Only the Best – NCAA Week 8

The 10s

Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Bars

Natalie Wojcik (Michigan) – Vault

The 9.975s

Trinity Thomas (Florida) – Bars

Trinity Thomas (Florida) – Floor

Maddie Karr (Denver) – Vault

The 9.950s

Marissa Oakley (Georgia) – Bars

Sabrina Vega (Georgia) – Beam

Khazia Hislop (North Carolina) – Floor

Kirah Koshinski (West Virginia) – Vault

Sophia Carter (Arkansas) – Floor

Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Floor

Makenna Merrell-Giles (Utah) – Vault

Madison Kocian (UCLA) – Bars

Felicia Hano (UCLA) – Vault

MyKayla Skinner (Utah) – Bars

MyKayla Skinner (Utah) – Beam

Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Beam

Natalie Wojcik (Michigan) – Bars

Abby Brenner (Michigan) – Bars


Alexis Vasquez (Denver) – Beam


12 thoughts on “Only the Best – NCAA Week 8”

  1. The Sabrina Vega beam routine was beautiful! I was surprised the judges didn’t give it a 10 — at Florida, a hyped meet, scores on beam were generous at times, it seemed like the perfect scenario for a 10.

    I’m wondering if we won’t see any 10s in the SEC this year. It’s odd to make it this far with athletes like Finnegan, Priessman, Thomas, etc. and not see a ten in the entire conference.

    1. Senior nights haven’t happened yet.

      My all-time favourite senior night meet is when Minnesota visited LSU in 2015 for Jordan, Rheaghan and Lomo Hall’s final home meet. Rheaghan was laughing on the sidelines about her 10 vault score which included a hop back. Jordan also received a 10 on vault with a hop.

      It was fun watching the LSU gymnasts laughing on the sidelines about it.

      1. Haha, I forgot about that one! You’re right. Senior nights could be a 10-fest. I think Utah is at Georgia for Sydney Snead’s senior night. If she sticks her vault, I could see it going 10.

  2. Spencer, I would love to see the judges scores vs “real life scores”. Thank you for everything you do 🙂

  3. I heard Spencer from the Balance Beam Situation has three Fendi purses and a silver Lexus

  4. how has sarah finnegan not scored a 10 on floor yet this season?? i think her routine last week was one of her best ever. crazy that she tied sophia carter that week when finnegan had a routine that truly deserved a 10 in a vacuum. i’ll be so upset if she doesn’t get her 10 in her last season

  5. Where are they taking deductions for Finnegan on floor? The leap series? I’m genuinely confused on how she hasn’t received a 10 yet on floor–especially for that one. It was exquisite.

      1. Umm…no, my question was ONLY for Finnegan. Kelly has been scored fairly. And I think LSU would be smart to put Finnegan up last so Kelly’s form isn’t as noticeable. It would likely boost both Kelly AND Finnegan’s scores if they swapped them.

      2. I didn’t see it, but I heard Kelley didn’t get credited for a series, hence what may seem like an uncharacteristically low score in that meet. I don’t think she suffers from underscoring at all.

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