NCAA Gym Fix

We’ve still over a month away from the start of the season, but like, SIGH. So, here’s what has been happening in training over the last couple days.


Oklahoma’s latest update reminds us that Jade Degouveia on bars is in the running to be Oklahoma’s “LOL I DO THIS EVENT NOW SUCKAAAAS” routine of the season.

We also see Allie Stern working her 1.5 on vault that didn’t make the final lineup last season but will be more important in 2020 without Dowell and Lehrmann. Also there’s someone else doing something interesting on vault, but the camera work is too…artistic?…for me to tell what it was. Blond one, Yurchenko tucked 1.5? Something?


We have some preseason play-around bars routines from Norah Flatley and Kyla Ross, where Flatley is throwing out a stuck DLO 1/1 dismount (at least until they go, “oh wait we need you to get 10s, so just do the DLO”), and Kyla is trying out some variations working out of her Maloney—a Pak and a bail. I like the idea of the Pak, but her current construction means the bail has to stay because it fulfills the turning element requirement.

Remember that even though the bars code has changed to make it more difficult to start from a 10 if you don’t have a same-bar release (I’ll update my full explainers closer to the start of the season), Kyla’s 2019 routine had enough bonus that she doesn’t have to change it.

Meanwhile, I find “good is the enemy to great” in the background quite irritating in its sentence construction. One would say, “good is the enemy of great.” These teams really need to run these things by me before paying for these big signs. Also, if you’re using title capitalization like that, you don’t need to put a period at the end.


LSU submitted an official petition to get Reagan Campbell some Sarah Finnegans on beam this year.

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Michigan showed us the addition of Sierra Brooks’ Y1.5 to the vault lineup


Oregon State already held its preseason exhibition for 2019, where newbie Kayla Bird did the all-around—as did Lena Greene and we all went, “That as an option???” In the report, we also learned that freshman Jane Poniewaz is out for the season.

You can find some vault videos here. The round-off, full-on, back pike from Peterson is an interesting addition.


Nebraska also held its intrasquad. It’s tough to make out a lot of who’s doing what in the video, but most importantly, the team motto this year is “all gas, no brakes.” Just a memo, if I don’t have to work very hard to make your team motto about farts, you should probably rethink it.

We’re also inching terrifyingly close to the public-displays-of-gymnastics stage of the relationship, so here’s the preseason meet schedule with notes on streaming (that we know of so far) for the few meets you can watch from the safety of your home.

Preseason Meet Schedule

Sunday, December 1
3:00pm CT – Missouri – Black and Gold

Thursday, December 5
6:30pm MT – Arizona State – Maroon & Gold – Web Stream

Friday, December 6
4:00pm ET – Towson – Black & Gold
6:00pm ET – Ursinus – Red & Gold
6:30pm ET – William & Mary – Green & Gold
7:00pm ET – Maryland – Red & Black
7:00pm ET – Rhode Island – Maroon & Gold
6:30pm CT – Oklahoma Intrasquad
6:30pm CT – La Crosse v. Winona Exhibition
7:15pm CT – LSU Gym 101 – SEC+ Stream
7:00pm PT – Sacramento State – Flipfest

Saturday, December 7
12:00pm CT – Iowa – Black & Gold
12:00pm CT – Gustavus Adolphus – Black & Gold Meet
4:00pm ET – Michigan v. CMU v. EMU v. WMU Exhibition
4:00pm ET – New Hampshire – Meet the Team
6:00pm CT – TWU – Holiday Spectacular

Sunday, December 8
1:00pm ET – Kent State Intrasquad
1:00pm ET – Ball State – Red & White
12:00pm PT – Cal Intrasquad
2:00pm AT – Alaska – Green & Gold

Friday, December 13
7:00pm MT – Utah – Red Rocks Preview – Pac-12 Network

Saturday, December 14
1:00pm ET – Michigan State – Green & White
4:00pm PT – UCLA – Meet the Bruins
6:00pm MT – Denver – Crimson & Gold Instrasquad

Sunday, December 15
3:00pm ET – Kentucky – Blue & White Meet
2:00pm MT – Arizona – GymCat Showcase

Tuesday, December 17
6:30pm ET – Georgia – First Look
Florida Intrasquad

Wednesday, December 18
10:00am PT – Washington Purple & Gold

Saturday, December 21
2:00pm ET – NC State – Red & White
6:00pm CT – Nebraska Intrasquad

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  1. Re: Nebraska, shouldn’t it be “All gas and no BRAKES?”
    I agree that there is a gastrointestinal undertone to the slogan that is distracting.

    1. Lol, I had the same question and watched their entire video just to see if they wrote the slogan. It is “All Gas No Brakes”. No punctuation, but they did spell “brakes” correctly, so that’s Spencer’s typo (sorry, Spencer!).

  2. I often work out in the gym next to the UCLA gymnastics-gym, and the “Good is the Enemy to Great.” (period included!) sign drives me absolutely nuts. It’s so inconsequential, but I hate everythingggggg about it. I’m so glad I finally have a forum to voice this.

    1. Seek therapy! Triggered over a sign! Take your meds snowflake! Keep counting and carrying everything you hate and ‘voicing it’! Spread hate!

      1. Hehe, we’re all taking time out of our finite lives to express our opinions in the comments section of a blog to strangers, whose comments we all sometimes take too personally even when they – like the above, harmless post by Kristen – cause literally no harm except to our egos. You’re as much a snowflake as we are, and no number of exclamation marks will change that you need the same “therapy” and “meds” we all do (which isn’t to say you or I need any, – cause mental health issues are real for people who actually *do* cause harm to more than just your hurt online ego). But we’re here for you, too, MeltingSnowflakes. All for one ! 🙂

      2. does Spencer moderate comments? Because I nominate this one here for deletion.
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      3. that commenter is always here saying the same thing, probably better to just ignore it

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      5. @MeltingSnowflakes What a hate-filled, racist, jealous loser you are, to keep regurgitating your own toxic vomit over, and over, and over, dear.

    2. it’s inconsequential but it’s still irritating… like it is a UNIVERSITY gym and you couldn’t get your english correct before emblazoning it all over the wall?!

    3. @MeltingSnowflakes What a hate-filled, racist, jealous loser you are, to keep regurgitating your own toxic vomit over, and over, and over, dear.

  3. How do people usually watch NCAA competitions? I have Youtube TV, is that enough? I can only see last years championships at the moment.

    1. There are channels that pop up and post meets, but these valiant servants tend to get shut down by YouTube. It’s something of a game of whack-a-mole.

      The SEC and PAC12 networks broadcast most of the big meets. Some of the smaller programs stream on Facebook.

    2. I have slingTV (orange) and add the sports package for 5 or 10 bucks for the relevant months. I then get ESPN, SEC and PAC-12 but not Big 10 (at least not last year). If there are free links, Spencer is good about providing them (to the point where I wonder if he is sent them by the schools or he has a pact with the devil).

  4. I also have some inconsequential beef, namely with Oklahoma’s video editing. I kind of want to like them and follow along like with UCLA but then I get hit by these edits! and that music! and i just have to turn it off. I know it’s hard to keep up with Deanna (UCLA’s video sorceress), but it’s like they’re not even trying.

  5. Some of those osu vault videos were by me. I have beam and floor videos on my IG stories (@diagonelly)

  6. With Jordyn Wieber gone, UCLA’s conditioning might regress back to being mediocre. They’ll be the University of Chunky Little Asians again. Let’s hope they stay in shape.

      1. They don’t look out of shape to me yet… Jordyn definitely improved their program but I don’t think anyone would be crediting her with so much success if she wasn’t famous.

  7. If you’re going to make racist comments like that the least you can do is put a name to them and not hide behind “anonymous “. What a disgusting coward

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