich to side somi, lean forward – pike jump to back tuck and falls, center of gravity totally off – 1.5, some legs, step.

Karas also has a large back arch on her bail on low bar but pulls it back. The rest is pretty.

So Seilnacht – FX – Cal – lay to rudi to stag, pretty leg form on rudi, stag is pretty low – illusion turn like a winner, split leap 1.5 is around – 1.5 to 1/2 to split jump, a little low to the floor on those elements but proficiently executed – 1/5 to layout, a little loose in layout position. Her usual, pretty, normal start with just some amplitude deductions but that usually gets stuck in the 9.7s. 9.750.

Leung – BB – AZ – bhs loso series, good extension, smallest adjustment – switch to switch series, pretty low back leg on those – cat leap to side aerial, nailed – 1.5, pretty deep with a hop forward and some legs. 9.725

Mastrangelo – FX – Cal – good control on double pike landing – 1.5 to layout, also well controlled, a little bit of body position in that one – switch side to popa, not to 180 on those positions – 2.5, solid. 9.750.

Wojcik – Michigan – UB – good first hs – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, solid – hitting cast hs, legs, small flash apart on bail – casts are solid – DLO, flings it out and holds the stick. One or two little loose body things but a fab routine.

Davis – BB – AZ – bhs bhs loso series, very comfortable – split to straddle 1/4, smallest hesitation – cat leap to kickover front, deep with a lean correction – 1.5, small hop.

Is Maryland’s bedazzled turtle shell a stick talisman or just for luck?

George – FX – Cal – double tuck, overdoes it with a pretty large lunge back – switch ring to split leap 1/1, very good leap positions – front 2/1, controlled, just a bit of legs – front tuck through rudi, controlled step back.

Freidin – BB – AZ – pretty full turn and movement out of it – loso series, hit with a small foot slide back – switch to beat jump, pretty individual skills, a little slow in combo – side aerial with a lean correction – check on switch 1/2 – gainer pike, lunge back. 9.800

Janay is finding her feet with this and starting to produce a few more relevant comments –

Schank – FX – Cal – “With her first opportunity,” I mean I know we’re trying to pretend that bars rotation didn’t happen, but it did – double pike, bounce back and OOB – front lay to front full, a little soft in knees this time – switch side to wolf jump 1/2, somewhat indistinct in those finishing positions – rudi, some legs. 9.500. Didn’t get the leap combo I would imagine

Cowles – BB – AZ – aerial to beat, moves her arms through a small lean to keep the connection – bhs loso, mostly solid, a little hip shimmy hesitation – switch to split (that fun thing when they do a face closeup during the leap series) – gainer front full dismount off the end, step.

Clausi – FX – Cal – full in, pretty solid control on the landing, chest a little more forward this time – switch side to wolf full is clear – front 2/1, dance out of it, also clearly around – 1.5 to layout, a little soft knees, but good one. 9.825.

Hendrickson – BB – AZ – beat jump to split 3/4, secure – hits her loso series with some knees throughout – hits side aerial – switch to split 1/4, switch is good, splti 1/4 is well short of 180 – gainer full, stuck.

Karas just a small hop back on her full on vault for Michigan

Bordas – FX – Cal – double pike, good position in the air, clean – switch ring to switch 1/2, switch 1/2 is good, switch ring a little two-parter – hit rudi, controlled step back – 1.5 to layout, has to arch over the layout to get it. Solid option.

Brenner with a bound forward on her 1.5 on VT

Both teams in the 48.9s for those third rotations. Cal pulling Williams from the lineup, presumably because they don’t need a score anymore, so what’s the point?

It’s 9.925 on vault for Wojcik this week. I’d take for knees this time, but would have been fine with 9.950.

Rotation 4

George – BB – Cal – wolf double, quick to avoid most of the traditional wolf disasters, a little ragged – hitch kick to aerial to bhs, keeps her arms moving but a little tentative in some combos – split to loso, hit -switch to beat – gainer full, stuck. 9.775

Hendrickson – FX – AZ – double tuck, clean and comfortable – front full to front pike, large lunge out and some legs in the front full – split leap 1.5, borderline around – 1.5 to layout, fairly low but solid – 9.775

Clausi – BB – Cal – switch to switch series, good positions for her on that one – bhs loso series with a larger bend at the hips check – full turn, smooth – beat to side aerial to layout full, a little off line on that full with a hop back

Swanson – FX – AZ – front tuck through to 2.5, a step out but keeps it in bounds, a bit of knees – double tuck, a hair deep but a comfortable landing – 2/1 to front tuck is solid. 9.850

Keelen – BB – Cal – full turn – bhs loso series, quite secure – split jump to split ring, good 180 position with that front leg – aerial, smooth – 1.5 with a stick. Very impressed by how much more composed she seems on beam this season. That was excellent.

We’re still in wamrup leos at Metroplex, so we’ve got a while.

Freidin – FX – AZ – split leap 1.5, a theme of these two teams and their floor routines – double tuck, comfortably completed, a little bouncy – front lay to front full with a bounce out and some knees. 9.850

Scores getting bonkers around here

Brenner finishes with a double pike on floor for Michigan, comes in shrot with a lunge

So Seilnacht – BB – Cal – full turn, a little hesitant – bhs loso, very smooth, extended, well done – switch to double stag, maybe some back leg in that switch – side aerial to full with a baby slide. 9.750.

Well, these rotations are not being scored with the same level of charity here.

Cowles – FX – AZ – double tuck, medium bounce back – front lay to front full, crossing over into too much arch on those – switch ring to split full are fine – 2.5 to improvised forward roll. DEAR ME. I mean, she still stepped OOB but way to course correct.

9.075. They were like, that’s a fall, dear.

Williams – BB – Cal – front tuck to loso combination, pretty good speed – small lean correction on full turn – switch to switch side, bit of a hesitation on landing – gainer pike, stuck

Leydin – FX – AZ – front tuck through to double tuck, a little short with a step, not too bad –

Wojcik – FX – Michigan – double pike, some feet, comfortable landing – split leap full to wolf jump full, around – heel was OOB getting ready for her second pass, but I don’t think anyone saw it – comfortable landing on combo middle pass. I was too distracted by the heel – rudi, rebounds into straddle jump but was pretty well forward in the rudi to the straddle traveled forward as well.

Watterson – BB – Cal – wolf double, pretty one – bhs loso series, lovely in the air but she falls. And then she attempts a side aerial into her dismount but looks like she took the side aerial too far and couldn’t get both feet onto the beam so just steps off…and she’s done. THAT WAS MY DISMOUNT.

Well, it’s an appropriate finish to this meet?

Berg – FX – hits front 2/1 first pass – second pass 1.5 to front pike, some knees, solid landing – rudi to split jump, a little travel – fine hit.

Karas hits her double arabian on floor for Michigan.

Stream for Illinois/Nebraska a no-go?

FINAL: Arizona 195.975, Cal 194.425

I love how the Maryland/Michigan live scores can only manage to list like 1.5 Michigan gymnasts. So, like, they’re doing fine I think? Both Karas and Wojcik broke 9.9 on floor.

Nebraska has Crouse back on vault and goes 49.150. Illinois getting some big numbers on bars.

Dayum. 49.425 for Illinois on bars.

We’ve got Farley starting on beam for Michigan – three series to loso, secure – switch to split, kind of low to the beam but efficient – 1.5 turn, gorgeous – side aeiral to split jump, some hesitation in that combination, wouldn’t necessarily give it, but I’m me – gainer pike, stuck.

Metroplex update: they haven’t even marched out yet.

Osman follows up Farley with a hit. One of the most secure I’ve seen her on beam. The pieces are definitely there.

Maryland’s second up on floor just did a double pike to her face. SAME.

Karas – BB – Michigan – bhs loso series to beat jump, right on – switch split jump to straddle jump is perfect – gainer loso to beat jump, hit – gainer pike, stuck. Very good one.

Introductions starting at Metroplex.

Utah and Arizona State about to get started as well.

Kuhm – VT – ASU – good layout shape on her full, pace back, medium size. 9.750

Tessen – UB – Utah – 1/2 to jaeger, nice and high – bail, good vertical position, a little loose on catch – FTDT, small hop forward. 9.825

Belkoff – VT – ASU – judging delay from that SUPER HARD to score normal yurchenko full – full, hop up in place, pretty distinct pike in her position. 9.775

Dula – UB – Utah – short first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, nice toes – better second hs – toe on to bail, good legs together, a bit of angle in hs – stalder to double tuck, super deep landing with a lunge forward

Ginn – VT – ASU – best height so far on her full but also the largest landing deduction with a bigger bounce back

MMG – UB – UItah – toe on to gigantic deltchev – bail, pretty solid, maybe a little hs angle – FTDT, not very high, good stick

Szafranski vaults full, bounce back, some pike, pretty normal

reinstadtler – UB – Utah – 1/2 turn to jaeger, lovely jaeger, half was a little late, bail, legs apart a bit on catch – FTDT, holds stick.

9.950. Sweet lord above.

Quad feed on Flo is having trouble, obviously, so may have to resort to single feeds with an emphasis on Oklahoma. We’ll see.

Very good full for Leonard-Baker, holds the stick with just a knee out of place. Strong.

Isa – UB – Utah – Ray is nice – small arch in back on second cast – good vertical on bail but catches with some bent elbows – shortish final hs – DLO is nice, small hop.

9.875. These scores are very high.

Oklahoma is on vault, Arkansas on bars, Missouri on beam, Denver on floor.

Skinner – UB – good height on ray, clean vertical position on bail – toe on to FTDT, stuck. 9.950. It’s not too low, but if you were going by the trend on the other routines, that would be a 10.

Metroplex starting.

Showers – VT – OU – small hop back on her full, good amplitude and position in the air.

Double back with a bounce for Sundstrom on floor for Denver – sits down her front lay to front full.

Lehrmann – VT – OU – fine 1.5, more of a lunge forward than they would like, definitely a full tenth on the lunge, and then a bit of knees.

Webb – VT – OU – one of those kind of lock-legged landings, but it was nearly a stick, jerky with a step back

Hambrick finishes bars with a stuck FTDT for Arkansas.

Trautman – VT – OU – full tenth hop forward on her 1.5, and then some clearer knee deduction in that one.

Burton – UB – Arkansas – toe shap to Pak, was really far away on her pak and hit the mat with her feet swining through on catch – DLO with bounce back. That was a pretty significant smack of the legs there, so I expect a big deduction.

Scores pretty high on vault here at Metroplex. We would expect nothing less.

Dowell – VT – OU – really strong 1.5, nearly holds the stick on that with a lean into her slide salute, so not really a stick but a good one.

Garner – Ub ark – great gienger to overshoot as always – giant full to double tuck, holds the stick.

Stern – VT – OU – large bound forward out of her 1.5, good height

Huge wobble from Gottula on beam for Missouri with 85 swims on her straddle 1/4 but keeps it on.

49.500 for Oklahoma on vault. 48.925 for Arkansas on bars.

Karr – FX – Denver – double pike, uncontrolled bounce back with some feet flying – 1.5 to front full second pass, excellent form – split leap full with a little back leg to wolf jump 1/1 – rudi, a bit ragged, small slide back

Ward on beam, hitch kick to side aerial is quite good. nearly holds stick on 1.5 with a step forward.

MMG vaults, small step forward on 1.5 and some knees.

Brown – FX – Denver – big DLO as always, bounce back out of it but keeps it in bounds – switch ring to switch 1/2 – 1.5 to layout to stag, LOVE the height on that 1.5 – double pike, pretty short with a lunge forward

Skinner VT – DTY – shuffle back with both feet this time, so probably loses a tenth in the landing, but I’d expect 9.900. 9.875, which tells us one judge took for probably feet (?) as well, and one just for the landing.

Denver is able to erase that opening fall, but it looks like the three non-Oklahoma teams will be sub-49 for their first rotations.

Utah finishes the vault lineup with Tessen doing a full, which was an interesting move. Large bound back.

CLB – UB – ASU – Toe shap to bail, great, legs together throughout, solid final cast hs – sticks FTDT, very similar to what she did at UCLA. 9.875 this time.

Michigan ended up with 196.400 to improve on that 196.0 streak by a few tenths.

Rotation 2 Metroplex

Webb – UB – OU – small arch in first hs – pretty and high pak – snot quite there on the casts – good legs on shap 1/2 – final cast hs is better – double front 1/2 dismount, perfect and stuck

Ruiz – VT – DU – full, just a small hop back, a little bit of knees, not the most amplitude or distance we’ll see, so possible deductions for that.

marks – OU – UB – toe on to toe Shap, pretty – into bail, short of vertical on that bail with a hip angle – FTDT, stuck with a little leg stagger

Schou – VT – DU – hop back on her full, knees in the air

Thomas – UB – OU – good jaeger, not the highest but hit – clean bail hs – borderline on a couple cast hs – DLO, bounce back, probably counts as two small steps

Karr – VT – DU – 1.5, pretty good, just a small hop forward and some knees

Looks like Dowell fell on bars.

Brown – VT – DU – huge 1.5, great power, lunge forward

Lehrmann – UB – OU – jaeger, lovely – shortish hs afterward but close – a bit of loose back on the bail this time, a little noodly on catch – FTDT with a small hop back. Not her cleanest but solid

Nichols – UB – OU – huge Ray to Pak, very strong, short hs on low – toe shap 1/2, perfect legs, not quite back in the hs department, sticks DLO

Ooof. Arkansas already had a miss from Garner in the beam rotation, and now we have a multi-fall routine in the fifth position. Will count the 9.0 for Garner

Porter – Fx – MU – double pike, controlled step back, a bit of feet – 1.5 to layout, pretty comfortable with a dance out, nice switch and straddle positions – finishes with a double tuck with a larger stagger bounce back

Arkansas gets a necessary hit from Garner last up.

Tucker – FX – MU – full in with a bit of a bounce back – 2/1 to loso is hit – double pike, secure, feet. That will get Missouri out from under a fall earlier in the rotation.

Soloski – FX – Utah – good DLO, controlled landing – switch leap 1/1 – 2/1 with a bit of a bounce – 1/5 to layout, not bad. Solid.

Callis – BB – ASU – bhs bhs loso, smooth, very good extension – split jump to double stag, good individual skills, a little slow in combination – front handspring to knee, struggles this time and has to grab the beam – side aerial to full, stuck.

MMG – FX – Utah – good piked full in, still staggered on landing but the legs looked better together from this angle – 1.5 to layout to front pike, layout got fairly crazy on position with some tucking – rudi to straddle, under control on that straddle this time.

9.900 is quite high for that second pass. That’s what she usually gets for a good one

Udowitch – BB – ASU – aerial to beat, hit – bhs loso series, solid, some knee in the bhs – switch to split, back leg – check on full turn – cat leap to kickover front with a bend at the hips, struggling here – side aerial to full, small slide.

Skinner – FX – Utah – double double, a little deep this time, does well to control without a major step – split leap 1.5 is around – 1.5 through to 2/1 is solid – full in, also really short with a lunge forward. Very odd to see her struggle to get those passes around.

9.850 for that routine is reputation scoring because she had definitely .150 on the final pass alone, and then there was the first pass. Note those times she hits her normal and goes 9.900, and then this one is 9.850?

Rotation 3 Metroplex

Trautman – BB – OU – bhs loso series, secure, a tad mushy in the bhs – switch side, hit – kickover front, solidly done – 1.5 with a hop forward

Porter – VT – Missouri – full, good power, medium hop back

Lehrmann – BB – OU bhs loso swingodwn, solid – cat leap to switch side, larger lean forward with arms to save it – fhs to gainer full, small hop

Glynn – UB – DU – good first hs – clear hip to gienger, great legs together – bail, pretty crisp – just a vertical or two in here – FTDT, deep landing but hit with a hop forward

Woodard – BB – OU – side aerial to bhs series with increasing leans as she tries to save that . It looked small at first but developed into probably multi-tenth leaning – kickover front with a little pause to hold it – switch to split, good toes, but fighting it with a little pause in between – side aerial to full, nearly stuck

Karr – UB – DU – good first hs – giant full to fantastic gienger to overshoot, legs together the whole time – one short hs I saw – DLO, stuck. Should be a big number, great routine

Showers – BB – OU – bhs loso series, right on – beat to split full, perhaps a little rushed there this time – kickover front, comes in deep with a little lean and kind of has to dance out of it – gainer full, stuck. Not big errors but just a couple issues in these last couple beams.

It was 9.950 for Karr

Huge result for Nebraska. 197.250 final score.

Webb – BB – OU – full turn, solid – bhs loso series, solid – cat leap to aerial, solid – switch to split leap, pretty quick in combination, still some back leg – side aerial to full, stuck. Much better than her routine that went 9.950 last week.

Nichols – BB – OU – aerial to split jump, very strong – bhs los series, also right on, some feet – full turn, smooth – switch to split leap, good extension on those – 1.5, stuck, brings her heels together. I would say that was stronger than the Webb routine that just went 9.950, so we’ll see.

9.975 for Nichols.

Dowell doing exhibition, hit.

So after 3: Oklahoma 148.400, Denver 147.400, Missouri 147.200, Arkansas 146.575

Utah is working against a fall on beam, with three more rotuines to get through.

Lee – BB – Utah – quick full turn, nice – bhs loso, well extended – switch to straddle 1/4, comfortable – beat to side aerial to full, small slide. Strong showing,

Szafranski – FX – ASU – double pike, bounce back – nice split and straddle positions – double tuck, really solid

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso series with a check ot the side – beat to sheep, a very NCAA sheep – switch to split, another little lean, some tight corrections – rulfova, good as usual – 2/1, a bit short with a step.

Rotation 4 Metroplex

Brown sticks gainer full dismount on beam

Webb – FX – OU – front 2/1, controls the dance out pretty well – 1.5 to front full, strong – split leap full to split jump full, loses line a little on the jump – rudi, a littel stagger on that landing, but solid

Balance check on full turn from Ruiz on beam – side aerial to split, low to the beam but hit -gainer pike, stuck.

Skinner hits beam for Utah to get through with a hit rotation for them.

Utah finishes 197.375.

Showers is back in the floor lineup – double pike, comfortable, small slide – punch rudi, also a little bounce – split leap full to split jump full – 1/2 to front full, good straigth position, hit.

Missouri has a fall from Schugel in the 4th position on bars to work against now.

Porter – UB – MU – good first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, nice toes in most of the flight – toe on bail, hesitates a little on low bar but gets to handstand in the end – double front dismount with a .1 lunge. Hit.

Draper pretty deep landing on her front full out of her final pass for OU.

Huber – Ub – MU – 1/2 turn to straddle jaeger to overshoot, lovely jaeger – a little loose going up to that last hs – sticks DLO. Good one.

HUGE break for Karr on beam, leaning backward and forward. Stays on but large deduction

Degouveia – FX – OU – a bit of a bounce forward out of her front 2/1 – front lay to front full – switch 1/2 to popa, nice split – 1.5 to front full, useful routine.

9.925 is high for me there.

it’s 9.950 for Vasquez on beam. They need it because of lower scores from Sundstrom and Karr.

Schou – BB – DU – aerial to bhs loso series with another large break – leg up – keeps it on – Denver still fighting it on beam – sheep jump with another leg-up check – bhs gainer full stuck

Dowell – FX – OU – does the Dowell this time, just a bit short with a step back – 1.5 to layout, nailed – more abbreviated in the split full – front lay to front full to stag, good job to stay stuck even when being slightly off there.

Trautman – FX – OU – A chance to get OU to 198 here – DLO, very strong, controls landing – front lay to front full to solid sissone – great amplitude on leaps, especially rising into that popa – double tuck, solid, that could do it.



FINAL: Oklahoma 197.975, Denver 196.350, Missouri 196.200 Arkansas 195.825

All the other teams will take those road scores, even though Arkansas will be frustrated by the missed opportunity to finish second here with a mid-196 because of the falls on beam.

But that’s not all! Washington and Oregon State to finish things off.

Can’t wait to see how long it takes for the other teams to get upset that this UCLA commercial is the lead=in for their broadcasts too.

Phew. Yay for Alisa on this broadcast. There’s been too much gymnastics today to be able to deal with anyone else.

Rotation 1

Just vaulting five?

Cunningham – VT – UW – good power on full, lunge back, some knees. 9.725

Yanish  UB – OSU – 1/2 turn on high like a Russian – bail pretty short of vertical – DLO is nice, small step back. 9.725

Riley – VT – UW – Y1/2, good power and shape, looks higher than it did at times last season, a .1 lunge. 9.750

Yamaoka – UB – OSU – toe on to the Shap, solid – gets the bail vertically – short final cast hs – giant full with a leg break on top of the bar – double tuck, two small hops. 9.700

Copiak – VT – UW – good power on her full and holds the stick well. Will get deducted for some legs apart in the air and the chest forward, so can’t go higher than 9.850 but should be in the 9.8s. Hmm. 9.750. Not enough separation from the other vaults to me.

Jacobsen – UB – OSU – shortish first cast – hits tkatchev to overshoot, knees – better second cast hs – double front, nice stick. 9.850

Roberson – VT – UW – big vault as always, great form throughout, but a large bounce back on her full. 9.775

Lowery – Ub – OSU – toe on to toe shap, good – to Pak, excellent Pak – 1/2 turn on low bar is a little late – DLO, short with a hop forward, but a useful one. 9.750

Thompson – VT – UW – full – super height, holds the stick very well, just some chest forward lean, but really strong. Now, that one has to go 9.8s. It’s 9.850. That’s more reasonable.

MCP – UB – OSU – catches very close on her jaeger but works through it with a muscle – hits the bail – good final cast hs – DLO, short from her as well with a hop forward. 9.700.

Briscoe – UB – OSU – good first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, she also catches close like MCP – bail, legs come apart but hits it – shortish final hs – DLO, good legs together, but short with a lunge.

Lots of identical mistakes in that OSU bars rotation. Two close catches on Jaegers, three short DLOs with lunges forward.

After 1: Washington 48.850, Oregon State 48.775

Washington mostly stuck in the 9.7s for a vault rotation of five (no Brooks today), though the big stick from Thompson got them into the 9.8s.

Rotation 2

Gonzales – VT – OSU – solid dynamics on her full, lunge back and the front foot slides as well, pike in the air. 9.725

Washington – UB – UW – clear hip to gienger to overshoot, good legs together – solid cast hs – FTDT, super close to the bar, bounce back. 9.800

Singley – VT – OSU – a bit of a shuffle back on her full with a couple small steps – not as high as Yamaoka, but getter shape in the air.

Thompson – UB – UW – close catch on her own jaeger, slight struggle on cast up, arches but saves it – bail – FTDT, deep landing with a lunge forward. 9.700

L Dagen – VT – OSU – larger bounce back on her full, good efficient shape for the most part, sliggght pike, but a multi-tenth bounce. 9.725

Roberson – UB – UW – quick piked jaeger to overshoot, strong – good cast hs on high – DLO, not super high but she’s so tiny she can get it around – holds the stick with a lean. 9.900

M Dagen – VT – OSU -she holds the stick on her full, good height, not a ton of distance but powerful, a little forward coming in to hold it. 9.825

Riley – UB – UW – arch in first hs – Shap to bail is clean, legs together, bail a bit short – DLO is lovely with a stick. 9.700 is a bit harsh for that? She did have the arch early, though?

Yanish – VT – OSU – best full so far it combining height and distance, medium hop back, good layout position. 9.800

Copiak – UB – UW – piked jaeger to overshoot, hit well – good straight shape in overshoot, lots of people get piked or ragged – hits final hs – FTDT, stuck. That should score well. 9.850

Jacobsen – VT – OSU – Tsuk 1/1, bounce back, will also get docked for the pike shape, which is pretty significant this time. 9.725

Brooks – UB – UW – a little hip angle in first hs – Shap with a clear leg break – down to bail, better – step up to high bar with a balance check – has to bail out of the giant full, does a half and goes back, and then does her giant full to double tuck, hop back. Lots of improvisation had to be added there, should be the drop score.

After 2: Washington 97.800, Oregon State 97.625

Can we get rid of these goobers and just put Alisa Mowe and Sam Peszek together? You don’t need a dude.

Katelyn Ohashi retrospective for some reason.

Rotation 3

Rose – BB – UW – side aerial with a large break, lean with arms – aerial to bhs series, backup series – Y spin into switch to beat jump, love the idea of the connection – long pause before cat leap to side aerial to dismount attempt, misses a foot on her side aerial, and it’s a fall, but she looks fine.

Jacobsen – FX – OSU – double pike, good control, just a touch short but didn’t let it show in the landing – 1.5 to layout, good rise into layout – split leap full to split jumps, a little bouncy traveling in that combination – rudi, very secure, nice power. 9.800

Riley – BB – UW – bhs loso series, super smooth, just a bit of knees – full turn with a check – split jump to straddle 1/4, huge break 78 arm waves and a step stumble and another step and a knee dislocation but stays on the beam somehow – split to loso to beat is hit – 1.5 with a step – 9.525

M Dagen – FX – OSU – double tuck, good shape in the air but a step back with the front foot as well as the back – switch 1/2 to popa, a little short in the switch 1/2 – double pike, solid – front lay to front full, efficient work in those final two passes. 9.800

Washington – BB – UW – bhs loso, mostly solid, just a little arm wave lean – a beat jump alone with a little lean  – switch side to huge straddle jump in combination, should get series credit – full turn a  little pause – also kind of struggles on her tuck full dismount in combination with a large lean to try to hold the stick, will be a larger deduction than just a small step. 9.775

Singley – FX – OSU – front tuck through to double tuck with a bounce back and another step after that – double pike, solid on that one – switch ring to switch 1/2, nice horizontal position on switch 1/2, front leg a rittle low on ring – rudi, hit, controlled step, just a little chest forward. 9.775

Brooks – BB – UW – kickover front to bhs series, a little low as she holds the kickover front – aerial with a check into beat jump, some start value risk in here – full turn – switch to stag to gainer full, stuck, legs a little too far apart, but if you don’t care for Maggie, you don’t care here. 9.800.

Force – FX – OSU – double pike, good position as we’ve come to expect, bounce back this week – switch side to popa, great – front layout to front full, very crisp – double tuck, kind of short with a step forward. 9.800

Copiak – BB – UW – bhs loso series, secure – switch 1/2 to beat jump, a little lean correction in between those, they haven’t really been caring so far – side aerial, another small lean – long pause before dismount – 1.5, holds the stick a little short. 9.825

Lowery – FX – OSU – punch front 2/1, good twisting position and controls the landing – 1.5 to layout, a little bit of form there – punch rudi, akso controls that one with keeping her front leg down. 9.875

Roberson – BB – UW – switch to switch split jump, super solid – standing loso loso series, also solid – hugely high gainer full, stuck.

Yanish – FX – OSU – DLO, good control, nice chest up – front full to layout, a little low but comfrotably finished – switch side to popa – double tuck, nice shape, but a fairly large bounce back. Still gets 9.900

Washington 48.825 on beam, about as well as could have been hoped with the first two routines. OSU 49.175 on floor to take the lead.

After 3: OSU 146.825, Washington 146.675

Rotation 4

Lowery – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, very secure – switch to straddle 1/4, good lift on those leaps – cat leap to side aerial, bend at the hips lean correction – front 1/1 dismount, stuck. One large error, little else. 9.850

Cunningham – FX – UW – front tuck through to double tuck, solid – double pike, keeps front foot down on a kind of large step – switch 1/2 to wolf jump 1/1, a little short on switch 1/2 – 2.5 looked a little scary but she got it around with some copter legs. 9.775

M Dagen – BB – hits loso series – switch to switch 1/2 are controlled but short of true split – side aerial to layout full, two small steps. 9.850

Brooks – FX – UW – double tuck, step back keeps it in bounds – that L hop or wolf hop full was fairly ragged – 1.5 to layout, good position on layout – front layout to front full.

LOL at Elise Ray being like, “Sometimes the judges don’t notice” about Brooks UTL deduction on floor. HONESTY.

Money gun. Stick money gun.


Yanish – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, quick and strong but a little too far back on her hips, front leg goes up in balance back – switch to loso, solid – front handspring with a check – gainer full, step.

Judges conference on floor. Possibly just not knowing how to use an iPad.

Washington – FX – UW – double tuck, good power, chest up well – front lay to front full, with a bit of a bounce – switch side to popa, great execution of those elements – double pike with a bounce back. 9.875

Singley – BB – OSU – aplit to double stag with a check – bhs loso, another check, not too big – kickover front, nice and solid, lands upright – gainer full, stuck. 9.850

Thompson – FX – UW – double tuck, super high, large bounce back – split leap 1.5, good split position, looked close enough to around – front lay to front full, dances out – rudi, not much punch there, ragged position in the air and a little short. 9.800

L Dagen – BB – OSU – switch to switch side, good extension there – aerial to split jump, a little slow in combination but hit – bhs loso series and falls. Well under. gainer pike dismount, stuck. 9.225

Roberson – FX – UW – front 2/1 to front tuck, twists so quickly, good pop, completed easily – switch ring to wolf hop full, a bit of hesitation between those two elements – rudi to loso series, height, and security – excellent routine.

Lazaro – BB – OSU – bhs loso, good toes, hit but kind of teeters from side to side – switch to straddle 3/4, arm wave, good straddle position – side aerial to full, stuck. Tentative early but nice as it went.

Hoffa – FX – UW – double pike, very high and controls the landing well, right on – front lay to front full with a dance out, good positions – split leap full to wolf full, precise finish and hitting her 180s – double tuck – a little slide back out of that one, just avoided OOB – strong one.

Nice finish there for Washington.

FINAL: Oregon State 196.050, Washington 195.900


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  1. It’s Kye-Anna… Thanks commentators for checking that first.

    Also, Spencer you are my hero.

  2. Cal stop being a disaster already
    and also please consider using some of my fantasy gym roster in your lineups

  3. If I were Cal I would use this as a chance to test lineup extras and freshmen in real lineups. Nothing to lose since this score is definitely getting dropped.

  4. Gotta give it to Cal. Looks like they are putting that rotation behind them and still having fun. A big contrast to last year when they had some troubles and seemed to get caught up in it.

      1. And kills it – so glad the world (ok, the limited people who can access the Pac-12 network) got to see that routine!

  5. JaNay may be a newbie but she looks like a pro compared to Darren Sutton who can’t read the scores right!

  6. Probs a long shot, but anyone have an alternate Metroplex stream? I am loath to give Flo my $

    1. there is never an alternate stream to flo. ever. don’t give in!!!! if enough of us boycott them they’ll have to go down eventually…… (..right…(?))

      1. Ugh, I hate that you’re right! But also hate to not be able to watch live!!!

      2. Ugh, I hate that you’re right! But also hate never being able to watch live!!!

  7. What is the deduction on Wojcik’s vault? Cuz that felt like a 10 in a top 5 school.

  8. When is Solari coming back (if she does)? Does anyone know? I’m just asking because she’s on my fantasy team and my vault lineup really needs a strong score alongside Olsen.

      1. I know she has been seen in a boot, but have heard nothing about what is wrong or when she’ll be back.

      2. yeah i had her too. then i saw her boot… I traded her 🙁 but I felt bad about doing it

  9. AZ choreography has unfortunately gone downhill in the Court era. I miss the days of Kristin Klarenbach and Allie Flores… Or even the Yim choreography.

  10. Why don’t more elite gymnasts do the deltchev release? It’s so cool and different!

  11. ASU’s UB lineup (and my fantasy team!) is screaming for Ashley Szafranski’s routine– I wonder why she seems to be struggling there this year.

  12. Why is the graphics team having so many issues with ASU’s event totals? This makes the second time they’ve gotten it wrong.

  13. So I just saw on Cal’s Instagram story that they’re wearing new leos for the meet. So I think after that, they should throw them in the garbage and then burn the garbage, and say thank u next.

  14. Am I losing it, or has MMG done floor routines to two different pieces of music this season?

    1. Yup, that was her 2018 music she performed to tonight. I wasn’t convinced on her 2019 music/routine, so it’s interesting to see her go back to last year’s.

      1. I seem to remember her doing her 2018 routine in the first meet too; maybe I’m losing it there!

  15. I’m hesitant to say this when there’s still 2 routines left to go, but I’m so happy for Nebraska having a nice hit meet! I love the Huskers, and I hope they’re able to build on this and have a great season.

  16. Maggie in the beam lineup at the last minute?! no way… this is too good to be true for my fantasy team!!

  17. The best part of the Flo stream is watching all the girls accidentally stand right in front of the cameras and dance 🤣

      1. It was well-executed and as planned, but presumably at some point she’ll be looking to upgrade. I forget what it was exactly; some sort of 2-element front flip pass, both laid out, one with a twist, I think. A final pass needs to be a D, or a C in bonus combination, per Spencer’s FX scoring explanation post from December.

  18. Big UW fan here … just want to take a minute to brag about Elise Ray as coach. I was sitting behind the end of the beam when Malory Rose had her scary fall. Just watching Elise react to it melted my heart. Gymnastics did not matter in that moment and the hug they shared was just so genuine. So motherly and just a safe place for Mal. Elise forever !!!!

    1. That’s so interesting, I find her SO stoic/distant as a coach that I’ve wondered about her. I noticed she seemed to be particularly close/warmest with Geneva Thompson.

  19. Question and comment about the UW meet:

    Did Brenna Brooks actually receive a score? I tried to look up UTL deductions in NCAA but didn’t quite digest it. Live in the arena they did not post a score for her at all, so it seem like it was a DQ. Anyone willing to help clarify for me?

    I was there, sitting in front of bars. Re: Riley’s 9.700, from my angle, you could see that her bail was terribly off. She keeled over to the side and had to recover, I assume the judges could see that from their angle as well. In addition to what you all could see on TV, I think the near-bail-fail is what explains that score. Dismount also looked sloppier live.

    Too bad UW had such a rough meet on beam. I thought OSU was beautiful on beam and pretty charismatic on floor minus the first routine which I found a bit weird for NCAA.

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