The 10s of Week 4

This week, 17 routines received a 10.000 from at least one judge. You can live your life…or watch them here.

The 10s

Trinity Thomas – Bars – Florida

Kiya Johnson – Beam – LSU

Lexy Ramler – Beam – Minnesota

The 9.975s

Ruby Harrold – Bars – LSU

Savannah Schoenherr – Bars – Florida

Alyssa Baumann – Beam – Florida

Rachel Gowey – Beam – Florida

Kiya Johnson – Floor – LSU

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

Maggie Nichols – Vault – Oklahoma

Maddie Karr – Bars – Denver

FLO Video

Sofi Sullivan – Beam – Utah State

Kristyn Hoffa – Floor – Washington


Emily Muhlenhaupt – Bars – Boise State

Kyla Ross – Floor – UCLA

Grace Glenn – Beam – UCLA

The 9.950s

Kennedi Edney – Vault – LSU

16 thoughts on “The 10s of Week 4”

  1. A 10 for Edney’s vault??? Really, judge??? That was a textbook 9.9 if I had ever seen one.

    And don’t get me started on Nichols’ vault. Another solid 9.9 but nothing possibly higher.

    A short landing + contortion to force a “stick” does not = 10.0

    1. Landing with feet apart and bringing the heels together isn’t a deduction in ncaa

      1. It’s not the wide landing, it’s the SHORT landing (and the slightly soft knees in the air). You can tell she’s lacking some control when she sticks. Obviously still a good vault, and it’s really impressive that Maggie is so good at spotting and controlling her landing that she can stick when the vault itself wasn’t ideal. But this doesn’t deserve more than a 9.9.

  2. Kathy Johnson speaks for us all when she says foot work. Once you see you can’t unsee. Those beam feet aren’t giving me 10s.

    About time Trinity gets that 10! I wish everyone landed their DLO like she does.

    1. I think it’s perfectly fair for Trinity to get a 10 for that given how many other routines also get 10s, but her DLO dismount off bars is either super piked at the beginning or very whippy. Landing is nice, but there’s more to it than that. In my ideal scoring world, that wouldn’t be a 10.

      1. I think her double layout is very nice. She uses a slight pike at the beginning to get the momentum, but the majority of both flips are fully laid out.

        I have a bigger issue with her leg separations but I guess that’s not visible to the judges at the angle they sit.

      2. Ok I watched it again (the 10) one and you’re right, that was a pretty good one. In general I still think it’s one of her weaker skills, but that one was good.

    1. Hunched posture and slightly short front leg on switch split leap. A borderline deduction for sure, but a justified 9.95

      1. 9.95 is reasonable in a vacuum but compared to the 10s we’ve seen this season on BB from Rivers and Takekawa… Glenn was like a 12. But that’s judging.

      2. You could also say her full turn was out of control with her leg going out, even though that’s how she usually does it.

  3. Two Big 10 gymnasts also scored 9.950 this past weekend. Wojcik on beam and Lea Michell on floor.

    1. Are we going to get at least one comment each week from someone who doesn’t read the beginning of the post?😂

  4. He was only including routines that got a 10 for one or both judges. So the 9.950’s here had one judge throw a 10 and the other a 9.90.

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