1999 Reese’s Cup GIF-Cap

This extended Brady Bunch parody will really connect with the youths.

“What…do I do…with my face?” – Chris Waller, 1999

Because if I were to compare any gymnast to Alice from The Brady Bunch, it would be Blaine Wilson.

This is the peak of masculine hotness” – Me, 1999


Amanda: Our team name is Arizona All-American A’s
Amy: I’m from California
Amanda: Our team name is Arizona All-American A’s
Amy: …
Amanda: …
Amy: What does the A stand for?
Amanda: …
Amy: …
Amanda: …Asian.

The hat keeps this from being a coming out

Gymnastics invented Mya

“Sorry to this man” – Mya

I mean, I no longer have any questions at this point.

Robot poop routine? Sure.




No comment

“This fan is some bullshit” – Amy Chow, 1999


Brb singing along to Amy Chow’s Mulan beam routine for 6 days

Sean Young is racist.

Mmm hmmm.

Mmmmmm hmmmmmm.

White privilege

“My first laptop is a suitcase. And I brought a fax machine to college.”

The children of today must learn about the struggles of previous generations.


Search no further for Marz’s floor routine!

Create one sentence that fully encapsulates your youth:

Kim Zmeskal is in a pink and black leotard doing an Armageddon-themed beam routine to “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”

But of course he did.

Dearest noble lady Kim, one day mine hairstyle and thine hairstyle shall be as one.

The trio doesn’t get how Full Metal Jacket relates to gymnastics. My dudes, she was a KAROLYI gymnast.

This part is called Martha.

Al is currently confused by the concept of a website, on the internet, where one expresses thoughts.

So, this is not tonally consistent with the meet

Historically accurate opening credits to every Nickelodeon sitcom.

Hey, what if Peng Peng Lee got your job


Full Metal Jacket = Too Dark
Sophie’s Choice = Cool, Fun Comedy “Show” with “Numbers”

This just got nominated for a GLAAD Award.

Kim: Kim, would you do me the honor…

OK none of the ninja turtles’ bandanas were that color, so (1/234)

For all future blackmail reasons.


Sweet camera, Ames

Saving this thing for posterity is a definite must.

12 thoughts on “1999 Reese’s Cup GIF-Cap”

  1. We had a rule in my household in the 90s…Professional gymnastics competitions were embarrassing garbage that gave the sport a bad name and forever tarnished the past accomplishments of the gymnasts who took part in them. Therefore, under no circumstances were they to be watched or recorded on VHS.

    1. I became a gymnerd after Atlanta and it was striking to me how like 75 percent of the meets the following quad (at least, the ones the US participated in) were like “The Super Spectacular Pro-Am Magnificent Seven Special, Starring the Magnificent Seven (and Maybe Vanessa if She’s Feeling It).” No wonder the US was so unprepared for Tianjin and Sydney!

  2. I’m biased, so help me out here. Does everyone look back on the fashion of their teen years with revulsion, or were the late 90s in fact uniquely bad?

    1. Late 90s fashion was awful, but everyone at the time thought they looked great which is all that matters.

      We’ll look back at 2017-2019 holes-in-everything look in horror one day.

    2. A ton of 90s fashion is returning.
      Fanny Packs, Butterfly clips, Chokers, Fila brand name, flared jeans, puka shell necklaces. Even POGS have returned.

    3. I came of age in the early/mid 90s. 90s fashions were indeed terrible and hairstyles were far worse, largely because it was super-popular to wear things that hid your body instead of flattering it. Tailoring all but disappeared, except for the first time it was cool to wear a sports bra as a top (unless you’d just won the FIFA Women’s World Cup and wanted to celebrate by taking off your jersey in 1999, then you caught national hell for it). I suspect people wouldn’t live in yoga pants today if we hadn’t taken that leap in the 90s. lol

      Those outfits while they’re having that oh-so-natural conversation about injuries on ASU’s campus – I mean, how can just clothing make gymnasts look kind of out of shape?!?! Amazing.

      But I might be biased, too – I hated 90s fashion even in the 90s, but at least it was a heck of a lot better than the 80s and back then vintage clothes were still cheap, unlike today. 😉 The great thing was it was the beginning of “find your own style” and “express yourself through fashion” instead of dressing like everyone else, and fortunately for everyone, that hasn’t really changed since then.

  3. Some things are so bad they’re bad and other things (like this) are even worse than bad yet are wonderful.

    Why not have a Reese’s Cup 2019 Christmas Revival? I’d pay good money to see Sam Mikulak *intentionally* fly off the high bar for once or Simone do a “burn the code of points” skit after dismounting beam with a double-double.

  4. I attended this. It was the year after I moved to Arizona and I could not believe my luck that this was occurring in Tempe. The dad from Fresh Prince was a judge, Mya performed the Rugrats single, and Kristie Phillips did some ridiculous dance on the beam in pink boots (as shown). It was ridiculous and I kept those autographs up in my room for multiple years.

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