13 thoughts on “Special Moment in Commentary”

  1. Is it just me or is there a new format?If yes, I really liked the old one just because of how easy it was to use. With this rn, i can’t find the monthly archives post to read Things are Happening posts from January 2017 etc.

    This might be my phone being crazy.

  2. Can you PLEASE do a mashup of all the “WTF moments” in commentary? I know Monica Phelps has a million (talking about gymnasts looking chunky), Elfi reminding us that Alexandra Schevchenko has no talent (I mean, she proved her right in the next 3 passes), the Australians telling us that Chellsie doesn’t “ooze personality” in Melbourne, etc etc.

  3. Yesterday’s format looked cleaner and modern – which I think is key if Spencer is using this for income (and well he should!). I think there were some navigation tweaks that could be made – but I’d go back to the previous upgrade.

  4. Andrea João in brazilian’s gymnastics broadcast are a thing when WTF commentary pop-ups in my mind. She was so picky with Steliana Nistor ‘s spins in one leg held up, its hilarious. Also Paloma Del Rio of Spain, that is nasty.

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