Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 4

Rachel Gowey enjoyed beating LSU

Trinity Thomas 10ed so hard she broke Jeremy Miranda

Derrian Gobourne fell, but made it fashion

Ruby Harrold did her best-ever vault and bars in the same meet

Lexy Ramler made a perfect with her bare hands again

Sabrina Vega affirmed she WILL kick your balls off

Josh Overton submitted his tape for So You Think You Can Dance

Cristal Isa announced that candle mounts are over

Cairo Leonard-Baker got 9.825 for this

Then she changed her name to Soonerio Bruin-Floridason and got 9.925

I tried to get Carol’s attention to talk about leaps

But then found a better way to get through the NCAA season

Dana blessed the judges and is praying for them

Nia Dennis’s salute was mostly spinning

Alexis Vasquez posited that standing was harder than aerials

And Kyla was like, “I feel you, girl”

Then Talitha Jones was like, “PISH TOSH THIS IS HOW ONE WOBBLES”

And Sinbad and Snoop welcomed you to Metroplex for some reason????

12 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 4”

  1. we always complain about over scores (me included), but a 9.825 for that CLB vault is just as criminal. The fuck she gotta do?!?

  2. “Then she changed her name to Soonerio Bruin-Floridason and got 9.925”
    this supposed to be clever?

    1. Definitely clever… and most definitely true. And I love Oklahoma but you can’t tell me that if she was in a Sooner leo that the score would have still been a 9.825

    1. Imma be that person.
      I absolutely love Pulla. Her VT was amazing. CLB’s was better.
      She had way more height and distance than Pulla.

    2. Tratz’ vault was stuck, but lacks … everything that is great about CLB’s vault: amplitude, distance, flare, open hip angle.

      TBH, Tratz is disappointing on vault. She came with a 10 start front pike half and instead competes a mediocre Y full, and rarely sticks it at that.

  3. You forgot to tell that they made Gracie Kramer re do her vault because the judge wasn’t watching

  4. Thanks for the laughs! I usually cringe a bit at these but this week was pure gold!

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