A Christmas GIF: Best of the Year Edition

30. You Really Want Men to Have Choreography on Floor? Really?

29. Pizza and Naps for Everyone

28. Bow Like You Mean It


27. Risk, Originality, Viruosity

26. KJ’s Secret to Beam: Vogue Vogue Vogue

25. Daily Life, Amiright?

24. What If I Did All the Saves in One?

23. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa…ew

22. If Nellie Kim Had Done It, It Would Be in the Code By Now

21. Rotationnnnnn. Rotationnnnnn. Rotationnnnnn.

20. In College, You Really Learn to Show Your Personality on Floor

19. Andrea

18. The Correct Amount of PBars

17. I Don’t Want a Lot for Hanukkah, There Is Just One Thing I Need…


16. Have…Have We Won?

15. Interrupt Me, and Die

14. What Domestic Shit Is This?

13. Will Wake Up for Prize Money


12. The Gay Experience

11. Beam Routine of the Year

10. When You Know You Know

9. First You Penguin…

8. …Then You Armine

7. Congratulations to Me and Zero Others

6. Georgia 2010-2012

5. Dear Score, You Are Some Bullshit

4. #ShesRunning

3. Basically an Etsy Pillow

2. I Think She Was……Mad

  1. There’s…Why Is There a Dude in Front of Me?

17 thoughts on “A Christmas GIF: Best of the Year Edition”

  1. >24. What If I Did All the Saves in One?
    >11. Beam Routine of the Year.

    There wouldn’t even be a deduction for either one of those if they occurred in a typical SEC overscored meet! 😉


  2. #2. That was right after Simone’s oopsie on her debut triple double on floor routine. Riley was going to give a hug, Simone wasn’t having it.

    Awkward moment for all three athletes that showed a little too much authenticity for the camera.

    I laugh in almost any uncomfortable moment, so I don’t hold it against Suni or Riley — and Simone had a right to be frustrated, want a moment for herself; shockingly not much was made of it. I’m glad.


    1. Gurl bye! Simone has commented that she didn’t even notice Riley reach for a hug. She didn’t even see her, she was in her feelings, and didnt notice anyone. Stawp! Saying Simone wasn’t having it, like she saw Riley reach and was like NO… gurl bye!


      1. It was on the nbc broadcast, she literally said NO. By the way, girl bye is years old. I’m sure you weren’t black then or now. Just stop, indeed.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Sweetiepie, I do hope Spencer has banned your subhuman (and totally privileged WHITE) ass in perpetuity. We all said Buh-BYE. Take the hint.


    1. She was making sure the floor carpet was secured. Most, if not all floor carpets come in strips, so she was ensuring that there were no raised or uneven sections that gymnasts could trip on.


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